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Version City lyrics

There is a train at Version City
Waiting for the rhythm mail
If you can jump then jump right now
She can pull you through to better days

Is that the train that the speak off
The one I heard in my younger days
All great bluesmen have rode her
I'm jumping up gonna ride that train

There's a lonely soul out on the crossroads
He's waiting there in the pouring rain
He's looking for that great ride yeh
That'll take him to oh what's her name

So I rode that train from Version City
For ninety-nine an' one half days
Never heard such rhythm sound
It was in my soul which was on the train

We went straight through Syndrum Inc.
Up an' over the Acapella Pass
Then Gibson Town and Fenderville
All stations to the Mesa Boogie Ranch
We saw that soul out on the cross roads
Waitin' there in the pouring rain
We called hey engine slow your rhythms
See he wants to ride the version train

We rode that train from Version City
For ninety-nine and one half years
I never seen such funky country
While riding with the engineers

Could not fill no application
Before I rode this rhythm train
Could not work at my station
Before I rode the version train

There is a train at Version City
Waiting for the rhythm mail
If you can jump then jump right now
She can pull you through to better days

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