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Occupy lyrics

the enemy surrounds the perimeter
Searching for an opening
Sneaking 'round,
Tryin' to gain some ground
He's laying down a smokescreen
Never full he prowls about
For someone to devour
Blind with rage, his reign is threatened
By a greater power

Occupy, occupy
Standing firm, lifting high the holy standard
Occupy, occupy
'Till our captain marches in

He'll catch your eye with some cheap disguise
Or innocent distraction
Then he'll infiltrate the ranks
And split you into faction
He never sleeps but constantly
Is planning some new angle
A soldier must be diligent
To keep from getting tangled

He shall return with the armies of the Lord
The King of Kings, in vengeance wielding His sword
Gotta draw his power, watching for that hour
We are His people and He's our great reward

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