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Shinedown - Black [by pearl jam] lyrics

body once did All five horizons revolved around her soul ... all I taught her was everything Ooh, I know she gave me all ... clouds Of what was everything? Oh, the pictures have all

Running Wild - By the blood in your heart lyrics

is hard, to get it right it ain't easy Desperation's in your ... shout it out, your fist is rising Your heart is pounding with ... [Pre:] Pulse rate is rising high No, no compromising

Shinedown - Blue on black [by kenny wayne shepard] lyrics

falls and I'm alone Skin yeah chilled me to the bone ... from my hand Hey, blue on black, tears on a river Push on a ... a scream doesn't change a thing Don't bring you back Blue

Punk Goes... - Paint it black by versaemerge (the rolling st.. lyrics

a red door and I want it painted black No colors anymore I ... want them to turn black I see the girls walk by ... dressed in their summer clothes I have ... my darkness goes I see a line of cars and they're all painted black With flowers and my

The Dubliners - Black velvet band lyrics

And many an hour sweet happiness Have I spent in that neat ... and relations Betrayed by the black velvet band Her ... her shoulder Tied up with a black velvet band I took a

Jack Starr's Burning Starr - Black clouds of thanos lyrics

the midst of the never ending darkness I stand and wait, ... watch the sun begin to fade An evil place where ... hope is slowly dying A sleepy village where fear

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Black girl pain lyrics

your brother should be lookin out for one another I'm so ... put his hands on you I'm gettin locked up I'm not playin, ... that's the prayer I'm sayin for Diani And if I die then

Zach Chance - Black & blue lyrics

feel it come apart it's ripping at the seams Spilling out ... with everything your hopes and dreams ... Accompanied by misery and all that it brings ... to tear you away You're coming so close to standing bird in

Grateful Dead - Black lyrics

re bringing me down, I'm running aground, Blind in the ... lights of the interstate cars, Passing me by, ... busses and the semis, Plugging like stones from a slingshot

The Green Children - Black magic lyrics

eyes in the dark No telling who is who Still I know ... I even know of it I am walking straight to you Black ... Magic How do you do it Black Magic How do you do it

The High Kings - Black velvet band lyrics

Many an hours sweet happiness Have I spent in that neat ... and relations Betrayed by the black velvet band ... her shoulder Tied up with a black velvet band I took a

Punk Goes... - Men in black by forever the sickest kids (wil.. lyrics

Here come the men in black Its the mibs uh here come ... the mibs Here come the men in black men in black They wont ... nah nah The good guys dress in black remember that Just in

Forest Stream - Black swans lyrics

me in the temple of the evening sun Coming from there where ... s no life's remained Only the glow reflecting in the eyes of phrentics By the ... name of LEGION In the imperishable area of

Burn The Fleet - Black holes lyrics

these rips and folds, To find the currents that feed me ... I’m told. We’ll lead the blind and gives them eyes, We’ll ... clear path to walk on by our side, Behind the curtain

In Mourning - By others considered lyrics

be the best Why does the rain always seem so black Bleeding for more to satisfy my ... everything Sealed from the others, ... leading me down For the ... apparition of my longing I borrowed a smile,

Medina - Black lights lyrics

I did, it’s true what you think you heard, but I’m not ... and I know you’ll be judging me but there’s nothing here ... I didn’t try it all. It ain’t no cover up. I guess I

Slechtvalk - Black raven death lyrics

falcon was sent into the air by his master, to begin his ... With firm beats of his wings he ascended into the sky ... to begin his search. There his eyes

All Good Things - Black night lyrics

on day by day Standin' tall til my back breaks ... Shakin' like an earthquake All I ... All I feel is darkness Pressing down on my chest There ... This is not the situation Black night one foot in the grave

Ecliptica - Black swan lyrics

quot;CUM DIE SEPTIMA IN MENSE SEPTIMO LUNA ANTE ... EMITTEBUND E TENEBRIS ABYSSIS. NIHIL ENIM INULTUM ... of death and fear is howling through this cloudy night.

