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Macy Gray - Jesus for a day lyrics

for you no prize When you’ve won. Be. If I could be jesus ... be perfect, like the light – jesus just for a night and have It ... up. Be. If I could be jesus for just a day and have it my

Bush lyricsBush - Jesus online lyrics

say? what can I do? did it to myself I did it all confused ... jesus online wires around the world feel invincible computer ... car and girl jesus online wires around the world feel invincible to be

Edward Hawkins - Oh happy day lyrics

day (oh, happy day) When jesus washed (when jesus washed) oh ... when he washed (when jesus washed) when jesus washed ... (when jesus washed) he washed my sins

Babybird - Jesus is my girlfriend lyrics

you My rusty nails stuck to you like glue My arms around ... dirty It's not rude I'll go to Kuwait if I wanna get wanna ... s my girlfriend Yeah, it's jesus, she's my girlfriend Wanna

Ella Fitzgerald - Oh, doctor jesus lyrics

(kneeling) Oh, doctor jesus, who done trouble de water in ... time again. Peter Oh, my jesus! Serena Oh, doctor jesus, ... of her down a steep place into de sea Like you used to do

Bo Burnham - Sunday school lyrics

kids, welcome to your first sunday school ... class let's get right into it did you know that jesus ... died on the cross just to keep you from masturbating

Skunk Anansie - Selling jesus lyrics

shining on your face You go to church and light a candle ... And then you're blinded by the light from all the golden ... The devil's snapping at your toes now Because the angels

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Bessie smith lyrics

Now many a year has passed me by I still recall the best ... down the road t' see bessie smith When I get there I wonder ... all the crazy things I had to try Well I tried them all

Damian Marley lyricsDamian Marley - Harder (interlude) lyrics

you want to see jose for worry about that tomoro hooo is ... sume thing for him give it to me i'll give it to him so you ... want to give it to him hu i have sumthing for

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Let it rain lyrics

my balls Ughh! Ya want me to set it Well my mac-11 takes ... all gone Now we can roll to the east side of town And ... You better move your ass to this mac-11 Pointed at your

Black Label Society - Doomsday jesus lyrics

amp; through horsemen rolls, tomorrow's fading fast make ... last ohhh ohhh doomsday jesus we need you now oooh oooh ... doomsday jesus we need you now Souls that

Shaggy - Finger smith lyrics

this is for amusement purposes only, ha Be ... catch it the original finger smith Yur neighbourhood pick ... catch it the original finger smith Yur neighbourhood pick

Sam Cooke - Jesus be a fence around me lyrics

all around me everyday Jesus I want you to protect me as I ... each and every day That you would guide my footsteps lest I ... and stray Lord, I need you to direct me all the way long

Impaled Nazarene - Alien militant lyrics

Cybergoat war Alien jesus will f*** your face Your ... soul Hell on earth Alien jesus force Never failing S.Y.S.T ... Lasergun f***face Terminator bible f***er Are you ready

Plumb - Drugstore jesus lyrics

Your good intentions are hard to find You're drugstore jesus The miracle is gone You're ... drugstore jesus A saint for everyone You've ... away All your gold turns to dust And all your masses

Rotting Cock - Blowjob to the satan lyrics

The partner of christ Two lover gays But jesus don’t ... land Cause satan is horny Jesus loves satan And his master ... dick Jesus’ blood is cum Jesus’ flesh is shit Cause of the

Eric Burdon - Mirage (the story of jesus) lyrics

story of jesus So easy to explain After they crucified ... him, A woman, she claimed his name The ... story of jesus The whole Bible knows Went ... use in arguing All the use to the man that moans When each

Severe Torture - Pray for nothing lyrics

to worship christ Believe the ... away your life Being lived by the light Questions to ask ... You pray for nothing Pray to jesus, All for nothing ... christ is a liar Pray to jesus, All for nothing Pray to jesus, Pray for

Choking Victim - F***ed reality lyrics

feels like jesus on the cross. It's so ... loss: A graven image in the mud, like when I shed my ... a loser, I am satan, I am jesus christ, I'm me. There are

