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Judas Priest - You say yes lyrics

were sayin' you want to rip it Paint the town red Wanna ... do the hot spots, get it in the head You drivin' me crazy, I ... know your game You done it all before, you'll do it all again You say "Yes",

Cardiant - Illusion game lyrics

s time to take off concrete shoes and change the way of wind Time to ... turn the page, if you lord it over me Lost and found again, when the resurrection ends

Axxis - Lie after lie lyrics

are killing lives But you say "I am sorry" A million people starving all the ... time And isolation grows But you will not ... oppose We will be enthroned on the "last day" I hear lie after lie You believed and will die Lie after lie I won't

Grace Vanderwaal - I don't know my name lyrics

don't know my name I don't play by the rules of the game So ... you said I'm just trying Just trying So I heard you are my ... sisters friend You get along quite nicely You ask me

Mind Shredder - Run/hide lyrics

.. let's have a fun. two... i talk to you ... three... listen to me. four... open the door ... run! let's start the fun. hide! but i'm not blind. hear does someone near

Exciter - I hate school rules lyrics

got up late,five to nine I missed the bus,I losing my mind ... Another day I'm off to school Another day to break the rules Got caught smokin' in the halls The principal is after

Parov Stelar lyricsParov Stelar - This game feat. anduze lyrics

ll never love him the way that you love me Cause what we had together don't come about ... frequently, no So walk on water, then run on air You say ... he's good to you but I don't care Oh you ? Oh you ? Oh

The Audition - Dont be so hard lyrics

t be so hard on yourself. The name of the game is humiliation, And thanks for the admiration. I never thought I'd say ... this: The way that we play has such confrontation, And guilt by association. &quot

Root - Belial lyrics

shakin' like before the storm - I'm screaming : &quot ... ZODACARE" ! where flowed river ... new boiling lava - I'm screaming : "ZODACARE" !

Grace Vanderwaal - Perfectly imperfect lyrics

don't know my name I don't play by the rules of the game So ... you say I'm just trying Just trying So I heard you are ... my sister's friend You get along quite nicely You ask me

Pink lyricsPink - Circle game lyrics

all my hard talk, I'm still just a daddy's girl In this hard ... shell, there's tiny cracks from a big world And there's still monsters in my ... closet and they want to come and play There's still sounds in the dark, I wish they'd go away I know, I know, I know, I

Dragonette - I get around lyrics

a.m. In your bedroom The radio alarm clock is set for soon ... I know you friends and you know mine too You don't tell on ... me, I won't tell on you I get around Seconds to your

Mary-kate A Ashley Olsen - The ghost song no such thing lyrics

floats up the stairs, it floats down the hall. It floats into my bedroom, right through the wall. It glides post my ... dresser, to the bedpost. I swear. I'm looking at a ghost! Naaaaa! There's no such thing!

Eminem lyricsEminem - Intro (slim shady) lyrics

quot;Eminem" "No" ... "Eminem" "Nooo" ... "Wake the f*** up motherf***er" "What do

Far - Listening game lyrics

quot;Hey, Bert! I've got a game for you!" Ernie says ... cheerily, "Uh, what's that Ernie..." Bert questions warily, "Well, this is a blindfold, Bert, and I'm just gonna put in on you here -

Instalok - Using my active (imagine dragons – radioactiv.. lyrics

m running up to Ashe and Lux "Adhesive's" ... down and I got you Stuck You're standing in my chemicals Our ... "shadow's twin" is catching up We´ll chase you

Daley Gareth - Game over lyrics

girl You're the most consistent thing in my world No ... one else can represent like you do So my life is what ... you make it Don't speak There's nothing else you need to

Boards Of Canada - Diving station lyrics

quot;Commander!" "Well what ... do you know?" "It's - it's... a statue!" ... "Andre!" "What's up?" "You just

Vybz Kartel - A.k.a. lyrics

K.A. we don't play F*** all night Smoke all day Claat AK ... Still DJ We play music we don't play When mi ... drop inna di scheme Ghetto limousine Mi rims a seventeen

The Glove - Mr.alphabet says lyrics

comes the book the book of rules If you play this game you ... won't stay the same you could win your golden ... teeth be a spinning top Use a riding crop Mr alphabet says

