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Nivea - Black girl (loose in miami) lyrics

girl, white girl, mixed girl on the floor Puerto Rican girl, Asian girl, Mexican girl let it flow Skinny girl, thick girl, mean girl let it go Let me see you get low let me see you get low Baby boy, Baby boy a couple drinks have got me super crunk (super crunk) Inny minny m

Dorsal Atlântica - Black messiah lyrics

guards priding in their own indignity Rape the Black Messiah Their uniform show the color of the power The police chief takes the torn and bloody man It's not part of the professional ethics to aid Someone who has nothing The decision's up to the interactive TV

Betzefer - Black inside lyrics

I stood against all that I am Tried to relive a moment from long ago And I said "hey, we blend And still everyone is unique as I". Took off all costumes I've Put on since I was born And felt love Spread though my body Took my last breath - let

Jethro Tull - Black mamba lyrics

in the snake pit - black mamba chase. Head through the lion's cage - head on a plate. Two feet on the hot coals - last dance at the ball. Blindfold on the tightrope - whenever you call. Be my slippery slider. Black Mamba crawl over me. Dark thoughts of the sleeple

Maybach Music Group - Black on black lyrics

Hook: Ace Hood] Okay now guess who’s back In a black Maybach With a black card on me, better know it’s straight like that My nigga we black on black, black on black My Rolex gold, but know my strap all black My nigga we black on black Flag all black

Alannah Myles - Black velvet lyrics

in the middle of a dry spell Jimmy Rogers on the Victrola up high Mama's dancin' with baby on her shoulder The sun is settin' like molasses in the sky The boy could sing, knew how to move, everything Always wanting more, he'd leave you longing for Black velvet and that lit

Abigail - Black metal thunder lyrics

m evil, give me power Black Metal demon back from Hell Black candles burning bright Blasphemy night Black Metal thunder till your dead We'll fight till we fall Possessed by demon 666 But that day is comin' now Hey let's fight Stand up n

Atomic Rooster - Black snake lyrics

snake living in a black hole, hiding from the sun. Black snake living in a black hole 'till the game is won. Black snake living in a black hole, hiding from the sun. Black evil hides in the darkness when the night is come. Black evil hides in the darkness when the night is come. Bl

Cinderella Effect - Black hole sun lyrics

my eyes Indisposed In disguise As no one knows Hides the face Lies the snake The sun In my disgrace Boiling heat Summer stench 'neath the black The sky looks dead Call my name Through the cream And I'll hear you Scream again Black hole sun Won't you come And wash away

Grinspoon - Black friday lyrics

was a never-ending object for you from the start, picture of the only loving sister that you just f***ed up, typical chemical what you got? bitten by black friday electrical predictable what you got? bitten by black friday yeah! could you be the only p

Lecrae - Black rose lyrics

my garden in my garden To keep and care it you've got to water it To keep and care it you've got to water it She ain't never seen garden of Eden Only seen garden of bleeding And some are gonna lie and hate and make her feel like she's a heathen She ain't never seen ga

Lee Rocker - Black cat bone lyrics

moon night, ‘bout half past three The people light, shining down on me Sleeping under with a tree There’s a new moon night shining down on me Got a black cat bone, ain’t no monkey man Like a rollin’ stone, I’m a ramblin’ man Got a black cat bone, but I’m cold in hand

Showtek - Black lyrics

admire, worship, obey, respect, kneel, pray, believe, bow Be afraid of black It's- It's that shadowy appearance you feel, but you can't see Be afraid of... Black Fear It's above and beyond you since you've chosen this path It conceals overpowering strength an

Will Smith lyricsWill Smith - Black suits comin nod ya head lyrics

Come Come on) (Come on Come Come on M-I-B) (The Black Suits Comin) (The Black Suits Comin) I'm Comin... I'm Comin... I'm Comin... I'm Comin I am the man in black I'm back Breaking the back of the random attackers So can the flak Yo Im dange

