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It's Not Easy lyrics

You step out on the streets and you don’t know where you are,
The land of milk and honey is million miles form here.

Here they come, here they go,
You might think they’re crazy.
Think they’re crazy.

Working every night and day just struggling to survive,
Drinking now in overtime, you’re more dead than alive.

One more day, one more shot.
That’s is brother, that’s your lot, Letra de It's not easy - Rata Blanca - Sitio de
It’s just so crazy...

Look at all the faces of the people that you see,
Don’t you steal their problems girl and lay it all on me.
You’re crying like a school child and i don’t want to know,

I don’t want you, i don’t need you, i just think you’re crazy.

Oh you’re driving me, out of my mind, come on baby,
Let’s have some fun tonight.

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Rata Blanca - It's not easy lyrics
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