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Time Is Right lyrics

"Well I'm impressed most of all with the serene mood.
A lack of comprehen..."
{"I can dig it man, right on right on! I know what'chu sayin baby.
These folks that come here, have invested, a lot of credit
In havin a - fine time, when the time is right - baby."}

Yeah, the time is right for me to find a mic
The crowd is tight, the lab ac' ain't workin right
But I'm a get it done, even if we gotta fight
I ain't goin out like that, no not tonight
Yo let me get a mic check
This my prayer for y'all niggaz cause the game ain't got no life left
Came in with Mos Def and Hi-Tek
And that's my family dawg, they might catch the last gasp of my breath
And rest in peace to my nigga Dilla
My mind into real estate like a bigger villa
Your rhymes are cheaper than gas in Jersey
Before you leave the state you know you got to fill up
Matter fact, put your schwag back, cause I got the realest
If not the killer then I ain't smokin
I'm not buyin off the street or be askin 'em what kind you growin
You can't flush it is cause the kind is floatin
Kids be eyein totin open defyin mothers that's cryin oceans
It's Sin City without the Clive Owen
I keep it fresh, these rappers staler than a big of chips you findin open
Let's take our time and, have a silent moment
It's like I'm jokin, I get 'em open like multiple lines are snorted
They snortin I'm spittin flames; nigga the flow'll blowtorch ya
I'm on fire so they always try to put me out
Flatbush all day but they don't know what my hood about
I'm so good without your props and accolades
Crackin like whips on the back of slaves, spittin on the master's grave
I'm tighter than 'yette's braids, y'all niggaz are "Tenderheaded"
Just cause I ain't you as my friend yet, then forget it
SHEESH! Y'all niggaz are sensitive
That's really me on that shit, not a representative
Nuttin pretend or fake, many came and went, tryin to imitate
That's the quickest way to disintegrate
It's cause I innovate, my shit hardly assimilate
Still I'm bringin "SexyBack" like Timbaland and Timberlake
I don't stop, I never hesitate
Plus it don't start 'til I arrive and so I'm never late
The time is right get it straight
The time is right get it straight... c'mon!

I'm so slick it's slide when you ride with it
Like the Y kitted, do or die with it like the Stuy in it
Fly with it, +Do or Die+ with like the Chi in it
Live the life of Riley like my nigga from Guy, shit... [fades out]

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