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Kimberley Locke - Friend like you lyrics

back in the past Remember when we used to ... But now who knows I can't believe that I could be ... So unaware of your vindictive ways ... The games you play You violated all the

Dream Evil - The enemy lyrics

I once was I do not know Starting from scratch as Johnny ... Doe I have no name or number No family nor friends No one on which I can ... depend I'm no enemy Just a man who've forgotten his past

Asian Dub Foundation - Enemy of the enemy lyrics

of the Enemy is a Friend (Til he's the enemy again) Babylon is really burning this ... time coming home to roost on a Soviet landmine Climbing out ... the subway burning eyes spinning head

Donots - My worst friend, my best enemy lyrics

inside this lonely cell and finally told the world to ... this insecurity hit me so hard and boredom must have caught this boy off-guard ... well I should know my worst friend, my best enemy sharing

Ayria - Friends and enemies lyrics

s okay to hate your enemies It's either ... them or me Just wanna break their things Is it okay? I ... ll take down the enemy But it's okay It's either ... them or me What do you say We break their things? Is

One Way System - Enemy lyrics

your cross to bear, not your who goes there ... Not the need to talk, not the time at all Not ... the who to be (not me) Not a long lost friend, not a ... lifeless trend Sick of what you think of me Stand back

Mads Langer - Enemy lyrics

always knew that love would kill but I never ... thougt I'd be your friend My mind was set at ease all ... the time 'Till the day you said this is the end That's

D.o.a. - The enemy lyrics

peer through the darkness, billy clubs aimed, ... they smash ya once or twice till ya don't ... look the same ya gotta know who your enemy is, the enemy! ya gotta know who your enemy is, the enemy! they rope

Itchy Poopzkid - The enemy lyrics

but I think I shut you out What is this anyway? Trust? What’s wrong with everyone it’s ... just a word forget it Damn I think you better learn ... from me Look at me! Where’s the enemy

Polarity - Pathogen lyrics

re the disease You're the disease ... Just a mechanical being Living without regard ... As if I'm nothing to you Why ... does this seem so hard You were a friend to me

Earshot - More than i ever wanted lyrics

I come I tried to heal you but my enemy was strong ... me unsung I tried to taste you but your bitter to my ... I still still believe I can set you free I burn with

Altaria - Enemy lyrics

me alone Are you friend or enemy Leave me alone Nothing's ... ever what is seems Leave me alone, enemy I knew right ... from the start That I would not be free Just by

Fozzy - Enemy lyrics

you remember me You can't see the things That make ... me who I am You'll never understand And I gotta keep moving You're ... living off my sweat Moving, the devil's on my back And these are the days That I dreamed about And you're always there To remind me

Gwar - Friend lyrics

are my friend, friend, friend, friend But you no know ... nothing [X4] You do not treat me this way! [X4] My friend ... right or wrong Even if they are completely wrong Me and

Korn - Play me lyrics

s an enemy telling me lies and it's killing me why they all want to get rid of me ... Everybody's my enemy Several try to disguise the devil in ... them Wanting to get into my

Pink lyricsPink - Don't let me get me lyrics

win first place, I don't support the team ... I can't take direction, and my socks are never clean ... Teachers dated me, my parents hated me I was always

Espen Lind - Army of love lyrics

it really this hard To be in your skin To want what you wanted Knowing ... you couldn't win Was it really this long The road that ... you walked Before you laid down The lines around you

Onslaught - Enemy of my enemy lyrics

in duality Revolution born Formation of a new regime Troopers ... the perfect storm Grinding gears of conflict Root effect and cause Power fuelled ... intoxication Breaking down the walls (pre

Paper Route - Enemy among us lyrics

into a hole my ears were ringing. Followed ... every rule and kept repeating. Could I be a fool? ... you're the first on that I turn to. You're the first

Jupiter Society - The enemy lyrics

is something hiding Never heard of, feared, seen or sensed ... before Nothing more than silence out there, someone's ... watching Nothing there but ... empty, dead, cold space Secondary indications

