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Mase - Money comes and goes lyrics

Ma$e] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Get money, make money Why's it always got to be about some money Ha, ha, ha, ha Cause I was born to have it You satisfied In my life, money comes and goes Money comes and goes Even when it's movin' slow I ain't afraid

Clay Walker - Money ain't everything lyrics

Let's go to Louisiana boys Way down in Louisiana where the moss and cypress grew You'd find old Jack in a shotgun shack In the back of the black bayou Some fol...

Jermaine Dupri - Money ain't a thang lyrics

uh So So Def Yeah, yeah [Chorus: Jermaine Dupri and Jay-Z] [Jermaine Dupri] In the Ferrari or Jaguar, switchin four lanes With the top down screamin out, money ain't a thang [Jay-Z] Bubble hard in the double R flashin the rings With the window cracked, holler back, money ain't

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - Money ain''t a thang lyrics

Z) Uh uh So So Def Yeah, yeah [Chorus: Jermaine Dupri and Jay-Z] [Jermaine Dupri] In the Ferrari or Jaguar, switchin four lanes With the top down screamin out, money ain't a thang [Jay-Z] Bubble hard in the double R flashin the rings With the window

Kriss Kross - Money, power and fame lyrics

MACK DADDY: Chris Kelly] Heh yeah Wassup yall This the M-A-C Of course I got my nigga D-A-double D And you know I got the homey Chris to the Terry And this is goin out to all yall niggas in Greenbry [?] All yall niggas in Adamsville All yall niggas in A

Rabia Sorda - Money talks and rots lyrics

talks to me, are you listening to? It tells me who to be and it comfort me When nothing's true Failing away, it chokes yu! it chokes me! Money talks to me, it can buy me love It gives me the key to open doors that over were closed Money is your savior it feeds your fantasy

Patti Page - Money, marbles and chalk lyrics

s an old sayin' that's been all around I heard it before I could walk How some's got health and some's got wealth Others money, marbles and chalk. I got money, marbles and chalk, sweetheart But I still feel like I am poor 'Cause my money won'

A Global Threat - Money lies and real estate lyrics

f***ing landlords, apartments up for rent cheating, lying, swindling tenants of their every cent paying them for housing, you need somewhere to sleep they're concerned with nothing but their profit property money, lie and real estate are so easy to conceal who are

New District - Ain't got money lyrics

though we ain’t got money I’m so in love with you honey Even though we ain’t got money All I need is love I don’t need a million shoes When you’re walking by my side I don’t need no penthouse view When I could stare at you all night With you wrapped around

Dizzee Rascal - Money money lyrics

Money Money girls, Money Money Money girls, Money Money Money, girls girls, cash cash, Dizzee diz i keep the money coming in, eight hundred fifty pound jeans covering my shin, 'coz my legs are skinny but my wallet ain't thin, everytime i bust a smile it's a big m

Paul Wall - "ain't a thang" lyrics

Chorus: Paul Wall] Money Ain't A Thang Paper Ain't Nothin When You're In A Black Mayback On Buttons Cutting These Pops Got Dimes By The Dozen Higher Than A Kite And I'm a Keep On Puffin Money Ain't A Thang Paper Ain't Nothin When You're In A Black Mayback On Bu

Dappy - Money can't buy lyrics

sold out like a hundred shows All I ever wanted came true so fast First class and videos All my dreams turned to reality [Bridge] But how will long will they last Cuz I don't need to worry bout' the rent no more I don't need to struggle like I

Lil Kim - Money, power, respect lyrics

I believe in money, power and respect First you get the money Then you get the motherf--kin' power And after you get the f--kin' power You get the f--kin' ni--az to respect you chorus (Lil' Kim) It's the key to life Money power respect Tha

Dire Straits - Money for nothing lyrics

want my I want my MTV Now look at them yo-yo's that's the way you do it You play the guitar on the MTV That ain't workin' that's the way you do it Money ain't for nothin' and your chicks for free Now that ain't workin' that's the way you do it Let m

Juicy J - Ain't no coming down lyrics

Intro] Still winning... we gonna stay and get money So you niggas know what it is - 4/20 bitch [Hook] High... ain't no coming down Roll up let's burn up Turn up, ain't no turning down Chasing this fast money, ain't no slowing down Hold up, let's pour a four up 'cause it's g

