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Love Story lyrics

When this well runs dry
I guess you'll find another well
When I say goodbye
There'll be another breeze to sail
When my boat goes down
I guess you'll learn how to swim
If I don't come home
Just know you've been a good friend

Don't forget me
I love you so
Don't forget me
I've never let you go
Don't forget me
Love is the story I wrote
Don't forget me
Don't forget me

If God is my angel, the f***ing devil's the pistol
Better put your face behind safety glass when I load up this missile
Whistling past this infinite path, I limp when I track
My footprints like a giant, look at this mountain
Bounce on my boots and then climb it
Mount up my troops and defiantly
Go against what they trying, teach 'em to shoot what I'm rhyming
Be living proof of my word, meaning I'm Bible designing
Jesus I'm rival, decapitating put the bait on my line and
Throw the hook to the open water
Fish till I catch that motherf***er
Looking for Megalodon, Goliath, Leviathan, I have been dying to find him and tie him to my boat and chop him up and dine with him on a plate with a steak and a coke
Rely on patience and hope, speak to a nation at shows
Reach through these speakers and grab you, turn the bass up and then choke
And I earned my place on this road, ain't nobody moving me, no way
No, how, OK, go, pow
When I was born they said exorcise and the hospital set on fire
The preacher got goosebumps when he saw me and said "Messiah"
Yea from the heavens, I have arose from the ashes of hell
Brought here to be poor white trash and excelled
Stuck in the woods of 'Bama, wood like math on the shelf
A scientist under development with nines and twelves and threes
And things like pyramids and f*** it you'll see
How I made a pot of gold from a bucket of beans
How I made it back to dry land, stuck in the sea
From crippled ships to triple dipped Z's 71's
Yeah it's already begun and I ain't even had a hit but I'm f***in' ready for one
I got my weight up like I'm carrying fat people
I planned it, I landed
Touch down, that's eagle
But above all the guts glory it's more than just blood for me
My heart is half open for the ones that never gave a f*** for me
My love story
Oh (Yeah yeah)
Oh (Yeah yeah)

Don't forget me (yeah, yeah)
Don't forget me (yeah, yeah)
Don't forget me (yeah, yeah)
Don't forget me (yeah, yeah)
Don't forget me (yeah, yeah)
Don't forget me (yeah, yeah)
Don't forget me (yeah, yeah)
Don't forget me (yeah, yeah)
Don't forget me
Don't forget me
Don't forget me
Don't forget me
Yeah uh yeah uh yeah

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