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Song The 2016 song video
Netting Tessa - The 2016 song video

The 2016 song lyrics

How does a Bowie, Rickman, Muhammad Ali, and Harambe, Prince
Die before the moment we are convinced
That we are living in shenanigans with mannequins and dabbing
A year of memes and Presidential grabbing

Protest the drilling, a clown killing is very chilling
We got new Potter
Outside it is much hotter
Bernie socialist father
Will Flint ever get water
Leo won, now doing your make up is even harder

And everyday we play some Pokemon Go to take us away
Like Lemonade, Beyonce she kept our hope up
Snapchat, gimme filters for something to fix my face up
100 layers, get my Juju right on that break up

Then a blizzard it came, and devastation reigned
Ted Cruz saw his future drip, drippin’ down the drain
With a Brexit from the union, Stranger Things is in my brain
And a bottle flipping game, can we finish this debate

Well, one day we’ll look back and say ‘That year was insane, man!’
A president elected to Make America Great Again
Everyone’s divided, Zika virus at it’s wake
And now all my news is fake, gimme a break, man

2016’s over now
Thank goodness 2016’s over now
I mean there’s one more month until it’s done
But I can’t wait, I can’t wait

Then it was bleak, Trump hit his peak, wikileaks, debt ridden
Miss President, she lost it but the vote was sittin’ at 2 mil
She was labeled a crook
I can’t look

Now Trump is our president, the country is shook

Gotta see Moana, I’m singin’ with a Chewbacca Mom
Hold the door I bought some Amazon now that Vine is gone
A voice saying ‘Damn Daniel’ Castro is dead
We started retweetin’ and eatin’ bagels made with rainbow bread

You gotta put up a fence or two
Is that Orlando Bloom?
More people are dead or destitute
We gotta amend the constitution
Started giffin’
Trippin’ over Miss Universe names
Pen Pineapple Apple Pen
And a Neko Atsume
Scammin’ on every story my instagrams on
Bannon in the cabinet, no one knows what he plans on
So go use your voice, time to take a new stand
This new year you must do what you can

This new year you must do what you can (Fight the hate)
This new year you must do what you can (Fight the hate)
This new year you must do what you can

A new year
New year
I can’t wait

2016’s over now (2016’s over now)
We are waiting for it to be through
You can get out of jail
Why are all of the #OscarsSoWhite
Oh 2016’s over now (2016’s over now)
It’s America Season 2
Is Snyder the one to blame?
Who would think they would win the game
The world has finally gone insane oh

The Final Five they won it all, ignore Ryan Lochte
Twenty One Pilots telling me my face is Blurry
The kids are all on Musically, I bought a kit from Kylie

You, Venmo me
V reality
I trust nobody
Can’t we just agree?

And me? Just don’t grab my p****

There’s only one more month until it’s done
And I can’t wait
We made it somehow
2016’s over now
Any questions?

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