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Love Song lyrics

I've been a stranger to love
Getting dangerously close to rejecting
The one thing I needed the most
But You turned me around with the sound of Your poetry
and when You sing to me

You make my heart beat steady to the love song You've written for me
I don't want anything but You, You're all that I need
You've opened my eyes, got me feeling so alive,
And I, I'm listening to your Love song,
I wanna hear your Love song

It's so amazing, the way that you're changing my life
Every smile, every tear, every note that you write
Has me falling in love with the sound
Of your melody, and when you sing to me

I turned around when I heard You
The moment You found me was
The moment I knew
Nothing could every take this feeling away
I don't need anything but, I don't need anything but You

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