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Song The human traffic king (White Slavery part.2) video
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The human traffic king (White Slavery part.2) lyrics

Your mental, we'll destroy it, you'll f*** fat dudes and enjoy it
Who got bids, he smells like shit, you puke on dick, you сука, блядь
No conscience, f*** your blond bush with no condom
It's convicts in a condo, it's like Egyptian bondage film gonzo
Burn your ID's, no traces of fam relations
Not even immigration knows where your place is, you're faceless
From the streets of the Czech Republic to being checked
Into a snuff flick, snatched in public, a piece of snatch
A good catch, some good cash, Ukranian gash
Your cranium smashed in a Prague stag that ends up in a Glad bag
You wanna be model, you'll take a bottle in your vaginal
A tragic beauty pageant run by animals dressed casual
Manipulation, they forgot to tell you one stipulation
Random dick invasion equals one sick equation
F***ed by numerous men creates Krueger
A bastard baby, incubation enforce my law with the Luger
Say goodbye to your папочка pop your cherry
Make an amateur porn star out of you, spread your legs like an aperture
Wondergirl turning twenty tricks a day, forget the junior prom
You're shipped away and slipped into the underworld
Runaways thinking they're living in the fun phase
Get caught up where the guns blaze, manic Mondays
Turn to panic shoot you like a manic and wear your undies
Bloody panties, kill your fantasies, travelling famous to London one day
You got schemed on romantically, things frantically
Switched you bitch, you're thinking to yourself it can't be
In the blink of an eye shit flipped
Shifty, shady, I'm a pimp lady, give you a buck fifty baby
Don't f*** with me, you got played see, moron, didn't your parents
Teach you not to talk to strangers? You should have walked on
Welcome to my mansion, I call it the white slave house
You're flipping like a mouse in a trap, you can't get out
You've been caught, you've been bought, you're an import
Your existence is unimportant, no one will report you missing
In short you're f***ed literally somewhere in Italy
Vienna maybe with your baby at home with the babysitter worried sickly
Beyond belief human thieves sell you like calf beef
Your ass cheeks make more loot than hashish
Philippino kidnappers taking your kid captive in broad daylight
The locals show no reaction like trained actors
Abductions, bloodsuckers give you instructions
To use your mouth like suction cups, shipped customless through customs
Economic hardship poverty justifies human robbery
Predators look for easy targets, the black market of sodomy

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