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Headstone lyrics

I know my eyes have bear witness to this whole scene before.
When the road ends the nightmare begins.
The fighting never stops and I will never truly win.
“But make it count. It’s plain to see.”
Sorry, but it’s not the most beautiful view from my knees.
Tried to be a friend but I’m shot down again.
Sorry, for a second I thought I was supposed to believe in me.
State roads, provide me with the privacy that I’ve never known.
Going through the motions across the oceans,
or being so fed up with missing her I’m staying home.
Lost at sea, I miss my family.
My house and my street are so far away from me.
I tried hard just to tell you the truth
but I know more now then I ever knew.
I keep telling myself to forget about you.
You and me were just a couple of kids who said,
“We can do anything,” and that’s what we did.
But my life will be a rock on your headstone,
begging you to never rise again.

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