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Blowin My Mind lyrics

Coolin in the shade
Sippin on lemonade
I hear a knock on the door Who is it?
Kim, comin' to pay me another visit
She tells me that I'm on her mind
And a player like me is very hard to find
I like the way she licks her lips starin' in my eyes
I must admit she's got some juicy thighs
I like the way she wears her hair and the tight skirts fit
That's why I got her in my mix
All she wants to do is hit the sheets and keep it goin'
That's why I'm mind blowin.
Mind Blowin, blowin my mind... [X4]

Ten minutes past, I got my eyes on her Ugh...
She's shaped like an hour glass
I like the red lipstick, she took a popsicle out
And put it in her mouth quick
She whispered in my ear, saying those things that only
A mac would like to hear
You see, I like a girl that really turns me on
Twist with her walk, and sexy on the telephone
She tells me she dreams of me, she wants to be with me
And not another memory
But for now we can hit the sheets baby
And keep it goin' now I'm mind blowin

Mind Blowin, blowin my mind... [X4]

Now the heat is on my fingers still in her hair
Now she's reaching for the underwear
I'm thinking I should make her wait
For another day, oh I forget, Sherri's on the way
Off came the top, she's looking in my eyes
Here we go with the big surprise
I guess I can't resist it, her hands on my body
As she puckered up and kissed
Uhhh, off came the pumps, I'm checkin' out the rump
She's got a lotta junk in her trunk
Finally we hit the sheets, and kept it goin'
Now I'm mind blowin'

Mind Blowin, blowin my mind... [X4]

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