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Song Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash song cover) video
Owl City - Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash song cover) video

Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash song cover) lyrics

I hear the train a comin'
It's rolling round the bend
And I ain't seen the sunshine
since I don't know when,
I'm stuck in Folsom prison,
and time keeps draggin' on
But that train keeps a rollin' on
down to San Antone..

When I was just a baby
my mama told me. Son,
Always be a good boy,
don't ever play with guns.
But I shot a man in Reno
just to watch him die
When I hear that whistle blowing,
I hang my head and cry..

I bet there's rich folks
eating in a fancy dining car
They're probably drinkin' coffee
and smoking big cigars.
Well I know I had it coming,
I know I can't be free
But those people keep a movin'
And that's what tortures me...

Well if they freed me from this prison,
If that railroad train was mine
I bet I'd move it on
a little farther down the line
Far from Folsom prison,
that's where I want to stay
And I'd let that lonesome whistle
blow my blues away.....

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