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The Rumor lyrics

What's the reason
For these scars that will never heal
Hearts that no longer feel
Eyes that can no longer see

What's the reason
For this child that will not survive
With all her dreams inside
Could she mean nothing to thee

And jesus please tell me if you can recall
Just where you were when this sparrow did fall

What's the reason
Every tear isn't weighed the same
Could you have died in vain
If we have short memories

And jesus would you then come down from your cross
Return every nail and say we are lost

And in the dark we seek your silent company
For each hope that arrives and fades from memory
Still after all this time our loss you won't concede
For in the dead of night the rumor is
Your hands they still bleed
Still bleed
Still bleed
Still bleed

It would seem then
That somehow you still trust
You have more faith than us
Perhaps that is how it should be

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