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Muse To The Pharoah lyrics

If she could b Muse 2 the Pharoah
Then one day she might b Queen
If like Sheba, she then could bring presents/presence and wine
The helix he might get between them
In other words, intertwine
With the ebony and milk of her thighs
If she could be Muse and let him decide
Perhaps she'll let him decide

If she could b Muse 2 the Pharoah,
There is nothing he wouldn't give her c
4 the future of the nation rests in her belly
And if the Proverbs of the 31 and verse 10
Becomes the verse she sings again and again
She might b Queen

Take a load off, sweetie darling
Let me run agenda thru ur hair
There's so much information 4 the next generation
Who's gonna drop it if u're not there?

And whether the enemy makes a run on the palace
Or whether the enemy does not,
The children will be laced with the protection of the word of God
The opposite of NATO is OTAN
And if the number 13 is such a bad luck number
When there's no such thing as luck
Then the berries, talons, arrows and stars
Are all superstitions, what the ...

Get busy big baby cuz when dem devil come
Dem devil come dressed as light
Maybe they gon' fool the untrained mind
But nobody eye know gon' bite

Like a thief in the night
My Lord come and strike
Leave nothing but ashes to the left, dust 2 the right
Holocaust aside, many lived and died
But when all truth is told
Would u rather b dead or b sold?

Sold 2 the one who can now mate the displaced bloodline with the white jailbait.

Thinkin' like the keys on Prince's piano will be just fine

So there it is - 4 all 2 c
Now what's beyond u and me
Depends my friends primarily
On how u view ur role in Eternity

If she could b Muse 2 the Pharoah/One day she might b Queen

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