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Swan Dive lyrics

When she sees me it'll all be over and everything will be different
she'll tell her self that she ought to not think what she thought
but she won't listen
when she sees me
she'll hate me but then she'll love me again
she'll have a smile on her face though she's sick of the chase
so she's giving in
and they'll hold hands like their jumping off a bridge at all times
and she can't figure out why it's not like this at all time
oh my, I know that I'm late and I'm sorry that you waited all your life
and tonight, we could just forget it and pretend we never said it and move on with out lives
I knew from the sweet sound of your car on my steer this could be paradise
when I see her I will fall apart for sure and forget what I've been through. Losing control
swallowed whole by what I've turned into
When I see her things are gonna escalate past no return
and we'll both ask ourselves
"When Will I learn?"
Maybe I've learned now.
And I don't have to prove it

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