Lil Kim - Money talks lyrics

Tim-baland, and Lil' Kim (na na nahh-nah) Just Tim-baland, and Lil' Kim (uh, uh-huh, what) Just Tim-baland, and Lil' Kim (na na nahh-nah) Just Tim-baland, and Lil' Kim (uh, uh-huh, what) Yo, yo yo yo, this joint is strictly for heavyweighters not them pl

The Kinks - Money talks lyrics

by Flash, Floosies and Spivs: Show me a man who says he can live without bread And I'll show you a man who's a liar and in debt. There's no one alive who can't be purchased or enticed There's no man alive who wouldn't sell for a price, Money talks a

Lil' Keke - Ain't nothing like lyrics

Intro:] Oh baby, I love you girl I love you, I feel like I'm alive P****, p****, p****, p**** P****, p****, p****, p**** P****, p****, p****, p**** P****, p****, p****, p**** [Hook: x2] It ain't nothing like, p**** It ain't nothing like, the way the Southern playas ball It ai

Drake lyricsDrake - Money remix(feat nickelus f) lyrics

TALKING:] Southern Smoke {echo} It's Southern Smoke baby! (Money) Frank [?] (Money) My man Nickelus F (Money) Ho! It's Drake. Southern Smoke (Money) This is the remix right here (Money) So if you got some (Money) Put ya hands in the air (Money) Southern Smoke [Verse 1:] No

Kurupt - Money (do it for me) (feat. rbx) lyrics

new airmax is the start, Gucci and Louie from my belt to clothes I change with the times moving up I still can't find no one to trust Nicky on tv with madona, sending out a message to you premadonas And everybody that thought Nicki was whack, is

Big Sean - Money & sex ft. bun b lyrics

Verse 1: Big Sean] Ok I think I think I think I think I'm the badest we got all the bottles they got all the glasses, I'm proly with yo girlfriends cause they got all the asses, burning all this paper you should try and catch the ashes, I'm in my section pop

Nina Simone - Ain't got no, i got life lyrics

ain't got no home, ain't got no shoes Ain't got no money, Ain't got no clothes Ain't got no perfume, Ain't got no skirts Ain't got no sweaters, Ain't got no smokes Ain't got no god. Ain't got no father, Ain't got no mother Ain't got no sisters, i've got one

Billie Holiday - Ain't nobody's business if i do lyrics

ain't nothing I can do Or nothing I can say That folks don't criticize me But I'm going to do Just as I want to anyway And don't care just what people say If I should take a notion To jump into the ocean Ain't nobody's business if I do If I go to church on Sunday Then cabaret

Alan Jackson - Ain't got trouble now lyrics

girl I loved, she sure was pretty, but always runnin’ round. She finally ran off with a boy from the city, and I ain’t got trouble now. I ain’t got trouble now, no I ain’t got trouble now. I had it before, and I’ll have some more, but I ain’t got trouble n

Willie Nelson - Ain't nobody's business lyrics

ain't nothing I can do, or nothing I can say, Some folks will criticize me. So I'm gonna do just what I want to anyway, And don't care if you all despise me. If I should take a notion To jump into the ocean, It ain't nobody's business if I do. If I go to church on Sunda

Flo Rida - Money right (feat. rick ross & brisco) lyrics

got my money right, I aint nothin nice, its goin down tonight, thats what the bitches like all day long I got my money right, I aint nothin nice, its goin down tonight, thats what the bitches like all day long, I aint hurry for nothin baby (all day long)

Alborosie - Money lyrics

intro) death ova life money ova people this world is crazy (chorus) money money money because is the root of all evil mi seh fyah babylon money money money tell you is the root of all evil oooyy (verse 1) money inna mi pocket dem neva en

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Money lyrics

Intro: 50 Cent] I'm on that bullshit I'm, I'm, back on that bullshit I'm on that bullshit I'm, I'm, back on that bullshit [Chorus: 50 Cent] Startin to feel like there's nothin left to talk about but the, money, money Bill collectors keep comin when a nigga f***ed

Low Millions - Money thing lyrics

re shutting off the phone, cutting off the gas I can't afford to heat, the water in my bath I'm barely getting by, I'm hanging by a string It's a money thing I could sell my body, I could sell my sperm I could sell my blood, with the money tha