Robert Pettersson - My own worst enemy feat. helena josefsson lyrics

to my guns And I watch the darkness fill the void Am I starting to become What I was ... In the mirror I see you staring back at me Each time ... the hatered grows I forget which

Perkele - I want to know lyrics

believe in loyalty, I don't need to be betrayed Don't need unhonest friends, only friends who I can ... trust Wanna know who I should hate, wanna ... Only need some honesty, hypocrates can go to hell I wanna

Ektomorf - I confront my enemies lyrics

want me to fall And give up I feel no pain I ... had enough They can't come close to me Not anymore They cannot defeat me ... Not anymore I confront my enemy I confront my enemy I

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - Know your enemy lyrics

you know the enemy? Do you know your enemy ... Well, gotta know the enemy (ohey) Do you know the enemy? Do you know your enemy? ... Well, gotta know the enemy (ohey) Do you know the enemy? Do you know your enemy?

Lisa Loeb - Underdog lyrics

like things that are so good. you are so so good ... I like you. but I am the underdog, I am the last ... in line. Don't be the enemy, don't stand in back of me.

Abattoir - The enemy lyrics

cry of pain and shout The call of war is out Roaring guns ... the night Gothic lines stare in fright Bodies burn and ash from flame Treaties here ... won't save the pain The enemy…the enemy's around The enemy…taking more ground The enemy…the enemy

Colony 5 - Friends lyrics

thought you could make this up one day, all the pain you gave me When you talked behind my back I used to ... call you my friend, but that was long ago Now I know you as

Everything We Have - Your saviour lyrics

am not your enemy, I am your friend, your internal voice, that ... not the solution. Drop your fear and pain. Forget everything, ... that is said to be saint. I finally found you man, you are the soul inside me.

Go Betty Go - Youre your worst enemy lyrics

laughed at you you grinned so ... frightened of me. you're scared to tell me what you really think ... what's really ... i didn't know, but now i've learned i'm laughing now it's

Neuroticfish - Neuroticfish: silence ( lyrics

you had made me choose which sense I'd ... like to lose I'd rather choose my sight No need ... to see in darkest night A thousand voices in my head A ... million thoughts need to be said and understood I know I

Extreme Music - Your enemy lyrics

attention New religion Ya you know I believe it All ... before us Can’t destroy us You oughta ... I believe No fire no blade no bullet no stone You’ll

Chris Cornell lyricsChris Cornell - Enemy lyrics

time the blood runs to my head, I hear the ring Something ... to remind me I'm not dead or caught in between I listen to ... the voice and what it says, it's never sweet

Disturbed - Conflict lyrics

are, enemy You are my hated enemy I am enemy Number one rated ... enemy I'm a labelled enemy I am your mortal enemy My actions enemy Make me your ... bitter enemy All the world around enemy They're tearing

Europe - Love is not the enemy lyrics

by the moonlight Looking at this blue thing Falling by ... the waste time The years keep on calling Riding on a moonbeam Having on a daydream Crash the barricades, raise the alarm We've forgotten

Sleeping At Last - Ghosts lyrics

that is beautiful Will not be beautiful ... perfect. Outside of these walls is an awful place As far as I can tell We are not the ... enemy, we are not the enemy inside. We were victims of

Sleeping At Last - All that is beautiful lyrics

that is beautiful Will not be beautiful ... perfect. Outside of these walls is an awful place As far as I can tell We are not the ... enemy, we are not the enemy inside. We were victims of

Nightmare (fra) - K-141 lyrics

m gonna tell you a well known story A sacrifice ... of innocents 24 days of agony How a last dive, gave ... them no chance Somewhere in the arctic, ... the russians were telling a lie Forgotten by the world

Pythia - Cry of our nation lyrics

will be no end 'Til every enemy becomes a friend The will fall on the battlefield that we ... defend To the cry of our nation There's something in ... the air Something strange and ever magical Can you feel

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - Across the line (demo 2007) lyrics

this desert In darkness Lying with the gun across his chest Pretending ... He's heartless As the fire flashes in the sky ... He was fragile And frozen When the bullet

