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The Human Machine lyrics

I told you, I warned you clear the path of indescrtion
Controlling, they'll send you strict campaigns of aggravation
They'll drill you, until you follow through with their deceptions
Control you, bestow you with their lies and satisfaction

On call for the human machine, the lights have all turned green
On call for the human machine, it's simply quite obscene.
It's frightening, exciting, when you've made your own decisions
Empowering, devouring governmental ostricism
Intending, defending freedom is the only answer
Just walk out, there's no doubt, suicide's beyond all reason

Break the force of domination, remove the tyrants from their lair
Such sacrifice and indignation, does everybody really care
A world of suffering humans in a climate filled with fear
Determination once removed the end is drawing near

It's time to discourage this unnatural phase
As science develops new ways to control
It's time to encourage a revolt of our race
To prolong the inevitable end of our days

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