Living Colour - Money talks lyrics

don't care about your dreams of peace i don't care about your please lord please i don't care about your africa i don't care about your ancestors 'cause money talks and i'm listening to the sound money talks and it's the only sound that counts i don'

Kissin’ Dynamite - Money,sex&power lyrics

You like [2x] Bunga Bunga Bunga Bunga Bunga Bunga I'm a moola junkie Bucks run through my veins Daily cash infusions Dough is my cocaine I'm a crook, I'm a fraud, I'm a cheater In my tinted high end limousine All the gread and the risk and the gamble

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Money power glory lyrics

say that you wanna go To a land that's far away How are we supposed to get there With the way that we're living today? You talk lots about God Freedom comes from the call But that's not what this bitch wants Not what I want at all I want money, powe

Cryptic Slaughter - Money talks lyrics

hassles you try giving them a ten They’ll probably never bother you again Because money talks and people listen To get rich is the American ambition Money talks and people listen To get ahead and get some more That’s what this country was built upon And all it seems to stand for

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Money by any means (feat. noreaga) lyrics

ain't easy to make money (Whoo) So now everybody wanna take money (Uh huh, uh huh) You ain't a thug, matter fact you a fake money (Take money, uh) F*** wit mines, I'ma view you at ya weight money It ain't a game You can call me player yeah, but I ain't playing fair (Uh

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Love money party lyrics

Chorus] Money ain't nothing but money when you get to the money it ain't nothing but money Love ain't nothing but love when you learn how to love ain't nothing but love Party ain't nothing but a party when you party every day it ain't nothing but a party Love money party Love mon

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - Get money spend money no money lyrics

Gangsta [Verse 1:] Tell me all my children fore I come through is the hood in the buildin'(yes) You won't believe what I'm dealing this west coast shit, oh what a feelin' (ahhhh) Niggaz think I'm drug dealin' cause I rolled out with no muthaf***in

Tamar Braxton - Money can't buy you love lyrics

yeah, oh yeah Oh yeah-yeah oh, ooh Don't wanna sound like I'm a golddigger But I like the finer things in life, alright Can't be spending my time with nobody who ain't doing nothing So now y'all wanna own my own leather So I gotta keep my focus tight, alright B

Rosanne Cash - Ain't no money lyrics

now I hear people say My ship is sailin' could be any day Any day now it might not feel so blue My baby tells me stop and look around If you ain't careful, Hon, you're trouble bound Run home for cover and you might not find none there He say there ain't no money in this runnin' a

Black 'n Blue - One for the money lyrics

I'm lookin' for a honey We're gonna have a good time Need a dirty little cherry bomb She's gonna blow my mind Ain't got a lot of patience Ain't got a lot to say I'm feelin' like a shotgun Gonna blow you away If she ain't lookin' for love anymore She better take me

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - Get dis money lyrics

Drama: Ya'll ready? When I wake up First thing on my mind is get this cake up Stayin on my grind and stackin straight up We gon we gon we gon get dis money We gon we gon we gon get dis money When I wake up First thing on my mind is get this cake up Ain't no time to sleep I gotta stay up

Scarface - Money and the power lyrics

Scarface Money and the power, money and the power I ain't fallin short I got the Money and the power Yup! Hehehahaha, hehe ha hah hah.. yeah Money and the power, money and the power Never goin back cause I got Money and the power [Scarface] Deep in th

B.o.b. - F*** the money lyrics

B.O.B] Well, I'm a make a lot of money (Make a lot of money) And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this (Quit this) Crazy scene Well I'm a quit this crazy scene Cause being famous ain't all what they make it to be But back then y'all this was my fa

B.o.b. - F*** the money(feat asher roth) lyrics

Chorus - B.o.B] Well, I'm a make a lot of money (Make a lot of money) And I'm-and I'm gonna quit this, quit this (Quit this) Crazy scene [B.o.B] Well I'm a quit this crazy scene Cause being famous ain't all what they make it to be But back

Foghat - Easy money lyrics

for a way to earn some easy cash, So I can lay back and watch it roll in. I wanna flash my roll, I want to see that good old eagle grin. Lonely man needs a high rollin' woman, That's what I had for sure. But she took a ride, left me dissatisfied, Ain't gonn

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Get your money up lyrics

Nicki Minaj:] Uh huh, yo yo I need all the dudes in the club get ya money out Stop, now let me see your booty drop [Keri Hilson:] If you think your impressin' us with your ice and your dub Poppin' bottles in the club, get your money up 'Cause I ain't your ave

