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The Dubliners - The rebellion (medley of the songs) lyrics

a history of oppression And the struggle of the people ... against it The history of grasping landlords ... who sought to deprive the people of their birthright.

Majesty - Rebellion of steel lyrics

to break free And cry out the call of the wild When ... our cause, our fight Join the rebellion Rebellion of steel ... Join the rebellion Rebellion of steel Out of the darkness

Rebaelliun - Spawning the rebellion lyrics

washing the ground It's my desire ... in my sword - life ends... The flame of hate is my way From ... evil calls! Warriors from the past call my name By the

Silent Edge - Rebellion (the awakening) lyrics

I can see clearly The fortune I have found Never ... Forced to feel free Gathered wisdom around Broke into ... pieces while burning down The taste of loneliness The

Jason Munday Music - The empire lyrics

after All of us at Echobase They'll never capture us Make the jump to hyperspace We've ... gotta make it The transport's out The rebels, ... safe The walker's down We've made our

Fogalord - The scream of the thunder lyrics

to village, from town to town the news of the Fog Lord's ... return rose up, and then the rebellion started... guiding a storm ... of steel he gathered all the people to avenge those years

Cruachan - The nine year war lyrics

your warrior clans and sound the battle cry! The Saxons are ... advancing, their ambition we must quell ... Unite the Irish clans and send them all ... noble Gaelic Lord, Aided by the Spanish, we amassed 8000

Madball lyricsMadball - Rebellion lyrics

Rebellion Rebellion Rebellion Rebellion Rebellion Rebellion Rebellion

Antidote - Rebellion of apathy lyrics

set you free Superficial rebellion Rebellion in apathy Still

Domain - The great rebellion lyrics

m spending my days, they rush like a stream with a ... people spreading ideas like they're under a spell and as I ... just what it is, theyre preaching finally I'm

Dragonsfire - Rebellion - the kingdom of heaven lyrics

against, the empire’s lost Liberation at ... cost Now call to arms, brothers by my side We fight for ... we fight for our lives Rebellion’s here The change is near

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - Rebellion (feat. daron malakian) lyrics

ve seen the blood. I've seen the broken, The lost and the ... empty story. I can't repair the damage done. We are the ... oppression's gun. We are the fortunate ones Imitations of

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - Rebellion (feat. various) lyrics

ve seen the blood I've seen the broken The lost and the ... empty story I can't repair the damage done We are the ... oppression's gun We are the fortunate ones Imitations of

Sacred Warrior - Rebellion lyrics

you're goin' downtown, see the city lights You're lookin ... a shame You know Satan is the one that you've gotta blame ... But there's an answer in your heart

Lightmare - Rebellion lyrics

across the land! We are standing hand ... on to fight for our right! Rebellion across the land! We are ... strong, we hold on tight! The arguments of politics are

Gamma Ray - Rebellion in dreamland lyrics

somewhere bellow melting on the eastern shore Rain is ... for eternity... I’ll be there! Freedom for us all! ... and I wonder why, why the earth still turns and I

Dispatched - Rebellion lyrics

have passed the stop sign years ago... And there's no retreat! I've fought ... my way, all to the top... But there's no one ... and heavy winds, that's the weather I'll be in! Take

Grave Digger - Rebellion (the clans are marching) lyrics

clan's are marching `gainst the law Bagpipers play the ... Death or glory i will find Rebellion on my mind The clan's are ... marching `gainst the law Bagpipers play the

Guillotine - Rebellion lyrics

a thinking whore alive The sand in your machinery, the ... inside your eyes I, fan the flame, go against the grain Rebellion! So if I die, resuscite me

Matilda - Musical - The smell of rebellion lyrics

disturbing scent... Only the finest nostrils smell it, ... I know it oh-too-well. It is the odour of rebellion. It's the ... insulting. And so to stop the stench's spread, I find a

Diablo - Rebellion of one lyrics

to let go But I know that they will remind me Of the past ... and all the things I've done I can not ... this shit has gone too far They've tried to change me, break

Blue Stahli - Rebellion anthem lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental I...

Siebenbürgen - Rebellion lyrics

and thunder, lightning cracks the sky Pest forged and plagued ... Shields of silver flashing in the night Raven black, ... fought and battles won Together standing strong No pain is

Sleipnir - Rebellion lyrics

Sie tragen keine Bomberjacken, sind trotz allem national, gehen zum Fußball oder Partys ihre Köpfe sind nicht kahl. Man kann nur schwer erkennen, wer sie sind ...

Manic Depression - Rebellion of one lyrics

is taught to speak and walk Then to sit and not to talk ... Devastate the new-born mind Join ... senseless kind Hide the things they need to see Yes ... you created To manipulate their fate Do you have the

Black Abyss - Rebellion lyrics

way Me and millions of my brothers, that's the game we play ... conformity Come with me, for rebellion shall be our destiny We ... a fire in our eyes Tear down the walls, destroy the system,

Malignant Tumour - Missing rebellion lyrics

to push me away Missing the rebellion all around me ... to push me away Missing the rebellion all around me

Brainstorm - Rebellion lyrics

history when people raised the flags to get rid of all ... how many times how long will they control the fate everywhere ... people fight oppression all the time Revolution is what they need Revolution is the

Anti-flag - You can kill the protestor but you can't kill.. lyrics

but you can't shut out the sounds of the truth Lock off ... each hand at the wrist so I can't raise my ... fist! You can kill the protestor (can't kill) You

Ivanhoe - Rebellion and indecision + ...and reality lyrics

Can you forgive those hearts Rebellion and indecision Something ... in the morning light Take a look to ... the other side Silent screams in the ... night Tomorrow starts another fight Following a defense

