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Mc Lars - The dialogue lyrics

Plaza at a Madball show [Lars:] Hey yo Ill Bill - will you ... kid, what's your name? [Lars:] It's MC Lars [Bill:] Word, ... He played me your joint [Lars:]... What'd you think of it?

Mc Lars - Do the bruce campbell lyrics

YT: Zombies in the studio! Lars: This is our horrorcore song ... like a horrorcore song. Lars: You know who we should get ... and Schaffer the Darklord. Lars: Heck yeah! YT: What should

Mc Lars - Straight outta stockholm lyrics

stockholm, a fun boy named Lars, Survived loma prieta, mad ... friendly, fresh and new MC Lars in the place, yeah boy, I ... actually born in Stockholm Lars?" Lars: "No, but

Mc Lars - Oneonta eli porter lyrics

man, ill see you later Lars: I'm sitting by myself in ... us this gift the greatest Lars: I studied hip-hop 'cause I ... to spit flows with my friend lars that i met cuz of music and

Mc Lars - Manifest destiny lyrics

to the Wild Wild West Pecos Lars won't hesitate to put a slug ... on their toes with no rest Lars: Posting up at my homestead ... out for themselves Lars: I get crunk! Shooting

Mc Lars - Space game lyrics

like Bolo "What's with Lars, and what's with his name? ... in a galaxy far away... MC Lars got some space age play! ... and it feels all right [MC Lars:] Yo DJ Hal! Bring that beat

Mc Lars - Birth of a phish lyrics

nerd rap cannibals (lars and i we hungry like hannibal ... dg ep no one hit wonders (lars and yt) doc pop on the ... beat Lars: DJ Abilities called. He

Mc Lars - Guinevere lyrics

YTCracker: I love her MC Lars: I love her too K.Flay: I'm ... in between both of you MC Lars: Arthur got played! ... a new boy toy to be mine Lars: The name's Lancelot I break

Mc Lars - Mc larss facebook friend count your facebook.. lyrics

Pop: MC Lars knows a lot of people These ... in alphabetical order MC Lars: I know Alias from Anticon, ... fun And I'm from Tahoe MC Lars: Peace it's over, no more,

Mc Lars - Nerdcore players lyrics

is heavy like Slayer MC Lars: Girl what's your name, what ... on my tracksuit tell 'em lars how we do it in hurr get up ... mic and do that thurr MC Lars: YT and me we pimp these

Mc Lars - Original digital gangsters lyrics

Make you say the int, and Lars and YT so cash MC Lars: ... on your screen 'Cause int80, Lars and YT make a killer team ... make you say that int and lars and yt so cash repeat

Mc Lars - Carmen sandiego has really bad morals lyrics

---- is Carmen Sandiego? Lars & YT: Carmen Sandiego ... got really bad morals Lars: I never knew gaming could be

Mc Lars - Generic crunk rap lyrics

Club promoter:] Lars you're on in ten minutes. You ... ready? [MC Lars:] I guess but... I still got ... it's crunk night. [MC Lars:] In that case, I guess it

Mc Lars - The roommate from hell lyrics

the roommate from Hell! MC Lars: Satan was my roommate, so ... of helium over here, yo Lars: okay but, wait, Satan...that ... with my head mc chris: Lars you're causing laughter when

Mc Lars - We have arrived lyrics

we have arrived. MC Lars: Bob Dylan, the sixties are ... like "Junior". MC Lars, the Former Fat Boys and ... car I'm so postmodern I'm MC Lars Chicks love a little K. Dick

Mc Lars - Kidney stones for easter lyrics

doc holiday and i'm a daisy lars pass them pills you know they

Mc Lars - Other peoples property lyrics

this hip-hop pop quiz? MC Lars posting up laying claim to

Mc Lars - 911 am lyrics

innocents up for a year MC Lars: This is not a bomb it's a

Mc Lars - Download this song lyrics

"don't steal our songs Lars" While Sony sells the ... You don't need a million dollars to launch a career If your

Mc Lars - Hurricane fresh lyrics

one track in .mp3, "Till Lars Ulrich came after me. I said

Mc Lars - Mr raven lyrics

Id had some warning first, MC Lars, '88 hearse. Now I'll never

Mc Lars - Paul is dead lyrics

conspiracy theories) It's MC Lars and the Rondo Brothers…

Mc Lars - Rapgirl lyrics

what it takes to rock that Lars emo spot Rapgirl, Rapgirl,

Lifetime - The truth about lars lyrics

I chose a life of missed callings and lost hopes of empty trains and railway dreams. Losing fast and gaining steam. I was born tonight down highway skies. When miles r...

