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Vanilla Ice lyricsVanilla Ice - Zig zag stories lyrics

had a zig zag story just the other day I rolled a fat blunt ... and yo, it ripped this way I took a puff (uh-huh) and what ... did I see? Those motherf__kers still wanna I-C-E To blaze up a sac of that green

Roy Orbison - Zig zag lyrics

have got me going zig zag gets my mind to blowing zig zag ... you can't lose me if you try zig zag zig zag pass it on by ... I don't need no highing zig zag girl you got me flying zig zag I can nearly touch the sky zig zag zig zag pass it on by

Halcali - Zig zag saturday night lyrics

to the B to the C to the D to the E-mail to tomoni TEL matteru kidzukeba hi wa ochite ... nobotteru BURURURURU BURURURURURURU ... naranai kimi kara no Call tada hitotsu MEMORII ga nokoru.

Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - Zig zag wanderer lyrics

zag wanderer, zig zag wanderer (rep.) You can huff ... blow my house down You can zig, you can zag Whoa I'm gonna ... stay, gonna stay around (rep.) You can

Foghat - Zig zag walk lyrics

way you walk ain't walkin', it's something mama don't allow. ... Let your hips do the talkin', and pretend you don't ... baby blue, Heaven knows what I can for you, When you're

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Ski mask way lyrics

Yeah I'm Tryin to catch me sumthin I'ma catch you ... sumthin [Chorus] nigga that watch is nice that's what ... you bought from me that chain is nice that's what

F(x) - Zig zag lyrics

teoneol kkeut banchag haneun bit ttaraga ... (sarajine) kkong nuneul kama (tteujima) tto nun gameumyeon ... eoryeompushi geu kos (Oh Let Me Go There) na kago shipeo

Los - Mask lyrics

DJ J.D on the beat. Los This is strictly for erm ... University City St.Louis, some grimy shit right ... my boys grinding. So what I need everybody to do is, go

Eminem lyricsEminem - Eminem - ski mask way ft. 50 cent lyrics

[Eminem] Remix! [50 Cent] Yeah, I'm tryin to catch me ... somethin A little jux or somethin [Chorus: 50 Cent] ... Nigga that watch is nice, that's what you bought for me? That chain is nice, that's what

Mac And Devin Go To High School - You can put it in a zag, i’mma put it in a bl.. lyrics

Can Put It In A Zag, I'mma Put In A Blunt by Snoop Dogg And ... Wiz Khalifa Is the big mack i got the .. You ... might wanna hit this Hook: You Can Put It In

Juicy J - Zig zags lyrics

Intro: Juicy J] Yessir... play ... me that spaceghostpurp beat mane [Hook: Wiz Khalifa] ... Ridin' in my black Bonneville bumpin' Three Six ... Roll up 20 zig zags out of one zip [Verse: Juicy J

Serge Gainsbourg lyricsSerge Gainsbourg - Zig-zig avec toi (sieg-sieg avec toi) lyrics

zig avec toi Et lorsque ton corps zigzague Zig zig toi ... et moi Zig zig hum ! quel émoi Zig zig oui ... je t'aime J'aime ton petit corps blême Zig zig toi et

Merkules - Mask for the pain - charlie fettah lyrics

Verse 1: Charlie Fettah] Hey yo, Hey yo Hey yo, ... progression that's kind of a vague description ... Battling depression, they got me on prescriptions I'm

Battlerage - Black sunday (la maschera del demonio) lyrics

shadows Lurking trough the hearts of men Burning ... pyres Holy flame to purge the land Lost in lust for Satan, fury from the sky Avoid ... her witching gaze Don't look into her eyes Tried

Devilyn - Black mask of death lyrics

burnt earth pants for blood like a thirsting to give a fruit of a murder ... and regain the lost dream. Dead warriors ... union with the fate to renegate to immemorial fight. And black angel has come

Maybach Music Group - Black on black lyrics

now guess who’s back In a black Maybach With a black card on ... me, better know it’s straight like that My nigga we black ... on black, black on black My Rolex gold, but know my strap all black My nigga we black on black Flag all black Put

Lil' Scrappy - Black diamonds lyrics

hat Black shades Black diamonds Bla-bla-black ... diamonds [x3] [Chorus:] Black hat Black shades Black ... diamonds Bla-bla-black diamonds Black hat Black

Iggy  Pop lyricsIggy Pop - Mask lyrics

re wearing a mask You're wearing a mask You ... re wearing a mask You look better that way You're wearing a ... mask You're wearing a mask You're wearing a mask You

