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Amen lyrics

This is my house please come on in
It's time to cleanse yourself of sin
Get thee down upon your knees
'Cos non-belief is a disease, Amen

Come all ye faithful, heed the bells
This trip could save you all from hell
Burning crosses through the night
Come and join the holly fight, Amen

So you hear your shephard calling
My wraith won't be denied
Don't stand there looking sheepish
Come and join the flock inside

Who says these people are insane
It's only brainwash, quite humane
A thousand channels take your pick
Another mystic lunatic, Amen

Think you can challenge me come on
I've seen 'em all off one by one
Old Gallileo's long forgot
Though he was right and we were not, Amen

Deliver you from evil
That never was the plan
To those who fall for this one
Deserve the lousy hand

This twisted truth, this slight of hand
Has kept the devil in command
Beyond those gates up in the sky
Sign up now for apple pie, Amen

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