She Gonna Get On Top And Ride It Like A Bike lyrics

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Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - Get on top lyrics

on Top Get on Top Hit me come get me I bite but she ... bit me Go-rilla cunt-illa Sammy D and Salmonella Come ... with me 'cause I'm an ass killer You're ill but I'm

Tim Buckley - Get on top lyrics

a slow burn slow burn, Ya move that mama over to me Get on top of me woman Get on top Let me see what you learned ... tonight Then I talk in tongues mama Oh when I love you

Alesha Dixon - On top lyrics

a a t-shirt, that’s what you prefer Heineken kinda ... kinda guy, I do my research But every time I see you, ... you’re sipping grey goose And I see that new Prada shirt,

Akon - On top (feat. twista) lyrics

like to watch your body move when your ... ridin on top, on top, on top, on top eh I like to watch your ... body move when your ridin on top, on top, on top, on top

Gun Barrel - She's coming over top lyrics

was one those nights I'd better ... But I'd been out drinking with the boys Then I saw that ... woman like a superstar she's coming As I saw that face it was too late [Chorus:] She's coming over top, coming

Bo Bice - Get on and ride lyrics

to face, eye to eye You say you love me, then you bleed ... me dry You try to make me like it, you know I can't deny ... You call a spade a spade baby, if it so applies Now

Generationals - It keeps you up lyrics

m sick of all this waiting And people telling me what I ... should be What if I'm not so crazy? Maybe ... you're the one who's wrong, not me So whatcha gonna

Gabrielle lyricsGabrielle - Gonna get better lyrics

do what we do to try and get us through our darkest days A time in life that's not so ... bright And there will be days when we cry and we don't ... know why But you've gotta fight it, those days will pass you by It's gonna get

Teena Marie - I'm gonna have my cake (and eat it too) lyrics

miss your gentleness that spoiled me Your tender kiss ... that so aroused me I miss your nakedness next to mine Your ... sweet familiar scent has left me With memories that

Rebekka Karijord - Wear it like a crown lyrics

don´t know where this fear came from how I became so afraid of losing everyone never ... been afraid of being lonely now I´m becoming the one ... I´m most scared of being I don´t know

Kottonmouth Kings - She's dangerous lyrics

a wise man once said, Don’t fall in love in love with a ... pretty girl, Cause the pretty girls are the ones that can be so dangerous. ... Yeah she’s dangerous, Lethal weapon, serious Sex pistol,

Joe - Somebody's gotta be on top lyrics

to the show Somebody's gotta be on top And that's the way it goes Oh yeah, lights off time ... to set this party off baby pull Down the shades they ... re gonna Be like down for days clothes Off for a private dance tonight I wanna take you

B5 - She got it like that lyrics

t Talk, Just Listen [Kelly] Yo ... have u ever thought about being with me? Naw,i dont being wit be like just being ... wit me I mean that as in something thats yours & nobody else on this earth

Bow Wow - Texting me lyrics

No sh-it Nigga . This Song Ride , Hope We Can Take A Time . I ... Want Your Body On Top Of Mine . Still .. [ ? ] The ... Mood Is Set & Take A Shot Of It . As Long As It Gon Take You To Get Up Outta This

Ciara - Ride feat. ludacris lyrics

Uh-huh [Intro] Catch me in the mall You know I ... buy it out. G5 planes, yeah I fly it out. Nig** in the ... back look like lex In them 28's and Oh you

Dangerous Toys - On top lyrics

asked me if I wanted a ride I said what do you mean ... They said I know a woman that They called slip-n-slide ... Introduce me to a galley name of Sally Said she rides

Bow Wow - On fiya lyrics

can catch me ridin through the ... streets sittin' low. You can feel the bass bumpin out my ... cherry six four. Cruisin at about sixty just to let my hair ... you know me then you know i'm about my dough. I'm ridin on

Chamillionaire - She gonna already know lyrics

Intro - Chamillionaire - talking] Haha, hey (Dada, dada ... dada) Do the opposite of lift your top up Turn ... your knock up Let's wake the whole block up (Dada,

Michael Hutchence lyricsMichael Hutchence - Get on the inside lyrics

m never gonna make you suffer If you want my ... better side I'm gonna give you all my sugar When it comes to taking the ride I ... will never let your words be washed away There are oceans to

Methods Of Mayhem - Get naked lyrics

seven million dollars made From watchin' me cum under ... the sun On my vacation (after hours on Spectravision) ... My jizzy jizzum the woody Has rissy rizen I ain't gettin'

