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The Perfect Crime #1 lyrics

Two, three, four!

I got a gun, I got a girl
I got a bullet-proof plan to pull
The perfect crime
I got the perfect crime

I got a warehouse down at the docks
I got fifteen precincts of cops bought
The perfect crime
I got the perfect crime

You got to get your clock locked
Get your stopwatch synchronized
You got to get it so you can't put a pin through your alibi
To pull the perfect crime
To pull the perfect crime

Bu-bu-bu bah

I got a guy bought on the inside
I got a night guard gagged and hog-tied
The perfect crime
This is the perfect crime

I got a brain, I got the brawn
I got all the proper papers for the gendarme
The perfect crime
C'est ca the perfect crime

I got the mob boss bought
I got a letter from the DEA
I got a mockup of the lockup
Where they stock up all their f***ing change
To pull this perfect crime
This is the perfect crime

Bu-bu-bu bah

We hit a snag when we tripped the alarm
Because the dock side specs have been tipped off in time
To this perfect crime

Call out the dogs, call out the cops
We caught the deputy officer
Cold-cock or we'll do time
For this perfect crime

So we ran around town with the cops stepping on our tails
Because we'd rather break depth then a French f*** in county jail
Just for the perfect crime
For the perfect crime
This is the perfect crime

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