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Song Name Callin (2 PART) video
Queen Latifah - Name Callin (2 PART) video

Name Callin (2 PART) lyrics

[Verse 1]
Today I'm not the queen, a sista, role model, or friend
Today I'm that bitch that'll shoot you a fair one, this don't exclude men
Wanna test me? Come test your weak songs and weak shows
Reincarnated I'll be a pimp and slap the shit out of these weak hoes
With these freak shows, make em' leak holes
I ain't talkin' about shootin' free throws, coming on stage with no clothes
Shit who the f*** said I can't beat those break?
Took so long for your album to drop, I thought you died I missed the wake

[Verse 2]
I don't spit subliminals no doubt
This way you don't walk around wondering who the f*** I'm talkin' bout'
I'm not trippin', I heard you rippin'
But I'm into breakin' bitches, sending them back to their first career; Stripping
Lap dancing for five cents, doing VIPs to make rent
Look up and I'm platinum wondering where the f*** time went
This is for those hoes who oppose my queendom and wanna bring some plate
I ain't got shit else to do so

[Verse 3]
And them niggas too this don't exclude you, I won't duck
Yeah the only thing worse then a bitch nigga is these pretty motherf***ers
Dressing the part with no heart gettin' hot niggas to rap wit' em'
So the f*** what? A lot of wack niggas went platinum
While you on tour your girls get manicured
Better leave security, I might knock on your door and get yours
Don't put it past me, I shine Apache how many I left in stitches
Now let me get back to these bitches

[Verse 4]
I'm sick of these hoes poppin' bullshit on the radio
And the videos like they're the ones with the tv shows
You want what I got? We could fight everyday for all the lotta
Bitches is acting but I'm the one gettin' paid for it
You hoes don't set it off
Don't make me braid my hair back and let it off
Cleo ho don't start no, won't be no
Get knocked out not knowin' what a diva do, what a diva did, and what a diva is
Bitch recognize who Queen Latifah is

[Verse 5]
I'll give it to you raw with no trojan
Your legs are the only thing you s'pose to keep open
You jokin', smoking on the good shit
You get a good kick up on yo ass
Playin' me close like siamese, wantin' to try these
I'm leavin' you hoes and I see you in IVs
Who ever said they beat me lied
Bitch you need to put down the tv guide

[Verse 6]
Turn off the tv, now you see me, 3-D
Thought shit would be easy, believe me
My name ain't Khadijah, this ain't Living Single
On the Fox Network, you f***in' wit an expert
Get yo ass laid to rest, I will cave yo chest
Bitch niggas gettin' robbed for they Avirex
Pay yo debts or I'ma be up in yo pockets (quick)
Dent in yo mouth if these bitches wanna gossip

[Verse 7]
Poppin' that shit about me and don't know my steelo (so what you sayin' yo?)
I make my own shit legit, you ride a dick for dough, ho (so what you sayin' yo?)
I don't need tight clothes to cover up my half assed flows (so what you sayin' yo?)
And on yo knees is the only way you hoes gon' blow
So what you saying yo?

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