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F*** Them Niggaz lyrics

Listen here (Yuh)
I got 'em
This for all them punk ass niggaz in this shit (I got 'em)
If you a punk ass nigga you gon feel this in your heart (I got 'em)
F*** niggaz

[Chorus x4]
Mutha'f*** them niggaz
I'mma burn them niggaz
I'mma take them niggaz with me

[Verse 1]
If it was a fifth, we'd all get f***ed up
These p**** ass niggaz got the game twist up
Cause everybody hard, everybody real
Everybody ballin', everybody kill
Everybody slick, everybody smoothe
Everybody packing, what the f*** them niggaz gon' do
Everybody pimpin', everybody mob
Everybody bout to get mutha'f***az robbed
These niggaz f***ing with the wrong one, pistol whip with the big gun
Extra-clip with an attitude, "What the f*** am I dog food?"
Bite the hands that feeds me, cause I don't need these
Cracker mutha'f***az that I always see, constantly
Try and compare me to, f*** niggaz do what you do
Im thee original, multi-dimensional
But these ol' p**** boys, want to be Pastor Troy
Bout to get blast on, "where the f*** is my mask homes?"


[Verse 2]
Everybody want to put violence in they rhyme
They love +50cent+, cause he got shot 9 times
But what about me, I dun' shot 9 mutha'f***az
Left a nigga in his yard fa' his mother
I shot the brother, I shot the aunt
I f***ed the sister, and smoked a blunt
I'm on the hunt for +Red October+,
Leave them niggaz bleeding blood out them Range Rovers
Until its over, you know that I'm gunning
We looking for niggaz, that frontin' and stuntin'
My nigga I'mma be dumping some shit got them bombs from Russia
Some shit that I got runs deep, gonna hush ya'


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