Damh The Bard - The two magicians lyrics

as a willow wand And by there come a lusty smith ... you can hide For the lusty smith will be your love And he ... your robes of red I'll come tomorrow at this same time And

Green Adam - The prince's bed lyrics

off my head and i dont want to see clear again everyone is ... talking about jesus everyone is talking about jesus everyone is talking about jesus everyone’s f***ing my

Emmylou Harris - Jordan lyrics

tread life’s journey Take jesus as your daily guide Though ... safely Without him walking by your side But when you come to make the crossing At the

Emmylou Harris - Drifting too far from the shore lyrics

danger silently creeps, And storm’s so violently sweeping, ... You’re drifting too far from shore. Chorus: ... drifting too far from shore, You’re

Nokturnal Mortum - Jesus' blood lyrics

the knife into the crucifixion Let the ... merciless! We are going into the midnight Our banners is ... pain The rage unleashed to the bastard Let you die!

Punk Goes... - Mountain song by sparks the rescue (jane's ad.. lyrics

in now honey Cash in miss smith Cash in now! I was comin' ... in now honey Cash in miss smith Cash in now

Planet Funk - How i love you lyrics

heart is still wanting just to be with you waiting here ... long for your voice to speak touch me now its your ... how my soul longs for you to be with you adore you

Jane's Addiction - Mountain song lyrics

in now honey Cash in miss smith Cash in now! I was comin' ... in now honey Cash in miss smith Cash in now

Katherine Jenkins - Sleep quietly my jesus lyrics

quietly my jesus sleep quietly my jesus sleep ... quietly my jesus sleep quietly my jesus sleep ... quietly my jesus sleep quietly my jesus sleep

Planet Funk - So you wont to have to die lyrics

way of life is tough these days, it's hard to ... get along. But jesus came and he talked to me, and ... s why i wrote this song. He told me of my brothers in a far

Mason Jennings - Dr king lyrics

love that you learned From jesus Dr. king I think often of ... love that you learned From jesus Alabama Alabama Bethlehem ... ahead us we've a mighty task To love the face behind hatred's

Emmylou Harris - When he calls lyrics

When these old homes turn to dust When he calls I’m ... going to live with jesus In his kingdom he welcomes ... home Now satan will come to tempt me But I’ll try to

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - Bullet with butterfly wings lyrics

world is a vampire, sent to drain secret destroyers, ... hold you up to the flames and what do I get ... tell me there's no other one jesus was an only son yeah tell me

Lloyd - The two magicians lyrics

TWO MAGICIANS The lady sits at ... straight as a willow wand And by there come a lusty smith With ... can hide For the lusty smith will be your love And he

1gn (1 Girl Nation) - While we're young lyrics

they regret And what they would change to do it again We ... know our stories just starting So much is ... We’re gonna go right when the world goes left Cause we don’t

Indigo Girls - Peace song lyrics

take us for all that we're worth strip us of our pride ... day after" fear jesus smile down upon your children ... one more for the sequel to the heartache how much more

Peter, Paul And Mary - Jesus met the woman at the well lyrics

met the woman at the well Jesus met the woman at the well Jesus met the woman at the well ... And he told her everything shed ever ... done He said, woman, woman, where is your husband?

Mystic Circle - Notrum the sword of might lyrics

his greatest wish was to go out and have adventure ... for him a hero he wanted to be His father wants him to ... so he sended him out to a smith called Mimer the smith

Cocorosie - Jesus loves me lyrics

Or their nigger lives But jesus loves me Dat for sure ... tell Kiss your papa but not too long Hold his hand Don´t ... do no wrong Jesus loves me But not my wife

Brian Setzer - Three guys lyrics

So rundown but I head into town Taking a chance and I ... started to dance What I need is a new ... say a prayer each day A word for jesus lights the way

Sepultura lyricsSepultura - Mountain song lyrics

in now honey cash in miss smith cash in now! I was ... in now honey cash in miss smith cash in now

