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The Touch lyrics

You say you got the touch
I think you talk too much
Cause I swear I make you blush
But I won't get flattered cause it doesn't even matter

You think you know so much
But I think you're out of touch
I don't wanna be next to you
Cause I can't stand a single thing you do.

I don't wanna make bets with you
Take your money with you honey (find someone new)

Get your mind out the gutter babe
You laugh when I stutter babe
You think you'd do so much better
I ain't buyin that

You hold me back when I'm walkin
You do all my talkin
Like you're the only one that matters
I won't stand for that

You always act like your leaving
I find it hard to believe
That you'd be anything
without me

You're as pretty as the stars
But you try too hard
You always shoot for the moon
But end up right back where you started

You make me feel like a fool
And I hate living by your rules
I got everything a man could ever need

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