Jurga - Trouble lyrics

I was a child, I was singing with a bird, I was flying ... with a bee, Round' n' round – ... yellow and brown. I had many questions Like "Why ... quot;? "When"? and "How"? There

Hüsker Dü - Games lyrics

could stay here the rest of my life I could be ... happy, never be lonely I don't need to go looking for ... misery I could surround myself with my ... props Playing my part, getting caught up In a game, some

Gordon Lightfoot - Mama said lyrics

said: "See it through, don't let the night ... put the bite on you. Take your time, make your plan. ... " Mama said: "Son, be your own

Carpenters - Goofus lyrics

was born on a farm out in Ioway A flaming youth I was bound ... I would fly away I packed my grip and I grabbed my ... saxophone Can't read notes, but I play anything

Daya - Thirsty lyrics

got that lemonade But baby I ain't buying Need something ... hotter to melt the ice Get you some Gatorade because your mouth is drying From ... drooling over me day and night Can't you hold your

The Adverts - One chord wonders lyrics

wonder what we'll play for you tonight Something ... heavy or something light Something to set your ... soul alight I wonder how we'll answer when ... you say "We don't like you - go away" &quot

Eisley - I wish lyrics

I wish Oooh, I wish I walked into this life a lover And I was carrying a deep hope ... for you A little pack of fire I watched you from afar A ... blazing, blooming star I came alive un-designed The tree

Eyes Of Mars - Play it my way lyrics

fast too slow Too hot too cold Not fair not right ... Full on no fight who wins? Not me I'm here you're ... free hy not kick start then break my heart? He says

Cheap Trick - I don't love here anymore lyrics

had a special way of talkin' Oh, a language all our own ... We always knew the latest dances But we liked old-fashioned love Now something seems ... the matter You don't want to play by the rules (You don

Sergey Lazarev - He said she said lyrics

enjoys the game they play. He blew her happy ending, ... Then refused to take the blame. And when she tells him ... what he's done To make her feel provoked, That's

Dazzle Vision - Zange lyrics

said to me "don't worry" so ... I believe to yourself He had been already dead when the time I had arrived the hut I ... got so scared that I could not keep still You have nothing to fear He is still alive He hug me, he kiss

Neil Diamond - I am... i said (reprise) lyrics

you ever read about a frog Who dreamed of bein' a ... king And then became one Well, except for the names And a few other changes If you talk about me, The story's the same one But I got

Shura - The space tapes lyrics

quot;Um... I was almost thinking, like, we should find maybe ... a tuba sample... And then we could, like..." ... "Uhh... You could have the opening..." "Yeah

Delain - Collars and suits lyrics

so hard to get by To be the next big thing alive But all ... the same Every color I see, a pale shade of grey Trying so ... hard and they say "You're just a signature away Just one handshake

Faderhead - Pssy rules lyrics

while you read! One A.M. in the club Past the door See my ... buds Saying, "Hey! Vodka straight!" Gotta have it on the rocks Look around

Running Wild - Adventure highway lyrics

they're turning cricles They're losing attitude They stagger in confusion Disoriented ... move You're in the game - see the pawn on the ... chessboard Recall your name and do your own move C'mon take a ride on "Adventure Highway&

Adam Sandler - Buddy lyrics

Train) "Next stop! Coopersville!" (Two ... guys talking) "Hey Buddy" ... quot;Buddy!" "How was the bathroom Buddy, pretty

Edguy - The headless game lyrics

for silence... "Always faster" is the way that we go. Not a little patience... Higher, farer, ... better we grow. The beast is rising, it's tantalizing

Eminem lyricsEminem - Steve berman (skit) lyrics

quot;This motherf***er, man..." [Eminem knocks the ... door.] [Eminem sighs and the door opens.] ["It Ain ... t Nuttin' But Music" by D12 plays in the background.] "It's ridiculous, I can't believe it!—Oh

Beverly Craven - Everything but the blues lyrics

nothing better than a cliche, For your point of view. ... You never know the reasons, You just play the rules ... No communication, No, I’ve been there too, ... hmmm