Diawolf - Rebellion lyrics

for a rebellion There’s no going back Crush ... bind yourself in chains The dice has been thrown ... Never-ending darkness The dice has been thrown

Grave Digger - Rebellion (the clans are marching) (live) lyrics

know that rebellion will break out Bonnie ... Prince Charles is in the highlands to claim his ... calling to our pride The Jacobites are gathering I'll ... be at their side Armed and ready

Dark Avenger - Rebellion lyrics

I’ll give you eternal death there’s no time to recede the ... your back I’ll show you another life Full of hate full of ... When I raged against our Father I took angels under my

Silent Edge - Rebellion lyrics

sacrifice your soul? Between the lines and lies begging for ... for gold Can't you feel the force? You can't mirror ... your eyes be free! Beneath the edge of time and light

D - Rebellion lyrics

In solitude. Soared high in the sky. Sotto anata no nemuru

Rebellion - The clans are marching lyrics

know that rebellion will break out Bonnie Prince ... Charles is in the highlands to claim his crown ... calling to our pride The Jacobites are gathering I'll ... be at their side Armed and ready

Cephalic Carnage - Rebellion lyrics

in the sky, beyond the stars Lies the answer to who ... are? When time was born, the gods lived in peace Lucifer ... was beloved by them all And taught him the

Norma Jean - The anthem of the angry brides lyrics

no explanations. There was never any intention for ... convince you. It's just another case of you with your ... are burning in hell. This rebellion is marching to its disarray.

Aina - Rebellion lyrics

Tobias Sammet] [Talon:] The mountains are calling The ... heavens, they beckon her home Our sadness ... tell you It's time we strengthen our land It's true, He can

Abyssaria - Rebellion of the damned lyrics

Our buried souls are rising The deep fall of heaven Fallen ... angels are with me Their shadows darken the sky

Behemoth - The act of rebellion lyrics

be yours no fantasies nor the promised grace I will chase ... rid me ov slavery strengthen up my mind with a bliss ... bow ye down, honour ride the southern blaze, lighting up

Asperity - Rebellion lyrics

joy Took him as his slave They raped his wife and killed ... his boy Soon they'll dig his grave Save him ... Coz white man will always be there Where can he go alone Coz

Nocturnal Bloodlust - Rebellion lyrics

father, your words are f***ing ... runs away from providence. The entire curse around him ... This is a melody played in the nightmare. I can't confess, ... father. Bury me deep inside.

Raunchy - The curse of bravery lyrics

hearts This is a song of rebellion and I'm bleeding For the ... heart that bleeds For the lost and the dying For the ... ones chasing their dreams Cut it wide open

Overdose - Rebellion lyrics

talk 'bout the pleasures of life It's ... A few people eat until they get sick The church ... me how to love One love they can't give us The nation ... seems to fade At school they force me to learn Silly

The Agonist - The escape lyrics

is fiction, so the past is your invention Catch ... dependents and wish is for the will A struggle for ... Overcome with a need to outdo the last A child born so

Arcade Fire lyricsArcade Fire - Rebellion (lies) lyrics

giving in, no matter what the time is Sleeping is giving ... say that your dreams are the only things that save you ... eyes People try and hide the night underneath the covers

Arthemis - Claws of the devil lyrics

t you see? You're lying in the claws of the devil Break the ... be witched by him Kill the demons, try to win your ... you'll fight with fear Catch the sword and fight for the rebellion Your end is near Fire in their eyes is like an hurricane

Holiday In Cambodia - The force majeure lyrics

shift from 9 to 5 then from 6 to 3 steals the soul ... machine forever tuning class rebellion under noses the boss is ... feeding on the living corpses their broken

K-os - The mirror[hidden track] lyrics

about? I mean, Joyfull Rebellion and thinking, and thought, ... ve done that already...but, the fact is, we are not using our ... minds the way we should be. [Sigh]..

Lonewolf - The birth of a nation lyrics

Greatest defeat ever seen of the mighty roman legions Often ... seen as the birth of the German nation Germania Magna ... s clans gathered and fought the invader as one As the

Hit The Switch - The leader in generic punk brands lyrics

with such vague insight, Rebellion stained with bullshit! Man ... f***in worthless. Cause the words and phrases don’t carry ... without convictions behind them, So don’t sing to me if

Jesta - The shift lyrics

re so a-f***ing-greeable They always are putting us down, ... down They think we're a kinda kinda ... badder bad They beat us and push us around ... They treat us like we ain't worth

The Destiny Program - With a modern punk flavour lyrics

you're not ready for this The sound is changed and so are ... we Death is the standard service for this ... time our name is revolution The art they fear is our lie We

Impiety - The scourge majesty lyrics

King of Terror Coronation of the Black Goat Deliverer of ... purity.... Requiem for the Earth as rebellion arise ... Brutally scoff and immolate them all Rejoice in Satan's

One Fine Day - The rebel lyrics

hates the Declaration Of Independence ... too. I hates the glorious Union -- 'Tis ... with our blood -- I hates their striped banner, And I fit ... E. Lee, For three years, thereabouts. Got wounded in four

Willie Nelson - The troublemaker lyrics

could tell the moment that I saw him, He was ... nothing but the troublemaking kind His hair ... of friends Had nothing but rebellion on their minds. He's rejected

Purgatory - The daimonion lyrics

inside voice Which shows me the way A way which makes me ... Possessed devilish and with the demand long for darkness ... eyes, your ignorace And open the deepest abysses of your soul

Rebellion - The tribes united lyrics

To fight all united together as one Brothers, raise ... your swords The tribes all united United as ... one The force we could muster The ... deeds to be done The tribes all united United as

Sienna Skies - The power of persistence lyrics

at its finest Let's leave the past behind us Move forward ... Future plans To take the world on by ourselves We don ... lies To block our eyes from the real world [Chorus:]

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