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The Stage lyrics

I'm lying in my bed, trying to reach the line
After a mess of emotion with my girl so fine
I'm looking through a window seeing the city lights
I wanna serve this world without too much pride
Lycky as I am, I've never needed to prove
That I serve this city, I'm ready to move
There's always a highway in front of my eyes
I beg for freedom, beg for no lies

Stage, is already here, look at me!

Some people try to push me into the big game of numbers and credit cards
to live without shame
I never understood that, it's useless and unfair
it's all just a mafia in the business flare
Your warmth keeps me moving
Your warmth makes me smile
Sure wouldn't ask you to jump into my pile
You are free in this world, I am free as well
So if we can respect each other,
We'll avoid hell

Stage, is already here, look at me!

I wanna do something, I'm not doing now
Don't wanna stick to anything anyhow
This stage is ready, but this stage is free
for people with bright colors
an' without a destiny
the Sun is coming in, into my room
I vener give up, I never give up
I come soon!!

Stage, is already here, look at me!

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