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Where Are You lyrics

I'm all grown up
But somehow, it feels like I'm pretending
Visions of my younger years, they are buried
But the scenes that play inside of me, are impending
They are never ending...

Where, where, where, where, where are you?
You don't have to look out that window, anymore.
You can just come back to yourself, you can come back to this world.
Where are you? Tell me who heard you. And where are you?

He led me into his room, and had me lay down
My heart, and my soul, and anything else that you could own,
When you're six years old.
But now I'm older

Such a quiet secret, it hurt too much trying hard to keep it.
Oh, and I looked up to you... I wanted so much to believe in you.
I wanted so much for you to believe it me.
Oh I tried, I tried.

Where, where, where, where, where are you?
You don't have to look out anymore.
I don't have to look out of that window anymore.
I can just, come back to myself, I can come back this world

Where are you? Tell me who heard you? And where are you now?
Where are you? Where are you? Where are you? Where are you?
Tell me who hurt you.

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