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Got Me Down lyrics

and this is the way it's going to be i gave him
away and now i'm free but he was the life i
meant to lead there's nothing left of me but this
is my melody and why must the night crawl by
like this and why do we dwell on what we'll miss
i've got to be careful what i wish my happiness
was his but this is my goodbye kiss he got me
down and now i'm only singing for my health got
me down and now i can't get up myself got me
down turn around and tell me when it's over and
it's time for me to get up off the ground and
there's really nothing left to say but this couldn't
wait another day 'cause something confusing
but o.k. has got me in its sway and this is my
getaway and though i try to hear you now i think
we've built a wall of sound between us and
though you know i love you still i think we've
both just lost the will

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