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Song lyrics by Basic Element. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Basic Element. Get one of the 36 lyrics and watch the video by artist Basic Element.

Basic Element lyrics Video Album
Another Day LyricsStar Tracks
Feelings LyricsThe Truth
Game Over LyricsThe Truth
How To Come Close To U LyricsBasic Injection
I Want U LyricsBasic Injection
I'll Never Let You Know LyricsBasic Element - Earthquake
I'll Never Let You Know 2008 LyricsThe Truth
I'll Never Let You Know1 LyricsThe Empire Strikes
Leave It Behind LyricsBasic Injection
Life In Vain LyricsBasic Element - Earthquake
Move Me LyricsBasic Injection
Not With You LyricsThe Truth
Out Of This World LyricsThe Empire Strikes
Rage LyricsThe Truth
Raise The Gain 2008 LyricsThe Truth
Raise The Gain LyricsThe Empire Strikes
Rock The World LyricsBasic Element - Earthquake
Rok The World (Overdrive Mix) LyricsBasic Element - Earthquake
Rule Your World LyricsStar Tracks
Shame LyricsStar Tracks
Shame (Dogshit Nasty Club Mix) LyricsStar Tracks
Take Me Up LyricsStar Tracks
The Bitch LyricsThe Truth
The Fiddle LyricsThe Ultimate Ride
The Fiddle (Rippin' Fiddle Mix) LyricsThe Ultimate Ride
The Promise Man LyricsBasic Injection
The Promise Man (Rob & JJ Euroclub Mix - Radi.. LyricsBasic Injection
The Ride LyricsThe Ultimate Ride
The Ride (Sex-Ride Mix) LyricsThe Ultimate Ride
This Must Be A Dream LyricsThe Ultimate Ride
To You LyricsThe Empire Strikes
Touch LyricsBasic Injection
Touch (Extended Remix) LyricsBasic Injection
Touch You Right Now LyricsThe Truth
Turn Around LyricsThe Truth
Vision Of My Mind LyricsThe Ultimate Ride
Basic Element lyrics Video Album

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