Soundgarden lyricsSoundgarden - Black hole sun lyrics

my eyes, in disposed, In disguise:as no one knows Hides the face Lies The snake, the sun In my disgrace Boiling heat, Summer stench 'Neath the black The sky looks dead Call my name Through the cream And I'll hear you Scream again Black hole su

Perry Como - Black moonlight lyrics

in the shuffle, I've drifted an' strayed Bruised by the city, bewildered, betrayed With a heart heavy laden with faltering strides I have come to the bridge, to the line that divides! What am I doing up here in a daze As I gaze at the cold river bed? Why do I ask myself, '

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - Black vicious monster lyrics

believe it's happening Can believe this heavy spleen Turned around your sight was gone black It's a dream you don't belong It's scary sounding song You got burned and will never hide it Black vicious monster in your heart, burned by the darkness tunnel sight You're necessary pa

The Dubliners - Black velvet band lyrics

a neat little town they called Belfast Apprentice to trade I was bound And many an hour sweet happiness Have I spent in that neat little town As sad misfortune came over me Which caused me to stray from the land Far away from me friends and relat

Eagleheart - Black sun lyrics

in the shadows of the falling leaves Life saw the end of sad man’s hope Long gone are days when we could share our dreams And I'm wondering (What's there)Beyond this endless wall of pain and lies Where all the light has disappeared? (My heart) will beat until we reac

In Flames - Black and white lyrics

am one with the world tonight I am proud to be this far from you You say that you have no regrets But I know that you do You told me someone stole the eye I know him too I've come to the conclusion, yes I know That between black and white There is no ro

Shinedown - Black cadillac lyrics

a mind full of aggravation I can take it if I just relax I say a prayer for the motivation Keep me solid so I stay on track But there’s a monkey on my back And it don’t know how to act Got me climbin’ up and down the walls Now I gotta make a choice May

Shriekback - Black light trap lyrics

eliptical Movement With the attitude of a snake Then make our incisions Stand on one leg and deviate All American action All lemonade high Old and cold and going gold A fanatical schism As impeccable as a swan Psychadelic exactions That lay me down or lead me on

Skyclad - Black summer rain lyrics

understand this fault is mine I'm basking in reflected light Why should I run, why should I hide? Why should I take another's prize? You don't see it, you just don't see it But you're up to your neck in it now Black Summer Rain Black Summer Rain Black Summer Rain Black Summe

Astarte - Black at heart lyrics

darkened eyes nothing seems so different My poison heart needle lust Paths of oblivion surround me above Labyrinth patterns enclosure my mind Always in hideaways from eyes I try to hold on to Hold on to my heart But always falling into a trap I t

Black Abyss - Black mirror lyrics

I arrived at the lost hall of stone My torch lights weakly up the hall I am alone pulled by something strange I see a black mirror it´s calling my name Dreams of endless black I know that I´ll never-never come back Dreams of endless black Absurbed in the mirror with no

Bloody Hammers - Black magic lyrics

out in the night to the point That can't get any higher Look down at the overlook Can you see where it conspires The old house glowing bright As day move close and discover Could be where the congregation is to be uncovered Black magic is in the

Brand Nubian - Black and blue lyrics

ass Al, he got a badge from the neighborhood yo Fly police car, the ninety-two model, now check it out Now Al used to rob, used to smoke, used to steal And he rolled a mean game of dice A factor boostin' he was nice as he proved on the daily tip At Macy's, he

Dark Lotus - Black sand lyrics

Violent J:] A black sand storm is approaching the metropolis Sucking up sunlight it moves on top of us Beaches of black sand are littered with dead fish Black sand deserts grow blood red cactus Dust devils twist human bodies in half Black sands dow

Diva Destruction - Black heart lyrics

much longer will all this last? My keyboard's bloody for all to see, Is this a blessing or my worst curse? To feel too deeply, to care too much. You always were my fatal flaw, Darkest addiction of all But your black heart will always kill With violence against