Zz Top lyricsZz Top - Snappy kakkie lyrics

say, "Hey, Snappy Kakkie Do you wanna play?" I ... say, "Hey, Snappy Kakkie" I said, "Whatcha ... say" The water she is nice we can steal away They

Pub Animals - Oldschool feat. u cee lyrics

friday night we don´t know Where else to go Remose ... tells you don´t be nasty Sensitivity We´re on our way, like ... saviours! Cause it´s ours You want to, we want

Atrocity - Fatal step lyrics

meet a girl - she seems ok She wants to show me all her friends ... But what I can see - I known before Their red eyes - the ... same as my Ma's! The invite me to drink and to take

Itchy Poopzkid - Another song the dj's hate lyrics

s another song the DJ's hate Here's another song the DJ ... s hate Although this time I did quite a bit I put "Hey ... quot; and "Yeah" and "F***" in it I

Underworld lyricsUnderworld - Little speaker lyrics

amp;quot;Que?" did you get the "instrumento"? &amp ... quot;Que?" very racy, he he he he the face is

Eurythmics lyricsEurythmics - Savage lyrics

of power are killing me While the sun displays its teeth. ... All mockery is laughing All violence is cheap. She said... "These are my ... guns These are my furs This is my living room." "You can play with me there sometimes If you ca

Miranda Lambert - Nobody's fool lyrics

more night with the same neon lights And I'll find ... my place at the bar. One more down, so I buy ... one more round And I'll try to drown out my heart. He'll walk in and make every head turn

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - Skin game lyrics

See you, you in there dancin? And I£l in here needing ... questions and answers (Ha!, ha!), hey!, (ha!, ha!) Ha! ... , hoo!, ha!, hoo!, ha!, hoo!, ha! The dance is in When they£qe mine Try to

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - Skin game lyrics

See you, you in there dancin? And I£l in here needing ... questions and answers (Ha!, ha!), hey!, (ha!, ha!) Ha! ... , hoo!, ha!, hoo!, ha!, hoo!, ha! The dance is in When they£qe mine Try to

Eminem lyricsEminem - The kiss (skit) lyrics

"Everybody's Looking At Me" plays in the background] "I'm gonna kill this bitch. I'm gonna kill ... her. I'm going to f***ing jail 'cause I'm gonna kill this bitch!" "Yo, man…

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - The hitchhiker lyrics

in time and out of season The Hitchhiker Stood by the side of the road And leveled his thumb In the calm calculus ... of reason Hi. How you doin'? I just got back into town

Underworld lyricsUnderworld - Scribble lyrics

it's okay And it's okay You give me everything I need "Whispers" ... "Elevators" "Bad boy" "Drive"

Colin Hay - Be good johnny lyrics

de skip, up the road Off to school you go "Don't ... you be a bad boy Johnny Don't you slip ... up Or play the fool" "Oh no Ma, ... Oh no Da, I'll be your golden boy I will

Jewel - Fat boy lyrics

boy goes to the pool See his reflection, doesn't know what to do He feels little inside and filled with pride Oh, ... fragile flame No one sees the same fat boy goes about his

A Lot Like Birds - Sesame street is no place for vengence lyrics

quot;Yeah, well, at least I'm not ugly." "Yes ... you are. And you're boring. And you're totally ordinary. And you know it." &quot

Maxwell - Let's not play the game lyrics

1]- So if this is you Here's what you should ... t even come up Don't even say stuff You know it ain't true ... Baby what's the use Let's not play the game ... She used to be the dreams I'd dreamed of The air that I

Lee Brice - A woman like you lyrics

Brice, Lee; Stone, Jon Last night out of the blue Driftin' off to the evenin' news She ... said "Honey, what would you do "If you'd ... have never met me" I just laughed, said "I don't know, "But I could take a

David Cook - All right now lyrics

from her head To her feet I said "Hey, what is ... this? Now maybe, baby Maybe she's In need of a kiss" I said &quot

Forever The Sickest Kids - What do you want from me lyrics

Oh! Hey! Oh! (Do It!) I don't wanna waste my ... time again By getting wasted with so-called friends ... Cause They don't know me But they pretend to be part of my social scenery Hey,

Lunity - Help me maybe (parody) lyrics

friend have all gone to bed so Start a game, solo ... queue Don't tell me, already knew that I'd be laned with noobs Janna pushes the lane, with Howling gale to their face Taking all my last hits How can I farm like this?