Satanika - Mask of satan lyrics

Moldavia saw the birth of Asa, Satan's evil witch ... a shame for the Vajda, line full of filth ... and demonic crime Satan's willing bitch laid in a tomb under the cross sworn to

Future lyricsFuture - Mask off lyrics

Call it how it is Hendrix I promise, I ... swear, I swear You heard, spit it, yo) Percocets, molly, ... Percocets Percocets, molly, Percocets Rep the ... set, gotta rep the set Chase a check, never chase a

Devian - Mask of virtue lyrics

s in dead of night she pries In blood soaked ... dreams you die She wants to give you disease as a gift, ... a fever caress Bite you and bruise your skin black, hear the noises stress

Iron Mask - Black as death lyrics

Cito, Longe, Tarde Anima Mortis, Abyssus Abyssum invocat ... No matter if I pray, no matter if I cry Black, I am black ... Black as Death, fallen angel You took my

Natalie Duncan - Black thorn lyrics

head is in a black frame Got your words all over my grave ... He was a picture like no one would believe. ... With a hit flask and a white mask, A flame head and an

Any Given Day - Mask of lies lyrics

me just one time - one time with your true face Impress the ... strangers so you like smoke and ... mirrors Decorate your facade to get what you need They ... will let you down - regardless No

Lay Down Rotten - Mask of malice lyrics

god-enthrone the rat Empower the great slut Sacrament of ... bewilderment Rites of deprivation-broken mirror Guilt of the slave-serve, serve as you ... as you bleed Look behind the mask of malice See the

Astarte - Black mighty gods lyrics

mighty Gods Invocate the serpent Demons of darkness ... from Hell Creeping under the Swallow earth Beyond the ... eye of mortal sins She rise pathway of ... escape from her sorrow Lloth the mighty queen Seductress of

Helstar - Black silhouette skies lyrics

eyes and sleep Came on so strong Began to dream and This ... is what I saw Change in the sky I’m shorter of breath ... The silhouette, a black mask of death Chorus: No one

Sepultura lyricsSepultura - Mask lyrics

the drama and the words. Endless noise ... reflecting. No value, no substance in anything your saying. ... Confusing a reason, but no one is really listening.

Phoenix Effect - Mask of sanity lyrics

me where you wanted Got me where you needed Got my ... mind on the edge of insanity Don´t want you to find me ... Don´t want you to see me Don´t want you to

Danger Mouse & Danielle Luppi - Black lyrics

touched the wall's of the city streets and, Didn't explain ... us our ways, Of never asking why? Cast down it was ... heaven sent (and), To the church no intent to repent,

Flying Colors - Mask machine lyrics

of aisles for miles And intercoms with screens that smile ... And angry hands continue shaking A hole as large ... as humankind With no redeeming thing to buy

Forseti - Black jena lyrics

this petal of storms here I will whisper to ... you this: Phoney paternalism has bitten the dust ... What shall be will be …and must ... shades of rose Have fled the nest Behind a vast amass

Hazy Hamlet - Black masquerade lyrics

s a mask for each of your sins. There ... s an indulgence to pay for each violation. There's a scorn for all that ... exists. - But how: if there's nothing beyond all this

Iron Mask - Black devil ship lyrics

at sea, no homelands Rain comes ... down, night close at hand Mariners, unsaved souls ... Caught between hull, spars, and bolts ... Due south or north, east and west On searching the

Mad Max - Black swan lyrics

you hear me callin' Callin' thru the night Everything you ... want is Right here by my side Don't you ... know your beauty Took me by surprise Just open ... eyes If you wanna see it Just look behind the mask

Rage Of Romance - Black winter heart lyrics

you recall a time Now I'm standing in your way All the ... had When your passion ruled the game Sitting all alone ... In the corner of your soul Your ... lies behind your bleeding mask Your only hope is gone

Sadus - Mask lyrics

hide behind a mask too confused to show what's ... real Plastic sense of value to go with your plastic way of ... life Your self-righteousness is corrupted by your tendencies to avoid your lies

Chromatics - Black walls lyrics

her dreams and oxygen The end is all she ever asked ... Engines warm It's dark outside A hidden tear behind her mask Black walls closing in again ... Losing sleep and lost in time She'll close her eyes And

Fit For An Autopsy - Mask maker lyrics

of soil turn to stone long ago And i can't ... remember when we held each other like brothers Layers of ... sand eroded the bone long ago And I can't ... remember why we took the child from the mother