Neonfly - The enemy lyrics

sit upon a throne but built so high You ... gaze at all of us with spite You pass ... your sins for everyone to bear With hearts so rueful and ... contrite We call upon grace and might but all you do

Magica - My kin my enemy lyrics

my kin, my enemy My enemy I'm trying I'm sighing I ... m fighting, I'm crying Explaining, complaining But it ... never stops raining The night is young,

Lucy Schwartz - My friend lyrics

there lady better hit the road baby Cuz you'll never be my ... re joking 'bout the rest but at whose expense You'll never ... be my friend She'll never be my friend

My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - Destroya lyrics

sick sick sick Check WHOA! Don't believe what they say We're dead flies in the ... summertime They leave us all behind With duck tape scars on my honey They don't

Baby Animals - Working for the enemy lyrics

you ever wondered how a love Can lift you up and ... then take you down In case you haven't noticed You're ... about to be a loser in this round Tell ... yourself it's all too hard Working for the enemy

Segment - Break your enemy lyrics

m ready now! I've got a magic power! Holy crowd Just ... will be damned in a zero hour (Everyone is liar) I'm screaming to the crowd ... (Everyone will die) I´m screaming, not to loud We won´t

Katie Gray - Ode to the lost angels lyrics

have no regrets about my life I've made wrong ... turns and right ones and some how it all turns out ... just fine I've been a good friend And a bad friend I've even

Daysend - End of days lyrics

it a piece you want or is it peace you want? ... Is this your fatherland? Is it the holy land? Am ... I your enemy or a best friend to be? Will you meet up with

Ally Hills - Enemy lyrics

will stay Some will go This is not ... With open eyes I'll take it slow Pick this up ... whenever Now I'm walking your way And I'm walking your pace I know it's a lonely road Now I'm waiting

Ill Niño - I'm not the enemy lyrics

a life, get a job Get it right, get a real ... personality 'Cause that one's useless Get a knife, ... Get the mob Star a fight, it's a real ... opportunity To make you toothless You're really trying to get underneath

The Moffatts - We're off to the rodeo lyrics

re off to the rodeo To watch the cowboy show The thing ... that makes them different Than what we've grown to know 'Cause they'll take their knocks ... And get back up and try all over again The cowboy's

Saliva - The enemy lyrics

can’t talk to you when all that you hear All the lies of ... the others resonating in your ear Wish I ... would’ve known that I’d be the one Clean up the

Killing Joke - Invocation lyrics

Of the whore bitch goddess Babylon) Hearts of darkness and hate o evil, oblivion your ... fate o betrayers i come a war without end my enemy's enemy is my friend Mankind

Godsmack - The enemy lyrics

Oh Mister backstabbin' son of a bitch you're ... livin' in a world that'll soon be dyin' and I know ... try to be like me but even at your best as a man you

Decyfer Down - Worst enemy lyrics

m facing my reflection once again I can see the end of me ... where it begins As it comes alive it leaves me for dead ... (It grows like an evil garden) Now it comes alive The

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Love is war lyrics

a man Trying to understand The reason I´m lost in ... this world Tonight I was blind I just couldn´t see ... the signs Caught in your web of lies ... It´s too dark to sleep Too late to pray Too hard to reach

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Love is war lyrics

a man Trying to understand The reason I´m lost in ... this world Tonight I was blind I just couldn´t see ... the signs Caught in your web of lies ... It´s too dark to sleep Too late to pray Too hard to reach

Hüsker Dü - Punch drunk lyrics

a look around this bar take a look around this place take ... a look around this hall Think it's a f***ing gym? ... Kick and punch and kick and punch and kick and punch and kick and punch Who's your

Obtenebris - The enemy lyrics

the day was still young The lights were ... bright and high A place unknown to everyone Yet ... forced to run and hide [Chorus] The anger ... The struggle The enemy, The pain Hopeless, I

Fit For A King - Warpath lyrics

can break me down You can bury me alive I will always ... stand for this And what good are my hands if they don't ... fight back? I refuse to let this die ... This is my everlasting purpose I will be the