Brendan James - Stupid for your love lyrics

t ask me why And with a Rubix cube I'll make a fool of ... t ask me why And with a Rubix cube I'll make a fool of

James Brendan - Stupid for your love lyrics

t ask me why And with a Rubix cube I'll make a fool of ... t ask me why And with a Rubix cube I'll make a fool of

Emre Aydın - Bu yağmurlar lyrics

Kalbinde siren sesleri, Ağlarsın belli olmaz, Bu yağmurlar ... Kalbinde siren sesleri Ağlarsın belli olmaz Bu yağmurlar

Demet Akalın - Zirve lyrics

Artık uzaktan bakar bakar ağlarsın, Adresim zirve benim, Ebi ... zahmet çiçeğini yollarsın, Altın çamura düşerse ... Artık uzaktan bakar bakar ağlarsın, Adresim zirve benim, Bi

Demet Akalın - Zirve (top) lyrics

uzaktan bakar, bakar bakar ağlarsın Adresim zirve benim e bi ... zahmet çiçeğini yollarsın Altın çamura düşerse ... uzaktan bakar bakar bakar ağlarsın Adresim zirve benim e bi

Rancid - Other side lyrics

Nananana naaaa..... [Lars:] I was an atheist, You wore ... you on the other side. [Lars:] I'm waking up to this, The

Rancid - Spirit of 87 lyrics

Don't you f***ing dare! [Lars:] Yeah, punk style in the car ... head, detox transaction. [Lars:] Hell's Angel's ran my

Rancid - Life wont wait lyrics

they choose [Chorus] [Lars] The conscience of the

Alien Ant Farm lyricsAlien Ant Farm - Rubber mallet lyrics

Then I play you out like a rubix cube And I don’t ever lose

French Montana lyricsFrench Montana - Pop that ft. rick ross, drake, lil wayne lyrics

And I would twist you like a rubix Motherf***er I’m on my

Kendrick Lamar - I do this lyrics

Lucas Confuse 'em like a Rubix cube when I roll up Okay,

Logic lyricsLogic - A world from our sponsor lyrics

can solve up to seven Rubix Cubes in a minute.... WHO

Lz7 - Ditto lyrics

I'm going old school like a rubix cue It's been a long time

Pm Dawn - Even after i die lyrics

down Eternity is holding a rubix cube And everything inside

Army Of The Pharaohs - Bust in em lyrics

f***ing with the gold beard Rubix Cuban nowhere No rap is

Eminem lyricsEminem - Drug ballad (feat. dina rae) lyrics

glue through a tube and play rubix cube 17 years later I'm as

Falling In Reverse - F*** the rest lyrics

My mind is like a puzzle or a rubix cube but figuring me out is

Klaxons - Gravity's rainbow lyrics

van loof (??) Autonoma, the rubix groom hoom The crippled

Mac Lethal - Wooooo!!!!!!! lyrics

some free advice Every 10 dollars that you get Take 7 dollars ... man quit A DUI is 2000 dollars you don't even wanna chance ... my god I could swallow a rubix cube and shit it out solved

Mac Dre - Boss tycoon lyrics

middle fanger To them square rubix cubes, who don't smoke and ... Now I'm CEO that's seven dollars on the retail, bitch I got ... niggaz poppin' they collars, poppin' E pills Poppin'

Frank Ocean - Blasted lyrics

She said you should get a rubix cube over your heart ohhh

Casey Jones - Big train, raging ice lyrics

Black church Sunday. Zombie. Lars. Pass me the brains

Cocteau Twins - Fotzepolitic lyrics

Luck when bound lonely to Lars When I'm empty headed See

Deichkind - Porzellan und elefanten lyrics

and Drive, Schnaps und Job, Lars und James, Spex und Pop.

Deichkind - Illegale fans lyrics

vom Hurricane schenken wir Lars Ulrich Da kann er gerne

Duman - Bal lyrics

kaçarsın Boşuna durmadan ağlarsın Yavrum sen benim

Lars Winnerbäck - Kom ihåg mig lyrics

När du står ensam kvar på tå och ytan inte går o nå När du träffat botten Kom ihåg mig då När du tagit första bästa tåg och gör vad som helst för en dialog När ...

Mc Lars - Ahab lyrics

Call me Ahab, what, monomaniac Obsessed with success unlike Steve Wozniak On the hunt for this mammal that once took my leg With my warn down crew and ...

Mc Lars - 21 concepts lyrics

I wrote a song about a fetus named Cletus who tried To run for governor before he died He lived in California but traveled worldwide It was a big huge ...

Mc Lars - Hot topic is not punk rock lyrics

Go! Books about Evanescence (are not punk rock) Guns 'n' Roses watches (are not punk rock) Hello Kitty iPod cases (are not punk rock) Rob Zombie lunchboxe...

Mc Lars - If i had a time machine that would be fresh lyrics

My friend Aileen made a time machine But was keen on keeping it shiny clean To travel back in time had always been my dream So I hatched a scheme and ...

Mc Lars - Igeneration lyrics

And people tried to put us down When iTunes bumped a post-Cold War sound My generation sat at the Mecca of malls, Times Square, I'm there, Viacom installs So we hit t...

Mc Lars - Igeneration 2006 lyrics

And people tried to put us down When iTunes bumped a post-Cold War sound My generation sat at the Mecca of malls, Times Square, I'm there, Viacom installs So w...

Mc Lars - Internet relationships are not real relations.. lyrics

Internet relationships are not real Your heart people steal but identities conceal So here's a tale of warning for girls and boys Laptop computers can be danger...

Mc Lars - Signing emo lyrics

Once upon a time, in the city of Los Angeles... "Marty, Marty listen to me. Bring me something the kids will cry for Get out there, and get us stoked!&q...

Mc Lars - Signing emo 2006 lyrics

Once upon a time, in the city of Los Angeles... "Marty, Marty listen to me. Bring me something the kids will cry for Get out there, and get us stoked!...

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