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A Million Miles Away lyrics

Every time that we're together,
I'm alone
When you're by my side,
You're far away
And you treat me like
Someone that you've never known
You seem to be a million miles away

Our love's become a one way episode
You don't even hear a word I say
And darlin' when I ask you
What's been goin' on,
Your answer seems
A million miles away

The things you do
Just have one meaning
There's no use trying to pretend
Oh darling, what I would give
To find out that I'm dreaming,
But I know, we've reached the end

I can see you found
Someone more dear to you,
Your eyes tell what your lips never say
And every day
Your lover grows more near to you
But I remain, a million miles away
Yes I remain, a million miles away

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