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Song lyrics by Astrovamps. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Astrovamps. Get one of the 37 lyrics and watch the video by artist Astrovamps.

Astrovamps lyrics Video Album
Alternative Answer LyricsSavage Garden (LP)
Apparition Love LyricsAstrovamps
Astro Vamp LyricsSavage Garden (LP)
Blood Mistress Star Crusade LyricsGods And Monsters
Clown Room LyricsSavage Garden (LP)
Creatures After Dark LyricsSavage Garden (LP)
Death LyricsSavage Garden (LP)
Devil's Satellite Radio LyricsGods And Monsters
Die Baby Die LyricsGods And Monsters
Dollmaker LyricsSavage Garden (LP)
Fortune Teller LyricsAstrovamps
Funeral Children LyricsAstrovamps
Ghost Train LyricsSavage Garden (LP)
Haunted LyricsSavage Garden (LP)
Horror Porn Star LyricsGods And Monsters
I'm Not Human LyricsAstrovamps
In The Void Of Solitude LyricsGods And Monsters
Lament Of The Undead LyricsAmerikan Gothick
Let's Go Out And Scare LyricsGods And Monsters
Lord God LyricsAstrovamps
Mad World LyricsAstrovamps
Magick Faery Dance LyricsAstrovamps
Monsters In Tinsel Town LyricsGods And Monsters
One In The Same LyricsAstrovamps
One Million Eyes LyricsManifesto
Outside LyricsSavage Garden (LP)
Paint It Black LyricsAmerikan Gothick
People In Black LyricsAstrovamps
Punks In The Park LyricsSavage Garden (LP)
Savage Garden LyricsSavage Garden (LP)
She's A Killer LyricsSavage Garden (LP)
Sleeper LyricsSavage Garden (LP)
Somebody Forgot To Tell Me I Was Dead LyricsGods And Monsters
Sorrow LyricsGods And Monsters
This Is The Macabre Life LyricsGods And Monsters
Transylvania LyricsAmerikan Gothick
Zombie Dance LyricsSavage Garden (LP)
Astrovamps lyrics Video Album

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