Emerald Sun - Black pearl lyrics

dark And the wind is howling Black mark Branded in his ... mind His mission is to save mankind Grey skies Over red horizons Strength dies In the ... pouring rain But in his eyes no signs of strain

King Diamond - Black devil lyrics

he was that little man, sitting by the altar... Black Devil ... Carved in stone so dark and could... Black Devil Help me, Help me, ... cause I don't know what's going on It was the early morning of the seventh day I had

Pj Harvey - Black hearted love lyrics

think I saw you in the shadows I move in closer ... beneath your windows Who would suspect me of ... rapture? And who but my black hearted love And who but my black hearted love When you call

Bloody Hammers - Black magic lyrics

out in the night to the point That can't get any higher ... conspires The old house glowing bright As day move close ... is to be uncovered Black magic is in the air They

Cage - Black river falls lyrics

cold midwestern snow way back in 1899 A wicked evil seemed to ... grow It's taking over people's mind Come ... here my child let me inside No get away my head! I

Extreme Music - Black night lyrics

on day by day Standin' tall til my back breaks ... Shakin' like an earthquake All I ... All I feel is darkness Pressing down on my chest There ... This is not the situation Black night one foot in the grave

H.e.a.t - Black night lyrics

was a cold winters night the silver moon ... sworn that I saw her standing at the edge of my sight ... seal from long ago chased by her shadows in the still of

Lightmare - Black mess lyrics

moon is shinin' and bright is the night ... They're lookin' for a tomb, which is fittin' ... drops on a stone They're diggin' in a grave lookin' for a ... bone This is called "Black Mess" false rituals,

Primal Fear - Black sun lyrics


Necrophobic - Black moon rising lyrics

I walk into unknown forests Coldness ... spreads in my soul I gaze upon the twilight skies And ... scornful moon Through the winds I whisper the names To ... the silent storms Entering the wastelands Where no living soul has been before As I

Orange Goblin - Black egg lyrics

must be crazy Or could it be true that ... your memory's been so unkind So tired and lazy You ... never could search for the things that you wanted to find

Agalloch - Black lake nidstång lyrics

] "Our shadows seep into the dusk like cranes that ... melt into the pool; a black lake in which they descend ... ghosts caress the Nidstång in the dark its face scarred by

Anvil - Black or white lyrics

in opposition, drawing lines in the sand We all have a point ... of view in the freedom of our land If ... colour it's the thoughts within your head Living in fear and

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Black hair lyrics

night my kisses were banked in black hair And in my bed, my ... lover, her hair was midnight black And all her mystery dwelled ... within her black hair And her black hair

Danzig - Black candy lyrics

like you're losing your mind Black candy is so hard to find See ... how she sets you on fire Black candy that dies on the vine ... time Feels like you're starting to die Black candy is so

Destruction - Black mass lyrics

kneel in front of the altar it's ... lord jesus and contess my sins I hear a scornful laughin' voices sound through the ... silence the organ plays by oneself hell what's happen

Kaledon - Black clouds lyrics

time in the valley Is passing day by day, Our soldiers ... train so hard And they won't never ... fail We're waitin' the right moment To land ... Makes our hearts beat slow Black clouds in the sky Getting

The Cruxshadows - Black heart and a hammer lyrics

see my black heart Black heart and a hammer Come and ... sing to me Black heart and a hammer Come and ... dance for me Standing where she lay Dancing on

Dolores O'riordan lyricsDolores O'riordan - Black widow lyrics

solace Finding solace somewhere Seeking ... comfort Seeking comfort somewhere Over ... over Over she falls The black widow Waiting for her lover

Drain S.t.h. - Black lyrics

the flowers in my hand, I was almost there ... was already there Now I'm losing who I am Save me now cause ... all I am is black Black is black Turned the water into salt

Lil' Scrappy - Black diamonds lyrics

hat Black shades Black diamonds Bla-bla-black ... diamonds [x3] [Chorus:] Black hat Black shades Black ... diamonds Bla-bla-black diamonds Black hat Black

