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The Rain lyrics

[Chorus: Jill Scott]
The little rain drops fallin' down on me
But I can't seem to feel it, feel it
Feel it coming over me

[Will Smith:]
The rain gon' come through the window, pain will come
Black, white, rich, poor, it's the same old drum
Rainy days like the war, use wisdom as a weapon
Hold your head up, dry your clothes and keep steppin'
Let the children feel the rain, 'cause if they feel the rain
From the wetness, they stand to gain
I came into the game, it felt like the middle of June
Music was warm, artists, like flowers, they bloom
Then boom, I shook the room, many felt the thunder
My time to shine, did it like summer
I wondered if the sun would shine forever
Pops said "rain gon' come", to him I said "never"
Chedder in the genes, face on screens
Got a benz wit' the sheen, but what did it all mean
I earned money and burned money, credit cards smokin'
Platinumn, grammys, famous, but still broke and
Not having cash put me in check
Yo, the road to the riches is slippery when wet
Amongst the fall is where you truly find yourself
Ever since then, the rain I never felt
Deal wit' it


[Will Smith:]
At age seventeen, the worst pain, a hurrcaine
Her first name still conjuers the rain
Vowed to never let nobody ever get me wet
Lest we forget, love is a four season concept
Many say the rain they can't stand
Never let the weather determine the man
God has a plan, from it I never ran
Follow my heart through the storm, my umbrella in hand
I'm Noah, life's my arc
Forty days and forty nights, still can't take my heart
Seen the fallen man
To dope and liquor brands
The devil'll dance to make it rain
Bringing the pain
Walk through the puddles of struggle on flooded streets
Soakin' wet, but mastered the art of peace
Through grey skies, I grew wise, on bended knees I knelt
Since then, the rain I never felt
What's wit' it


[Will Smith:]
Sometimes I sit in my room, stuff on my mind
Stress, can't rest, so I open the blinds
See kids in the streets, runnin' around
It wasn't touchin' 'em, but the rain was comin' down
I wondered how, with my mouth wide
Reminisce of the key, said I wanna go outside
In the rain, to see if the same would happen to me
'Bout that time, God started rappin' to me
He said "pain is the mother of change, the rain must flow
So the seeds of joy might grow
Don't be afraid, find shelter in me
The road to greatness, through the valley of adversity"
I felt the light as He proceeded to drop the gem
These little children, the world we must receive like them
I just smiled, and thanked Him for the cards He delt
And since then, the rain I never felt
What's wit' it


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