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Friday lyrics

I crashed, I burned
But then I learned
To keep my eye on you
You always say
You'll lead the way
But then you never do
I slowed, I swerved
But lost my nerve
And quickly looked away
When I looked back
The day was black
Then I heard you say
Why is the sun hot?
Why does it rain?
Why is there danger and
Why is there pain?
Why can't the burden we carry go away
And why isn't it Friday today?
Your lack of trust
Is hardly just
So do as you've been told
Please follow me
Into the sea
Don't worry if it's cold
I knew right then
My chance again
Would quickly slip away
I crash I cry
I burn but I
Still follow anyway
Why is the sea cool?
Why is it blue?
Why do I stay here?
Why is it you?
Notice the danger but don't help in any way
Why isn't it Friday today?

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