Dropkick Murphys - Black velvet band lyrics

a neat little town they call Brockton Apprenticed in trade I was bound And many an hour's sweet happiness I spent in that neat little town Then bad misfortune befell me That caused me to stray from the land Far away from my friends and companions To foll

The High Kings - Black velvet band lyrics

a neat little town they call Belfast Apprenticed to trade I was bound Many an hours sweet happiness Have I spent in that neat little town A sad misfortune came over me Which caused me to stray from the land Far away from my friends and relations Betrayed by the black

Icarus Witch - Black candles lyrics

s the fire in the dead of winter Igniting fear in the sinner's heart He is the death card among the tarot He's like the wolf tearing the lamb apart Well I've seen the devil's eyes They burn like black candles in the night In the night, in the nigh

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - In the black lyrics

honey, Let me see you smile, Don't be look at me funny, You got a better style, See me coming, Don't look the other way, Don't start running, You stole my heart away, Don't give me that run around, You know I treat you fine, You don't understand the way I feel, You g

Chris Rea - Black dog lyrics

dog barking in the cold grey light He pulls the chain and he pulls it tight This ain't no lonesome wail that boy ain't faking He bites the steel and he claws the ground He pulls again and he spins around His eyes are raging and his burning lungs are steami

Running Wild - Black bart lyrics

in Wales, becoming a mate 1719 the year of his fate His ship is seized, "Davis" is on Becoming a pirate, his past is gone Relentless in fight, the crew's hold and guiding light Bravery's first and the trading ship is cursed Black Bart at war with

Bury Tomorrow - Black flame lyrics

I stand, alone, with hate Here I stand, too long, too late All I know, is you will leave us all Here I stand, alone, to fall Oh my Brother, how could you? Not look into the eyes of your fellow man Who stood with you, through it all And feel nothing in your heart but hate Red stain on

Gabriel Cyphre - Black storm lyrics

in this nightmare that you use to call home Here is no one door to escape from this place Freedom and true love are dieing in a black hole Life we're living is a one great disgrace We are deep in the black storm Thunders lead our hate Watching eacho

Grand Magus - Black sails lyrics

in the wind Rule with fear and dreams that tear the light Sleepless empty nights A shiver of desperation Black sails rippling in the wind Will the dreams provide liberation? Or pain in the end Haunting dreams of red Bringing doom - Bringing death Black sails charge

Killing Joke - Black moon lyrics

in this vortex my true self begins to show Where phantoms pass me by what secrets do they hold? Flesh torn upon the wheels of human frailty Part of me was fascinated by the cruelty Running from the madness running from this mirror of how i feel A dream is just a shadow of somethin

Root - Black iris Černý kosatec lyrics

called you Demons, for neverendind and Astral Work, you have a singular mission, find Foetus of Life, Foetus of death, Foetus of Black Diamonds. Stability sustained is, it must be and will be forever, run and fly then, into every part of Ages, b

Artrosis - Black truth lyrics

the eyes of looking truth is a picture Lie glitters with gold Uttered words Will not express Your feelings, thoughts and wisdom Black truth Golden lie Burns in heart Thorn wrapped in velvet Wounds deeper and deeper Silence drinks in colou

Aura Noir - Black deluge night lyrics

deluge sweeps the landscape Seething waters rush Elegant waves of devastation Erects then plunge upon life We enshrine this glorious black deluge night Their pulse, in fear, is high We arise, then flee back through the Gates of Hell As tyrants, we escape from si

Kids In Glass Houses - Black crush lyrics

hill’s steepest before We crash into the fray Like the waves seduced the bay We run straight at the din Oh, to have a bombshell’s skin Oh, to never feel a thing The only heaven I call home The one where I feel safe alone The dear and departed The black crush has started T

Sloppy Seconds - Black roses lyrics

you were late But you never told me you were You didn't want to say Till you were sure But that song and dance Won't work no more Because you got no rhythm To save your soul I don't care how much it hurts So you can tell it To the Roman Catholic Church