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - Black pearl lyrics

down in Mississippi I found my ... was a hot blooded - god fearin' - gospel girl The finest ... that I ever seen She's black coffee - little bit 'o cream

Danzig - Black mass lyrics

my name It's but one of many by which I'm known The ... borneless one There is no pain or anger that I am not Hell ... come He will come Two nails in the palm of the hand Hell

Elis - Black angel lyrics

was walking through the night Suddenly ... I remarked a sound in the winds An angel like voice singing a tale Through the cold ... night Flies an angel The black angel White skin, red lips

Maybach Music Group - Black on black lyrics

Okay now guess who’s back In a black Maybach With a black ... like that My nigga we black on black, black on black My ... gold, but know my strap all black My nigga we black on black

Nocturnal Rites - Black death lyrics

countess was laughing She looked out the plague ... from her throne By the gate in the darkness The crowd was ... screaming in pain Cursed of sickness by starving People dying slow They

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - Black sun lyrics

around? Oh yeah-yeah Burning in the black sun Like a ... jackle on the run, well Burning in the black sun Burning ... up in the black sun, whoa yeah Rotten apples

D Devils - Black magic lyrics

get in my existence... Come closer, ... no distance... There's one thing that I need, Your promise ... me your soul, And I'll bring you power! Sell me your

Dark Lotus - Black rain lyrics

I can see the Earth startin' to shift Inside out No ... trace of the moon since the face burnt out Watch ... the rain fall down, hard and heavy ... Dark black like dirt but it will burn

Him - Hand of doom (black sabbath cover) [live in t.. lyrics

your written rules You join the other fools Turn to ... something new Now it's killing you First it was the bomb ... Vietnam napalm Disillusioning You push the needle in

Lecrae - Black rose lyrics

my garden in my garden To keep and care ... ve got to water it She ain't never seen garden of Eden ... Only seen garden of bleeding And some are gonna lie and

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - Black mass hysteria lyrics

is the Black Mass Hysteria This is the Black Mass I'm crawling you, into ... your veins Loving my soul And so you weigh my ... say that love was found Black Mass Hysteria Black Mass

Running Wild - Black gold lyrics

world is on fire, hunting for oil A handful of liars ... dividing the spoils Bullshit is ... walking with a whole bunch of lies ... When money is talking, reality dies [Pre:]

Tyler Ward lyricsTyler Ward - Black beatles (rae sremmurd & gucci mane cove.. lyrics

know of me Young bull living like an old geezer Quick ... for whatever reason Smoke in the air, binge drinking They ... DJ drops the needle Getting so gone I'm not blinking

Cruel Force - Black witch of doom lyrics

of the wild Where the witching hour never ends The fiery ... Darkness and evil awaits equinox Black witch of beauty soon ... the vault Demons rape Black witch of beauty Enchanted

Devilyn - Black mask of death lyrics

pants for blood like a thirsting to give a fruit of a murder ... and regain the lost dream. Dead ... to immemorial fight. And black angel has come with his

Ingrid Michaelson - Black and blue lyrics

I think I got you figured out Boy I ... think I know what you are all ... about Finally I can finally see You pull the ... from out my chest Everything you ever said was a lie You

Jessica Jean - Black box lyrics

it in my black box Yeah Keep it in my black box Yeah Imma suck it ... Like I never knew it Imma black it out Like you never blew ... it Gotta draw the line '€" you drop me like a

Shriekback - Black light trap lyrics

of a snake Then make our incisions Stand on one leg and ... high Old and cold and going gold A fanatical schism ... lay me down or lead me on In the ballet of Black-Light

Slayer - Black serenade lyrics

Music: Hanneman) Terrorize frozen eyes stare deep in me ... Paralyzed inside death breeds on your pain ... Pretty lace lie in hate you wear my scars ... Terrified you find that you push me too far

Astarte - Black at heart lyrics

darkened eyes nothing seems so different My ... oblivion surround me above Labyrinth patterns enclosure my mind Always in hideaways from ... to my heart But always falling into a trap I try to hold

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