August Alsina - Get ya money lyrics

Verse 1:] They don't even see you like I do First thing when you wake up Before you put on your make up And they don't really know you like I do Cause with me you ain't the same You ain't gotta run no game Girl cause what you do and what I do ain't different We both on a missi

Ne-yo - Money can't buy lyrics

Verse 1 - Jeezy:] You lookin' better than a Scarface starter kit All hundreds, small faces nothin' counterfeit You want this ghetto D? Or that over the counter shit? Catch you slippin' in the kitchen, on the counter shit (damn) Oh shit (sup), I guess I'll pause for the

Plies - Money straight lyrics

Intro] Hey nigga... It ain't no motherf***in' secret no mo' nigga... Yeah I got my motherf***in' chips straight now nigga... You bitch ass niggas better hope I don't go broke nigga... 'Cause if I do I'mma be layin' in yo' motherf***in' bushes nigga haha! [Chorus] I'm ridin

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Mind on my money (feat. brinx, busta rhymes) lyrics

got my mind on my money And I'm not goin awayyyy... So keep on gettin yur paper... Now you hold it's yur excellence... see I t.c oh forward slash president... East side resident oh so evident... Brinx billy ride cousin black On black phantom 26's on the side of em... n

Bo Bice - Got money lyrics

you've been talkin', talkin' 'bout it Now you got to leave it behind You ain't got no cause for conversation No you ain't gonna stand here in line Keep a distance with your dirty habits All these people just letting you by Ain't got money, ain't got time You're spr

Ivy Levan - Money lyrics

say that I shot a man down For not picking up the check What they don’t know it won’t hurt them So keep moving down the line Just cause I like my diamonds bright Ain’t saying I’m wrong or if it’s right But baby I haven’t been wrong before Cash is everything I need so show

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Money man lyrics

song goes out to all the money men He drives around in a fancy car Smokes those long cuban cigars He don't know how to play guitar He can't sing but still the pretty girls think he's a star We play music got families to feed Ain't good with num

London - Money honey lyrics

honey can make you turn your head now Money honey can get you where to get now Money honey can give you what you can get know Money honey you ain't got no respect You smile at a fortune just to see what you can get And money honey got your bre

Bob Seger lyricsBob Seger - Ain't got no money lyrics

I'm looking for a woman About five foot six Who ain't into glamour She's just into kicks Just a sweet fashion lady Stepping dynamite Who's gonna take me for granted In the heat of the night Come on baby Don't run away Look here in my face Be it n

Snakehips - Money on me (feat. anderson .paak) lyrics

know we ain't in Pebble Beach, TD or Miami Keys But baby it's the rooftop, anything you want is yours Swear to God, we can get it all Put the money on me I know we ain't in LV, Magic City Or the steamboat moving up to Mississippi But let me hold a couple C-Notes

Cage The Elephant - Ain't no rest for the wicked lyrics

was walking down the street, When out the corner of my eye I saw a pretty little thing approaching me. She said "I've never seen a man Who looks so all alone, Could you use a little company? If you pay the right price Your evening will be nice, And you can go a

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Money lyrics

feat. Young Jeezy & Ludacris) [Young Jeezy] I can’t even walk My pockets too heavy Got that 40 on me now Them choppers too heavy Told ‘em you gotta fall back I can’t sneak you in the club Said I’m in the car you need me my nigga Nothin

Lil' Scrappy - Money in the bank (remix) lyrics

Cash Register Ringing Up A Sale,Im Rich Bitch!] [Ontro: Lil' Scrappy & 50 Cent] Remixxx,We Gotta Lotta Money,Come On We Didn't Have To Hurt Em' Like Dis 50,Well Anyway,G-Untttttt!!! [Chorus x4:] I Got Money In The Bank (Yea) Shawty What You Drank [Ve

Mxpx - Money tree lyrics

more years ain't right for me, i don't think so won't let them teach me how to be a money tree that's what you are that's all you'll ever be a money tree they've got you planted in the ground, you don't know it they make you put your money down &

Needtobreathe - Money & fame lyrics

was sleeping with a loaded gun I was scared of all things I'd done Yeah, I know I'm not the only one It's alright, it's alright, it's alright, it's alright now I was chasing down a high again Tryna take whatever I could get But you know I had to pay

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