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Unbreakable lyrics

Trust me ain't nothing nice
My dog's unbreakable like dice
My dog's unbreakable like dice
My dog's unbreakable like dice

I've been in bloody pictures
Ill as Hitler back in Germany
Kid's think they're burning me
You really ain't concerning me
King B hold a Mack 8 plus 3
And I draw rhymes fast as Zorro draw that Z
Draw gun-fast as white boys on TV
You can't f*** with me! trapper conti
Warfare my clan specializing in putting cats in wheelchairs
Pack a .38 Snubnose name brand clothes
What's money to my clan was death to my foes
That's how it goes
My Niggas is gung-ho
God advocates sniping weak rappers with a crossbow
Stay on the low with a M-16 flow
In the Benz with a dime bitch, puffin hydro
I'm CEO you're TKO, John Doe
My raps is like cheap keys straight from Mexico
Yo, I flow like a UFO, All-Pro
Rich kid, get my dick suck in a Tahoe
When I hear a beat it's like putting tims on my feet
They run a track meet away from the beats, f*** police
I run the street with a Mack Milli for rappers who act silly
Cock it back, then smoke a Nigga like a Phillie
I draw my rhymes like a bow
Shoot'em out like an arrow
Swooping on suckers like an eagle, not a sparrow
Walk a wide path, never ever walk it narrow
Step on stage with funky hip-hop apparel
Got the funky rhymes sometimes they leave you scared
It's like looking down a shotgun barrel
Runs through my veins like cocain
In your brains like bloodstains
When I step to the mic, bro
You know the Ice'll do it right, what I'm saying is "Yo"
Suckers fronting what you wantin is for me to fade!
Thought I was outta here, I ain't going away!
Back with the track
I keep my bank fat
You know I got the flavor for the funky format
You're not giving up, the credit I seek
Darkman's in the house he's ready to creep
Now what you gonna do
When my boys are on you
You know a hard head makes for a soft shoe
Now crank it up for your passenger - LOUDER
Cause it's the thrilla killa, I bring this
Hardcore hour

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