Skinlab - No sympathy (for the devil) lyrics

of chaos Burn the home of jesus The bloody rise of chaos ... of chaos Burn the home of jesus Bloody rise of chaos burn ... of chaos Burn the home of jesus The Bloody rise of chaos

Severe Torture - Rest in flames lyrics

are not my king Followed by believers, followed by slaves ... never will be, for you are jesus You'll be dead Your eyes ... Forsaken and hanged Time to rest I condemn you to

Fatima Spar - Trust lyrics

would not like to be jesus nor the other great prophet ... himself i do not trust in jesus nor the man whose name i do ... not dare to pronounce you preach life

Cowboy Junkies - The slide lyrics

sweet jesus if you're listening Can you ... pass me to your pa. I'm having a hard ... din. Sitting and watching, Two flames busy dancing To our ... love. Grab on to this moment, inhale it And

Emmylou Harris - If i be lifted up lyrics

while on my knees I asked my jesus carry please He promised ... he’d take care of me If I would lift him up He said if ... up I’ll bring joy, joy, joy To your soul When I am lonely

Blind - Jesus only knows lyrics

t bleed you thinking back to the things you said nothing ... sisters that'll break you jesus only knows all this time the ... at a 2-star address try to find you, wine and dine you

Savatage - The rumor lyrics

that can no longer see Jesus What's the reason For this ... Could she mean nothing to thee And jesus please tell ... when this sparrow did fall Jesus What's the reason Every

Cavo - Turn around lyrics

it’s raining she says jesus is crying The whole world is ... When it feels like the world is crashing around you ... chemicals riding the scenes To an empty apartment It’s not

Waltari lyricsWaltari - Purify yourself lyrics

in a local bus ready to "take away" I ... just settle down so you won't need nobody else purify ... insane don't expect me to be a jesus to your world

Enochian Crescent - Golgotha lyrics

do necromantia Knock down a stone or two And dance with the ... rotten jew I'm going to get you I'm going to break ... you I'm going to get you I'm going to make

Emmylou Harris - Darkest hour is just before dawn lyrics

falls around us And we must journey on The darkest ... home Lay down your soul at jesus’ feet The darkest hour is ... down below He’s coming back to claim us Will you be ready to go The darkest hour is

Apoptygma Berzerk - Friendly fire lyrics

with mascara tears Hollywood jesus Met the wandered girl Like ... a gaffe giant teases Step into my world An illustrated ... a friendly fire I was hollywood jesus For feeling every

Radiohead - I am a wicked child lyrics

mary come to me Cause I am a wicked child ... I was a marionette Send baby jesus Surely it is time ... Send baby jesus Let him radiate his light

Vybz Kartel - Mi remember lyrics

many... never redone. Don't worry babe... [?] You could ... that you the only one Tried to mash up me life oh jesus Can ... that you the only one Tried to mash up me life oh jesus Can

Mac Miller - Put it on lyrics

Butterflies all up in my stomach, like a first kiss Just ... a word smith, using poetry and more but, ... Distracted by these girls who want their ... we need that, for real I took my heart and put it all out

Ed Drewett - Never be a right time ft. professor green lyrics

me, It's really beginning to get to me, You've always ... been the best to me, An I've never given you ... Stressing, you tell me never to let it get to me, There's

Professor Green - Never be a right time (feat ed drewett) lyrics

me, It's really beginning to get to me, You've always ... been the best to me, An I've never given you ... Stressing, you tell me never to let it get to me, There's

Airfare - Hard ride lyrics

teeny dream my jesus, your woman she go and join the navy ... don't love her like i used to. is she the one? Is she ... oh. Sweet teeny dream my jesus, no woman. Go join the US

Arash - Superman (feat. nyanda) lyrics

oh, oh Oh, oh, oh Biaa azizam, Bi to Marizam, Hey ... Deleh divooneh, Na nemitooneh, Bi-toe bemooneh ... Bemoon toe kenaaram, ey khoobeh man ... ey jooneh Man Come on baby, come on baby Where is my

