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Shy Diane lyrics

Well she talks with a whisper
And she smiles slow and shy
Well there's a mystery within her
That she keeps warm inside

Well she sits alone at the window
She walk with her head turned down
Would it hurt to let your feelings show
And you could turn your world around

Oh shy Diane
Won't you come out tonight
Shy Diane
Don't be afraid to step out in sight
To live, to love
And have some fun while you're still young
And there's nothing that can hold you back
You're the only one

And we're all afraid of chances
We're all afraid to make a start
Don't dream of storybook romances, no
Take a chance don't waste your heart

The only one

Tonight is right (Diane)
You are my star (Diane)
So let it go and let it show
'Cuz I wanna make you mine
Don't be shy, don't hide away this time


Oh Diane

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