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Deus Nova lyrics

10,000 BC -
1 Million people
9,500 BC -
2 Million people
9,000 BC -
3 Million people
8,500 BC -
4 Million people
8,000 through 5,000 BC -
5 Million people
4,500 BC -
6 Million people
4,000 BC -
7 Million people
3,500 BC -
10 Million people
3,000 BC -
14 Million people
2,500 BC -
20 Million people
2,000 BC -
27 Million people
1,500 BC -
38 Million people
1,000 BC -
50 Million people
500 BC -
100 Million people
Year 1 AD -
170 Million people
500 AD -
190 Million people
1,000 AD -
254 Million people
1,500 AD -
425 Million people
Year 2,000 AD -
6,080 Million people

Trying to understand the system of Life
Trying to understand myself
I created the world to be an image of myself, of my mind

All of these thoughts, all of these doubts and hopes
I took out to form a new breed
A new way to be
And now I am many, so many

So much larger than ever I were
Yet, at the same time
So much smaller and more vulnarable

They all carry shards of the whole
Together they become me
I see them interact, develop
I see them take different sides
As were they different minds
Believers of different ways, and different gods

I think they will teach me something

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