Our Lady Peace - Made to heal lyrics

And your exercise And the world that I knew Then, I fell ... a drug The push that comes to shove I'm a freak, a star I ... everything you are I'm your jesus, I'm your pride We're made

The Aquadolls - Me and my friend the barracuda lyrics

getting higher than jesus, god and buddah we don't ... give a f*** we're jammin to jane fonda we don't give a ... getting higher than jesus, god and buddah we don't

Carlyann - Carlyann and tenacious d-jesus ranch lyrics

was a big day on jesus Ranch Jesus Ranch He was harvesting a ... big tomato It was in the sand, alright ... I'm taking a walk in the woods, And it's nice outside

Forevermore - Silent night lyrics

the dawn of redeeming grace jesus, lord, at thy birth jesus,

Ashton Shepherd - Where country grows lyrics

with your daddy watchin´ the world turn slow? Oh, that´s ... on your pillow and fallin´ to sleep proud You bow your ... head to jesus ´cause he´s where it all

James - Hymn from a village lyrics

made second rate Cosmetic music, powderpuff Pop tunes, ... no soul, no hate Wasn't mean to be Built on complacency The ... ride away When you refuse to play Oh go and read a book

Alison Krauss - When god dips his pen of love in my heart lyrics

my soul a message he wants me to know His spirit all divine ... in my heart Well I said I wouldn't tell it to a livin' ... couldn't hide Such a love as jesus did impart Well he made me

Heather Dale - King of all trades lyrics

of ten were watching their two go astray The coffers are ... lean, there's no money to spend, it's a state of ... of Venice and council of ten took cloaks and went out to the

Kris Kristofferson - Maybe you heard lyrics

s gone crazy Searching for words, too deep, sweet reason ... more and more and he's prone to be lazy Turning to stone, ... t you condemn him, leave it to strangers You ought to know

Nina Hagen - Gott im himmel (spirit in the sky) (reprise) lyrics

ins grab Dann holt mich mein total gelirbter schutzengel ab ... los und fahre michting und total darauf ab! Bereite dich ... dann jeder scheisst mal sein Tor, wir alle mussen man

The Organ - Steven smith lyrics

got Away from you Steven smith , we all lose One look at ... suddenly covered in Shrapnel too It’s true, most die in your

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - Hey lyrics

friends are cruisin' 'round town. checkin' out pretty girls ... playin' underneath the baby jesus blowin' out the truck ... up in the loft come on baby kick you cowgirls off i'm

Pulp - Death ii lyrics

and there is nowhere left to go But watch my spirit melt ... down at the d-i-s-c-o I must have died a thousand times ... feel oh sometimes I feel like jesus christ now Hey I feel this

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Soldier boys and jesus freaks lyrics

round their TV screens To hear the government about ... speak About solider boys and jesus freaks They go on heaven on ... call But she was just a baby doll And all around them

Aaron Lewis - Vicious circles lyrics

I could walk on water like jesus did before If I knew all ... the answers to keep you coming back for more ... I chose all the right colors would this just dissapear?

Elliott Smith - The biggest lie lyrics

Biggest Lie Elliott Smith I'm waiting for the train ... stupid thing that will come to pull us apart And make ... you had Wanted everything to stop that bad And now I'm a

Alleycat Scratch - Roses on my grave lyrics

gonna take me down, to the other side of town, and ... you won't see me slippin' away and ... my fears, there's noone left to shed a tear because you won't see roses on my grave,baby

Necrophobic - Nailing the holy one lyrics

shall flow Holy father jesus christ I can see straight ... Cause time has come for you to die No one can save you now ... holy blooddrops fall Piece by piece I slaughter you alive

Gloomy Grim - Valley of death lyrics

re feeling You have served jesus right No killing, drugs or ... you have served isn't here to save you He died at the ... re feeling You have served jesus right No killing, drugs or

Immortal Technique - Eyes in the sky (ft. mojo of dujeous) lyrics

you blind [eye in the sky by alan parsons project] [verse ... somalian when i go home the world i use to know is gone and ... rapper with creative control to sign a deal with the devil