Antidote - New enemy lyrics

they found a cause To start a new war It's a no-win situation It's just more bombs and ... frustration I never could have thought I'd have to sing ... these words They claim to fight for liberation It

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The - Am i the enemy lyrics

a world that is full of greed and pain Where the politicians ... have free reign To wear you down This is what I've ... found They will never lay a hand on us They will never

Flow Of Voices - More than a friend lyrics

than a friend, more than a friend More than a friend, more than a friend Chorus: Well, ... he's more than a friend More than a friend Yes, he ... s more than a friend to me 'Cause he gave up his life ('Cause he gave up his life) And at oh such a price And he's

Brequette - No enemy lyrics

inside I… I’m never gonna run away I’m gonna lead this ... way I’ve been praying To be safe Put on ... shield on Come on You’re a winner You’re a winner A

The Cribs - Girls like mystery lyrics

s not much to say for me its ok you know ... like mystery They'll know all the things I've read That ... s ok don't necessarily make it bad Leave me alone

Saliva - I.d.n.a.e. lyrics

and bruised, In a world that is cold and broken. Can't take the abuse, There's a ... Don't cross the line, You wanna go, then fine. Only tell ... you one last time, So walk away, don't feed my hate, I

Dev - Honey dip lyrics

my honey dip, my honey dip Watch me make my money flip ooh ... yeah baby I can be your real girl, f***in around in this ... fake world, this fake world And you could be my best friend

Mutemath - Allies lyrics

in the eye, don't know any better. Keep your, arsenal ... at bay, Live another day, pull yourself together. ... Every, war you want to win, There's nothing to

Chevelle - Enemies lyrics

rise We can walk all over Devils prize No one made you run Word to the wise ... One reason why I grant you piece of mind It's not ... my hell It's simply sad Just grab some shit right

Shakespeare's Sister - You're history lyrics

you made your bed better lie in it ... - get back to sleep ! You should ... see me when you're not around I'm a genius in this ... town I'm a queen bee when the coast is

First Blood - Enemy lyrics

m not your enemy We're not your enemy They ... re not who they appear to be Those with the power ... Control our beliefs To break this curse Expose for all

American Hifi - Amnesia lyrics

disappeared before your eyes I know ... it eats you up inside, you know I'm ... Worlds collide between the bars I'm getting farther from ... the truth of what we are Tell me what you waiting

Nuclear Assault - When freedom dies lyrics

in a time, a time of need Against a common foe, the enemy ... The years of death endured, the years of pain ... Against an evil force, a force not sane We become

Willie Nelson - Unfair weather friend lyrics

whole sky opens up and it rains down on my head I show up ... at your door, beat down and soakin wet I know you will open ... up and let me waltz right in My come whatever

Sinergy - Me, myself, my enemy lyrics

I look into the mirror, what is it I see? Reflection of ... my greatest enemy When I listen to myself ... speak, was is it I hear? Sounds of hatred, wasting all these years Let me die

Extreme Music - I am the enemy lyrics

night, you can watch my eyes Lighting up like ... Like you're looking at the living dead I'm the ... silhouette you cant forget Not a sight and not ... trigger I'll knock you out and lay you down Cos I come

Mono Inc. - My worst enemy lyrics

don’t know what you suffer and I don’t know what you love ... I don’t know what you think you’re my worst enemy I don’t know what you look ... like I don’t know what you hate I don’t know what you

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - Winner at war lyrics

my words in the battlefiel Don´t move to fast cause they might wanna kill you ... Our last piece of hope They know ... better better When they scream and shout they´re ready to

Feeder - Who's the enemy lyrics

re running away Further away 'Cause we won't take this ... Losing my way Knocked to the ground I ... us Nothing's ever gonna change You know they're telling

Sinister - My casual enemy lyrics

of the mind The way to survive Enemy of your ... god Murder among the wicked Forlorn and ... sickness from within Through a dark journey The inner ... conscious is found Evil has no complaints Incubated for