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - The same thrill lyrics

remember when my teacher said: "How you wanna make ... your life?" I said: "I can play guitar And it will be alright listen! ... " When I came out of school They said:

Motörhead - The game lyrics

s time to play the game... Time to play the game! Ha ha It's all about the game and how ... you play it. All about control and if you can take it. All about your debt and if you can pay it. It's all about pain and who's gonna

Max Buskohl - All right now lyrics

she stood in the street Smilin' from her head to her feet; ... I said, "Hey, what is this? Now maybe, baby, ... Maybe she's in need of a kiss." I said, &amp

Bow Wow Wow - Fools rush in lyrics

quot;Romance is a game for fools", I used to ... say A game I thought I'd never play "Romance ... is a game for fools", I said and grinned Then you passed by and here am I Throwing caution through the wind

Asaf Avidan - Poor boy / lucky man lyrics

boy grew up different from the rest Without the insides of ... his chest He didn’t know how he was blessed And all the little girls thought it a blast To shake his body really

Benediction - Down on whores leave them all for dead lyrics

quot;What they have in store for them... ... do I desire..." "They will ... suffer just as I... ... revenge on the whore. ... " [Chorus :] Take the eyes, take the head leave them all for dead." &quot

Queen - Play the game (live) lyrics

up your mind and let me step inside Rest your weary head and let your heart decide It's ... so easy when you know the rules It's so easy all you have to

Queen - Play the game lyrics

up your mind and let me step inside Rest your weary head and let your heart decide It's ... so easy when you know the rules It's so easy all you have to

Combichrist - Pay to play lyrics

quot;We're receiving widespread reports from hospitals, ... funeral services and morgues, that the unmarried ... dead are returning to life seeking human relationships

Bones lyricsBones - Artvandelay lyrics

quot;What is his name, who is he ?" "Art Van ... Delay" (Laughter) "Art Van Delay ? ... " "this is my boyfriend ?" "that's your

Lloyd - The troopers horse lyrics

Trooper's Horse It's a landlady's daughter and her name was ... Nelly And it's green, O green, the leaves ... do grow; And she took sick with a pain in her belly And it's ha, young man, do you

Free - All right now lyrics

oh-oh-oh-woha There she stood in the street smilin' from ... her head to her feet; I said, "Hey, what is this? Now maybe, baby, maybe she's in need of a kiss." I said,

Daniel Bedingfield - All the little children lyrics

down the same worn paths again Do you fly? Do you? I'd ... correct my own way If I could If I should Should do ... I will play the same old notes again Do you write? Do you? I'd compose a

Saga - On the other side lyrics

there you are You've travelled so far breaking rules ... never meant to be broken living like there's no tomorrow ... You've spent most of your time criss-crossing the line

Kidz Bop - All star lyrics

once told me the world is gonna rule me I ain't the sharpest ... tool in the shed She was looking kinda dumb with her finger and her Thumb in the shape of an "L" on her forehead Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming

Cardinal - Marionette lyrics

wanna play, do you wanna play? I could give you a heart ... one that's black like mine. It's filled with hate, from ... your cheating mind And it's taken me this long, to figure

Sneaker Pimps - Bloodsport lyrics

want to be a kid again Combed down hair and Sunday ... best See me staying out bunking school Knowing wrong from ... right just rules I wish I'd never seen your face &quot

Tobias Sammet - Space police lyrics

ocean of stars gleaming like diamonds How many times have we ... wondered what lies behind And how do you wish to make ... explorations And travel through space and time To

Lifetime - Knives, bats, new tats lyrics

get the feeling ideals can't take us where we need to ... go? Sometimes I'd like to just maybe squash your head, but ... next time that I see you I'll just probably smile and say,

Artch - Batteries not included lyrics

not included, but still the price is right. Full-sized, ... yours exclusive to play with day 'n night. High-speed vibration with full remote ... control. Take it from a man who knows; This one's got it

