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All My Bridges lyrics

I look and I stumble
But I never find
From this ragged bundle I know
A mountain I’ll climb

It’s so unforgiving
I wish I could fly
But I’ll keep on living this way
Escape or deny

All my bridges are broken
My direction is lost
Yesterday’s caught in the past
Yeah I’m stuck here I can’t get across

So don’t be offended
It’s not yours to keep
Yeah you can surrender yourself
And fall into sleep

Those cold naked fingers
That tear out your mind
And so don’t you linger too long
They’ll leave you behind

Confrontation is coming
Gonna blow me away
Don’t know how long I can last
Yeah I’m stuck here I’m nowhere today

Slip through the doorway
There’s nowhere to run
I try to keep myself sane
Feels like there’s no one left under the sun
Looking for someone to blame
Someone to blame

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Magnum - All my bridges lyrics
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