Atrocity - Der mussolini lyrics

in die hände. und tanz den mussolini. tanz den adolf ... deinen hintern. und tanz den jesus christus

Severe Torture - Deride jesus lyrics

of forgiveness get ready to die hunting for pray ready ... ones i despise force them to bleed for their beliefs ... with god flesh turning red , tortured to death left in a

Pastor Troy - Prayer lyrics

man, and shit feels like it's to hard to bare Just repeat ... this prayer I belive that jesus is the son of god, that he ... died and rose Again to give us this day to eternal

Say Anything - A certain type of genius lyrics

type of genius who is proud to know so much he skipped a ... cause he doesn't need to touch he hides his bastard ... all the lies that he's been told grows old, so old a

Casey Jones - Coke bongs and sing-a-longs lyrics

van broken down in another town burning up freezing cold ... f*** this shit its time to go only 18 hours to the show ... of course sing-a-longs josh smith hasn't heard 1/2 of these

Sneaker Pimps - Blue movie lyrics

train for my lord has come to soon So you had me going too, any day I've the taste just ... going down, I could see how jesus wept Get on the gospel ... train for my lord has come to soon Watching movies, true

Porcupine Tree - Slave called shiver lyrics

show I found a better way to curb the pain You put a ... I'll have more followers than jesus christ Through all the

Indigo Girls - Christmastime in washington lyrics

was christmastime in washington the democrats rehearsed ... gettin' into gear for four more years of ... things not gettin' worse the republicans drank ... feelin' in my chest just wonderin' what it means so

Deicide - Worst ememy lyrics

the f***ing gospel time Try to turn the world around, lord's ... Is the bliss of what you gain worth a lifetime here in pain? ... you will see You are your worst enemy The lord is dead

Echo & The Bunnymen - Angels and devils lyrics

the things you mean to say When all the right words ... come too late and Everything falls ... misery And mister me hoping to be Where ugliness meets ... in you The angel in me The jesus in you The devil in me

Corey Smith - Single-wide home lyrics

out in the lumber yard, By the cemetery road. Carrying ... him from the highway When mom would drive us to town. He ... small between those rolls of wood He'd come home around

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - The top lyrics

say that If only my eyes would close It's jesus ... brilliant You used to laugh Walking these gorgeous ... blocks This top is the place Where nobody

Donell Jones - Too fast lyrics

run a hundred miles without stopping for rest, I can stay ... I can not control I cum too fast, I cum too fast, A ... thing of the past. I cum too fast, I cum too fast,

Love - The everlasting first lyrics

You don't know how hard it is to let you go Even in the ... first when we were started I told you man was here to live ... but he had to go So you killed jesus

Forefather - The ornamented sword lyrics

"The ornamented sword, forged on the anvil, The ... And his head was guarded by the gleaming helmet Which ... was to explore the churning waters,

Sepultura lyricsSepultura - Warriors of death lyrics

this endless war Like a tormenting nightmare Over the ... hate For a masses despair To revenged the years Arrested ... in abyss Where jesus christ Made his suffer

June Carter Cash - A good man lyrics

heavy with the burdens of the world Like what you('re) gonna ... them You're a good man Jesus hear the cry and the prayer ... in the morn of a good man Jesus feel the pain and the hurt

Jadakiss - Shoot outs lyrics

at our picture) If rap don't work we gonna get it like Guy ... Fisher (I was taught to ride with them niggas thatl ... your man a lambo and tell him to fly with ya) Or throw the

Kat-tun - Jet lyrics

toiki no GALAXY hatenu rin'ne to hoshi no LABYRINTH DEAD or ... ALIVE chiri to hitoshī inochi `Inperiaru ... THE END iku sakizaki waba mu ENEMY daremoga umare deta

No Use For A Name - Bullets lyrics

without song so where is jesus now and where do I belong ... desperation Humans do their worst the find out what that is ... A mystery known to many as the divine... it's

Audio Adrenaline - Im not the king lyrics

t king size A king's someone to trust and love Like jesus

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