Chromatics - Black walls lyrics

her dreams and oxygen The end is all she ever asked Engines warm It's dark outside A hidden tear behind her mask Black walls closing in again Losing sleep and lost in time She'll close her eyes And unlock mine She turns water into wine And she says she's no substitute A

Cold In May - Black wind lyrics


Dead Can Dance - Black sun lyrics

Man of fire Murderer! I've seen the eyes of living dead It's the same game - survival The great mass play a waiting game Embalmed, crippled, dying in fear of pain All sense of freedom gone Black sun in a white world Like having a black sun in a whit

Chris Isaak - Black flowers lyrics

lieing in there beds. Just remember what your mother said. Don't you worry, don't you cry. Little black flowers grow, in the sky. In the sky. Make a promise, cross your heart. Kings vow that we'll never part. Sign in blood and hope to die. Little black flow

Kidneythieves - Black bullet lyrics

you deal with the hallucination? Can you steal the hallucination? I can hear and feel all that you're thinking Can you deal with the hallucination? When I'm drowning in the sea, I am When you're looking down at me, I am When I'm walking in the str

Neuroticfish - Black again lyrics

then the faces turn black again In my memories "Evelina Matvijeva was walking home in Grozny last month when she was hit by two snipers' bullets which passed right through her." "There's been fierce fighting in the Soma

Neuroticfish - Black again (v3) lyrics

my memories... A little portion of the past Reminding me that I am lost That looks with anger back in time To a life that I defined Never thought it could go wrong Never mind I'm not so strong Never sensed the face of pain And then it turned black

Okkervil River - In a radio song lyrics

black sheep boy Blue-eyed charmer Head hanging with horns From your father Oh In a cold little mirror you were grown By a black little wind you were blown Alone, alone, alone Cold smile on your lips You shake and shiver Some animal sips where the river flows Fro

Kerion - Black fate lyrics

in my jail My screams get lost in the void My thoughts get lost in the night I'm waiting for the jury decision Now I know, the verdict has fallen I'm asking for my hopeless salvation From the shadows grow up the fear Striking my mind I'm close to madness

Arkona (poland) - In the glare of the burning churches (gravela.. lyrics

Give me the power To destroy the christian gods Give me the rule over the fire To burn the houses of god Give me the power over the wind To crush the forest of crosses Give me the black sword to kill All those who swore him the faith I will desecrate the holy templ

Blutengel - Black wedding lyrics

was a black wedding In this strange cold night All the people laughed But she she wished to die She offers him her secrets Gave all the love she had And she sees herself dying Lay naked on his bed She'll be his victim in this special night She'll lose her beauty

Haggard - In a pale moon's shadow lyrics

repellas eternus [May you forever repel the enemy] Pacemque dones et protinus [And give us peace, and from then on] Ductore sic de praevio [With you, our leader, in front of us] Vitemus omne noxium [We shall evade all evil] Hostem repellas eternus [

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - In another time lyrics

Here we are in the years, All the past is a dream, Can't believe that I'm here, Now, Seems so hard to recall, Did it happen that way, Did it happen at all, Here we are, win or lose, good and bad, fast and lose, Here we are, black and gold, In another time.

Opeth - Black rose immortal lyrics

the name of desperation I call your name A lamentation I sigh Again and again Spiritual eclipse The gateways are closed for me to seek The night... A veil of stars, watching My shadow is born from light The light of the eye, in darkness Over troubled waters

Front Line Assembly - Black march lyrics

in the corner Ordered it's time to go Conflict in the making Who has self-control? It may just stand for reason Only for the soul The situation changes But only for a while You barely get to see it Before you've fallen down The only way to fight it Is striking back again Stand

Crashdïet - In the raw lyrics

a black cat whining in the alley Like a pet locked up in a cage I see you strip right down to your toe nail Feel the rush flowin' rabid in my veins Feel the customs doing you a srip search Like a vet i'm giving you the cure Feel the power coming from my hip lurc

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