Lillian Axe - She likes it on top lyrics

C'mon! (I bet you like lookin' down on me) So you ... feel a little lonely girl Well you know you ... re used to that one Now the taste of sweet ... success Is on your lips, you always want

Tim Mcmorris - On top of the world lyrics

Oh (x4) I’m on top of the world, and now I’m ... livin’ And the good just gets better, keeps on givin’ Not ... even close to the end, it’s just beginnin’ Life is getting lighter While the days are getting brighter, yeah And it’s all good, I won’t even

Matty B Raps - Ride it lyrics

Hum! Excuse me baby I don’t hash tag front I just do ... me baby Jack my style but I stay aight ... Cause we can wear the same J’s But you can’t beat

Mike Jones - On top of the covers lyrics

INTRO] Ice Age, Ice Age Mike Jones! They say say you a fool for this one baby ... This for my ladies yeah She like it On top of the ... covers yeah [CHORUS (Essay)] Shawty she can move like I've never seen she keep

N.w.a. - She swallowed it lyrics

2 : Gently place the balls into the mouth and .. HAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.. Get it all baby .. Get it all baby .. ... Get it all baby .. "what you want me to do with it?

New Boyz - Backseat ft the cataracs and dev lyrics

t say a word just turn around and let me see Girl you got ... something special something special for me Its way too many suckers in the ... VIP Tell her got my car out front Tell me do you wanna kick it in the backseat I

Dj Antoine - On top of the world feat. b-case, nick mccord.. lyrics

we on a mountain With all this sunlight in our faces ... And they wonder why we wear shades at the club Let 'em ... know On top of the world tonight I'm seeing things in a

David Guetta lyricsDavid Guetta - She knows how to love me ft. jess glynne & st.. lyrics

me How to, how to love me She knows how to love me Yes ... indeed She knows how to love me How to, ... how to love me (yeah) She knows how to love me Yes

Kevin Gates - She don't wanna lyrics

Chorus:] And she don't wanna make love she just want me to ... come over and stroke her; and she don't wanna make love so I ... gotta bend her over and stroke her [Verse 1:] I

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Jump on top of me lyrics

ve been working so hard, And feelin' no pain Sure got pains in my head, My legs feel ... limp Don't want to hear no noise, Don't want to hear ... you cuss I need peace of mind, Don't you make no

The Killers - On top lyrics

Rio and get down Like some other DJ, in some other ... town She's been trying to tell me to ... hold tight But I've been waiting this whole night But I've ... been down across a road or two But now I've found

Marc Anthony - Ride on the rhythm lyrics

wanna ride on the rhythm and groove to that nasty funky beat and when it pumps I go crazy I'm gonna make you get on ... up and move your feet 'Cause when the rhythm's right it

Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - She's fresh lyrics

Yeaaaaaaa) (yeeeehaahh!) (Yall see that girl? Man you like the way she walk) (I wish she ... was mine) Fresh! Every night ... I see you on the dancefloor Fresh! Flirting with fellas, I be watching girl

Pretty Ricky - On the hotline lyrics

Mathis, Corey; Garrett, Stephen; Smith, Joseph; ... Sandapa, Rudy; Smith, Spectacular; Cooper, Marcus; Smith, ... Diamond; Azor, Herby; Pretty Ricky, ... Pretty Ricky, Ricky, Ricky It's 5 in the mornin' And I'm up

Love - Ride that vibration lyrics

that vibration down Like a bucking bronc Don't let it get you down Cuz if you do I'm ... will be sorry Cuz life is a lot more than just one bad ... scene Ride that vibration down Like a six foot grave

A Tribe Called Quest - Like it like that lyrics

Ya (echoes) Say What? We was in the back of the joint ... cooling out And I saw this girl Asked her if she like it like that Nod her head ... I didn?t stress Let my beat keep knocking cause we rock it like that Bust your ass slow

Audio Adrenaline - Never gonna be as big as jesus lyrics

could move to Hollywood get my teeth capped I know I ... could be a big star on the silver screen just like ... James Dean I could be a star I could climb the corporate

Jake Owen - Cherry on top lyrics

1 Well I love the way she dances around In her underwear ... She probly woke the neighbors up ... by now AWWWe But she don't care Oh' what a pretty face ... spilling her wine all over the place Shaking

T.i. lyricsT.i. - On top of the world(feat. ludacris&b.o.b) lyrics

Intro: Ludacris (T.I.)] Rich by popular ... demand (The wait is over homie) Yes it is, A ... Town connection! (Know the city gon' feel this) Damn right ... (Say Toot, I know you see me,