Coven - Black sabbath lyrics

journeyed far to Brocken Mountain pinnacle. A gathering of ... dread, an awesome spectacle. Each in his hand, a ... candle of black. Their faces grave, a deathlike mask. The prince assumed the

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - Ski ing lyrics

............Instrumental............ ..........Instrumental............ ...... ... .Instrumental............ ...Instrumental............ ..Instrumental

Jebediah - Ski trip lyrics

Verse 1:] I don't wanna let you down But I cannot have ... hanging around Hope you didn't fall for me I am somebody that you could never see ... [Chorus:] Never been like this before Tell me that there

Mindmaze - Mask of lies lyrics

sinking lower - Grasping for the darkness The comfort that ... Seeking a disguise from what you always will be It's ... where you always go It's just the fear of falling That leap of faith is calling

Brainstorm - Mask of life lyrics

smile in your face hits the dark light Another day ... passes you by Try to escape fro within to the outside But something tells me to stay I'll open my eyes

Children Of Bodom - Mask of sanity lyrics

can't waste away, I'm slowly losing my ... way forever Better raise your slave for me ... anymore Daylight's sin inside, day's growing ... closer, wait for pain I cannot wait another night to be alone

Lucky Dube - Mask lyrics

puts on a brave face every ... morning and every night He goes on stage, with a big ... smile on his face You split you sides with laughter You ... are sitting at the of your seat 'Cause you want some more

Crimson Wind - Mask of hatred lyrics

minds There is no respect Here conscience is blind Thoughts are disconnected ... Now we are trapped In the spider's web Reality is ... hidden By their dirty games I want to escape

Dir En Grey - Mask lyrics

kasaneta hibi katamete yuu asufaruto ni "umete ... quot; doku no hana ga saki midarete juuji wo kiri inoreba ... heiwashugisha no shiroi MASK kono te ne totte "kowase

Ghost Machinery - Mask of madness lyrics

and sound from the world around Blood bound ... brothers just waiting to be found Perfect strangers in this unknown land ... We thought about rising but you hide your head in the

Jedi Mind Tricks - Black winter day lyrics

apart now, I cannot have this combonation And you ... should up your elixer Torn apart now, These are the ... or walk away? Yeah, most of my adult life I've been torn into two If you love me, then I love you and this song

Operatika Element - Mask in the mirror lyrics

in the magic Hide yourself and put on mask of disguise Whispers ... in the darkness And the moon that brightly shines from the skies In you I see Is this

Requiem - Mask of damnation lyrics

by stone walls Led by the crown Children of cold ... are preaching When dignities are sold There is no ... way out No hideaway Faceless ... crusaders Shape the final frame Illusion of

Enforcer - Mask of red death lyrics

bells chant out at midnight to invite the guest of doom ... Inaugurates the dark between the walls of the seventh room ... The outside was kept unbidden to escape their

Aqua Timez - Mask lyrics

hitotsu nai kokoro ga doko ni aru ... no darou ka ?“ kubimoto wo toori sugiru kaze ni tazunerareta. Mattou na kotae nante ... mochiawasete wa inai. Hitori hitotsu no inochi ikiiki to ikiru dake. Sukoshi dake

Bauhaus - Mask lyrics

man of shadows thinks in clay Dreamed trapped ... thoughts of suffocation day He's seen in iron ... environments With plastic sweat out of chiselled slits for eyes From the growth

Hawkwind - Mask of the morning lyrics

the cold grey-mask of morning I cry out, But no ... one feels the sound that I shout, And you don't hear ... me through the tears you've shed, and the ... dream-world that you've found will one day

Outlawz - Mask down lyrics

Young Noble nigga Get it right Verse 1: Young ... Noble For the world My girl My kid ... My dog And I know you mad at Pac for creating the Outlawz

Seven Angels - Mask of sadness lyrics

the future, trying to keep my faith Making the time stop, by my way, I’m so ... sad Trying to run away, I’m searching for ... Living in sacrifice, I tried to keep my self raised I

Silent Opera - Mask manor lyrics

figure stands here so impressive ... Showing me the right way He's a king, a demigod ... I do trust him but I am afraid Too many hidden things behind smoke rings

Battlelore - Mask of flies lyrics

am here beside you, it is all you've got In your ... grief and pain, no one else to trust You cannot feel it, ... it is too close You cannot see it, your eyes are closed

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