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Keep me lyrics

This can't really be what life is all about
Learning how to live just to live without
The travesty's the irony and the irony is you
I've traded in my sanctity for a cheaper shade of blue

And as I surrender to this sunken bed
So afflicted by the tenant in my head
Even now, I wonder how you lay her down to sleep
When secretly, I know that it's my soul that you pray
to keep
But will you really keep me

(Keep me)
On your porch, or on your tongue
(Keep me)
Beating in your chest, or coming undone
(Keep me)
Folded neatly in the cover of your favorite book
(Keep me)
At a distance, in your maze
Fumbling through a contemplative haze
Or tucked away clandestinely, where no else will look
Where my broken sky reaches to your velvet sea
Will you keep me, will you keep me

Drowning in the bottom of this empty glass
I pray God is good and that this too shall pass
Then from the abyss, maybe I'll find a sweet reprieve
When the echo of your kiss reminds me to believe
That you'll always keep me

(Keep me)
Under God or on your wall
(Keep me)
Behind closed doors, forever after all
(Keep me)
Or headed south on the blacktop ribbon we designed
(Keep me)
On the mantel of integrity
(Keep me)
Investing in something I'll never see
(Keep me)
At thirty thousand feet or in the windows of your mind
In a corner of your heart, under lock and key
Will you keep me, will you keep me

Traipsing on hallowed ground (hoah)
Has bought a lifelong sentence
Now, living without your breathe to fill my lungs
Will be my penance
And even as I feel
I hope you feel it just as deeply
And even though you've let me go
Say you'll always keep me
Say you'll always keep me

The melody you misconstrue
Or on the ocean crashing into you
Or waiting for the man you'll never have the heart to be
In the fervent strains of this tragic elegy
Will you keep me (keep me)
Will you keep me (keep me)
Oh, oh, will you keep me (keep me)
Will you keep me

Oh, ooh, ooh, keep me, ahh

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