Nevermore - Enemies of reality lyrics

are the nothing grating against the norm We are the ... something that will not conform No one ... understands what we've been given We are ... by-products of soulless meat We are all gone we all sing

Lyle Lovett - You've got a friend in me lyrics

ve got a friend in me You've got a friend in ... me When the road looks rough ahead And you're miles and ... miles From your nice warm bed You just remember what

Kenny Loggins - You've got a friend in me lyrics

ve got a friend in me You've got a friend in ... me When the road looks rough ahead And you ... re miles and miles from your nice warm ... bed You just remember what your old pal said Boy,

The Bussiness - Real enemy lyrics

punk is all together Fighting each ... other just ain't clever You've got the ... wrong enemy picking on a friend If we don't stand together ... then this is the end Today's youth stand together In

American Hifi - My only enemy lyrics

t ever try to keep the love alive i've found the frequency ... i'm not the only one to hold a smoking gun you felt the gravity you think you're finally

Pellek - You've got a friend in me (from toy story) lyrics

ve got a friend in me You've got a friend in ... me When the road looks rough ahead And you're miles and ... miles from your nice warm bed You just remember what

Chris De Burgh - Up here in heaven lyrics

on the hill I see it begin, Marking the hero's where they fall. In the stone, in the ... stone the names of those who have gone. And over the river ... there is a place, Where they remember boys and men, They could have been

2 Wolves - The battle of two wolves lyrics

hand will reach no more. Haunted by the old enemy. The enemy who once was a deceptive friend. This one is not living. It ... only comes alive when it´s inside. The

D.r.i. - Enemy within lyrics

within in head I often wish that I was dead no self-control of my own ... s no more time Mommy, daddy, help me please I beg of ... you, I'm on my knees save me from this life I lead

Nirvana lyricsNirvana - Come as you are lyrics

as you are, as you were As I want you to be, As a friend As a friend as an old enemy ... Take your time, hurry up The ... choice is yours, don't be late Take a rest, as a friend As an old memory, yeah

For All I Am - Out of line lyrics

could you try to make amends? When all you do is make my happiness end? When the ... words you speak, is your effort to keep, what you made broken. You’re so

Prague Conspiracy - Enemy lyrics

-- I came home earlier last night Now I know it wasn’t ... right I have seen more than I wanted Ive found more than I can bear When I opened up ... the door There were blood strains on the floor And I saw a

12 Stones - Enemy lyrics

you look at me With a look in your eyes Like you ... ve got an enemy in your sights Now, I do not ... believe This war will be over until your ... to see just how wrong you are So you think you know

Drist - Dual enemy lyrics

moment to justify you I try and think about those words you ... choose To never talk about Your enemy looks down ... buy some more time the ones that get you A second waterfront

Rains - Believe lyrics

want you to know, I'm not the enemy and I know that this could ... be the death of me Rip apart my soul till I can barely ... breath I need know you still ... believe in me. Remember what we are fighting for I know

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - She lyrics

ve payed all my dues And she wanted to know That I ... d never leave her Now I'm ready to go As strange as it ... to me She's just like paper work But harder to read

Grimes - Enthropy (feat. bleachers) lyrics

ve ever known is wrong Oh, what's the matter with me? Did I ... even want it? Did I just assume that's how it had to be? ... Throw a ball, it's bouncing off the wall

Gob - B flat lyrics

d like to hang out with you before class ... like get close to you; you're a gas I don't want to be your friend, want to be a friend; I don't ... want to be your friend I'd like to walk home with u

The Cheetah Girls - 02. char - girlfriend lyrics

sister Been through it all no one could dis her Or ... it was only just how we roll ... Swore we'd be that way 'Till we were gray and old ... Then he came I fell in love And

Garbage - Sex is not the enemy lyrics

is not the enemy no evolution sometimes it ... depresses me the same old same oh we keep repeating ... conviction sex is not the enemy a revolution is the

Dub War - Enemy maker lyrics

swear they tell the truth yet ... the truth kill the truth and destroy the truth so why call on god guilty or not ... exploiting the crime you can be the rise and you can be

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