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She Bangs lyrics

Talk to me
Tell me your name
You blow me off like it´s all the same
You lit a fuse and now I´m ticking away
Like a bomb
Yeah, Baby

Talk to me
Tell me your sign
You´re switching sides like a Gemini
You´re playing games and now you´re hittin´ my
Like a drum
Yeah, Baby

Well if Lady Luck gets on my side
We´re gonna rock this town alive
I´ll let her rough me up
Till she knocks me out
She walks like she talks,
And she talks like she walks

And she bangs, she bangs
Oh baby
When she moves, she moves
I go crazy
´Cause she looks like a flower but she stings
like a bee
Like every girl in history
She bangs, she bangs

I´m wasted by the way she moves
No one ever looked so fine
She reminds me that a woman only got one thing on her mind

Talk to me
Tell me your name
I´m just a link in your daisy chain
Your rap sounds like a diamond
Map to the stars
Yeah, Baby

Talk to me
Tell me the news
You wear me out like a pair of shoes
We´ll dance until the band goes home
Then you´re gone
Yeah, Baby

Well if it looks like love should be a crime
You´d better lock me up for life
I´ll do the time with a smile on my face
Thinking of her in her leather and lace

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