Front Line Assembly - Prayer lyrics

quot;What do you believe?" "....some kind of sacrifice" &quot ... You haven't got a prayer!" "(singing)

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Trapped in the closet (chapter 17) lyrics

huff] "Yeah, brud-law, that's what I'm talkin' about. Shoot 'em." [huff] ... "Man, well, let me." [huff] ... "Shh..." "Y'all lucky I like that kinda shit, Or I'd been have shot both

Jamie Cullum - Can't we be friends lyrics

thought I'd found the girl of my dreams So it seems ... this is how the story ends She's gonna turn me ... down and say "Can't we be friends?" I

Desmod - Insane lyrics

that man who wants to be the one To take your pain away ... every night and day I´m here to light your way cuz there´s ... nobody else To stay to make you feel okay Never tell

Jewel - Do you want to play lyrics

her on a friday afternoon In a neon dayglo pink Chiffon satin room She never looks back ... She always looked good Dressed in black And she says oh Do you want to play? She lived beneath the Disco discount store

Broken Social Scene - Cranley's gonna make it lyrics

quot;Are you gonna play along?" "Yeah" ... "Are you gonna play along?" "Yeah"

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The gambler lyrics

20 years ago, on a train bound for nowhere, I met up ... with The Gambler; We were both too tired to sleep. So we took turns a starin' through the window at the

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The gambler lyrics

20 years ago, on a train bound for nowhere, I met up ... with The Gambler; We were both too tired to sleep. So we took turns a starin' through the window at the

Spice Girls lyricsSpice Girls - Holler lyrics

I wanna make you holler Imagine us together Don't be afraid to play my game Boy don ... t you hesitate I won't keep waiting for you To come and let

Adam Sandler - The cheerleader lyrics

by Adam Sandler and Steve Koren (Sound of ... pom-poms) Cheerleader: (With annoying feminine voice) &quot ... Ok you guys, let's hear some spirit!" (Performing cheer) Cheerleader: &quot

Frank Morey - Youre my jesus lyrics

walk where I fall Pick me up Stand me tall Dust ... me off Tell me I'm a worthy man You're my Jesus I'm your Magdalene I've heard The ... Word Salvation/Sin I know the rules I've broken seven of

Asaf Avidan - Maybe you are lyrics

met when he was in a hospital, he whispered "I ain't ... got no heart" into the room. She said "I'll ... make you smile again" and made an airplane out of

The Lonely Island - We like sportz lyrics

Hello? Kiv: Hi, do you want to go to a party with me? ... Jorma: No. The game's on. Kiv: Oh, I almost forgot. I'll ... be right there. We like sportz and we don't care

Acuff Roy - I wonder if god likes country music lyrics

night we were out on tour, Getting ready to do a ... show. It wasn't anything special, Just another one ... night stand. When I looked over my guitar, And there stood an old man. His

Epysode - Fallen's portrait lyrics

Yae] I'm living in an endless nightmare I don't need your tears, nor your compassion I am the damned, the ... one who sows the evil But however men are involved in my fall In the

D.i.d. - The point of no return lyrics

hitomi ni utsuru kono iro I will sing until the Day I Die ... kawaranu kotoba utai sakebi tsudzuketa saki ni takami ga ... aru kara "just so far away.." "far away..

Lukas Graham - Hayo lyrics

don't know what you're trying to prove But she obviously don ... t feel tied down to you You think she's so right ... but hey we know it's so wrong She might be a girl but everybody knows They

Lady Pank - Be good(vademecum skauta) lyrics

t want to make trouble, I just wanted to try and see If I ... could burst your bubble; 'Cause you looked so nice to me. ... When I touched you, you shivered, But I thought things

Die Antwoord lyricsDie Antwoord - Dance wif da devil ft. the black goat lyrics

band is called Die Antwoord and that means "The Answer ... quot; The peoples from America, they say a little bit funny ... because they can't say it right How do they say it? They

Glamour Of The Kill - If only she knew lyrics

Your love is so addictive I can't get out No matter ... how much I fight it It always ends up the same You love to play the victim In everything that you do When I can't

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