Toby Keith - She's gonna get it lyrics

s not because she's always satisfied Or that she's so easy ... to please She showed me what love's about That's for ... sure and I don't mean maybe Absolutely, there's no doubt,

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - Gonna get back home somehow lyrics

that old train whistle Howling in the ... night If that flyer’s southbound ... Everything will be all right I’m leaving now, ... leaving now, leaving now, I’m gonna get back

Raptile - Get outta my face lyrics

Intro] Grown man music motherf***er, no lil ... kids shit... [Hook: Keon Bryce] You know just how ... do it Monsterblokaz blokaz music Gettin' money while

Messy Marv - Get on my hype lyrics

Chorus] Yeah, get on my hype Green big birds, ... yellow and blue Nike's Money on the charm, Yellow and ... blue ice Stone's on the arms, Red and blue ice Get on

Trick Daddy - Get on up lyrics

m sittin in tha cut, smokin on wha? Hataz betta watch out ... for tha butt I bring it to ya, wha? Bring it from ya head ... to ya wha? Yea, I'm real wit it, nigga wha? You wanna playa hate nigga, wha? Yea I'm Slip-n

Trick Daddy - Walking like a hoe lyrics

Phone hang up) Verse 1: Now ... first off all ya'll ho's should know a nigga don't work fa' ya'll My dogs don ... t give a f*** and we'll f*** you sluts on coconal Bitch it ain't no need fo'

Itchy Poopzkid - She's gonna get it lyrics

demands with these eyes, she's by far the baddest devil in ... disguise, the campagne that she pops, she is pouring it out and she never stops till she finally gets what you got She's

Krizz Kaliko - Get active lyrics

it up til your mama tell you "Turn it down! ... " Rock it, til your mama tell you "Turn it down! ... " Get off of your lazy ass and do something for

Pastor Troy - Get dat money (part ii) lyrics

shakin that ass boy (Yeah) Shakin that ass all in yo lil ... young face nigga (Yall know it's on) Them girls say, &quot ... Troy bring another Pop That P**** for us" (Get 'em

Geri Halliwell lyricsGeri Halliwell - Ride it lyrics

ll keep riding it I'll keep riding it Wanna ... make some music to take me in and out of my head Get into my ... groving, tie him with my bodie instead Your the

And One - Don't get me wrong lyrics

but her gut needs to run To have the marking washed about ... the things and like Everybody's laughing 'bout ... the clown in her head I start to dress me like the wise

Faithless lyricsFaithless - She's my baby lyrics

come to papa I see you working, through ... the beat curtain in the kitchen. Switchin, leavin' me twitchin', I'm itchin' to be ... is the rule, so I sit my own juicy [??] in that

Dierks Bentley - Gonna get there someday lyrics

its been a year and there so much to tell been ... doing alright in spite of myself just wish I could ... stop feeling bad when I pray But I know I'm gonna get ... there someday Got that job I was dreaming about

Flume - On top feat. t-shirt lyrics

that I want in this life is the chance ... to do my thing All that I want in this life is the chance ... to do my thing Yeah I want the top All my people ... right there at the back of the spot I need the top

Imagine Dragons lyricsImagine Dragons - On top of the world lyrics

them while they’re here ’cause They just may run away ... you You’ll never know quite when, well Then again it ... just depends on How long of time is left for you

Luke Christopher - Marty mcfly lyrics

Hook] It was 1984 back when Prince was on the radio And me all lights above ... us glow Your outfit's looking fly We was loving all the noise back When Prince

She And Him - Gonna get along without you now lyrics

huh, hmhm Gonna get along without you now u-huh, hmhm Gonna get along without you now ... You told me I was the neatest thing You even asked me

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - Do it like this lyrics

I betcha can't, betcha can't do it like this I betcha ... can't, betcha can't do it like this I betcha can't, betcha ... can't rock it like this I betcha can't, betcha

Dove Cameron - On top of the world lyrics

them while they're here 'cause They just may run away ... from you You'll never know quite when well Then again it ... just depends on How long of time is left for you I

Instalok - On top of a ward (imagine dragons - on the to.. lyrics

you want to jungle Better not let ... me down ‘cause I’m giving up my favorite ... role to you Bot’s waiting to leash Krugs but You ... insist on starting Raptors Then you back before

Mazzy Star - Ride it on lyrics

it on baby, Into my view Ride it on baby, Into your side Ride it on baby Just like you ... used to do Did you want me to love you, well, I'm ... just here for the call And you said that you're so low,

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