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Alyssa Bernal - Cali cali cali lyrics

ohh Yeah Cali Cali Cali California I won’t forget that ... day The sunlight opened my eyes First kiss on the beach is like paradise Cali Cali Cali California

R5 - Cali girls lyrics

tops, sitting next to Cee-Lo Pacific ... coast highway This happens every day And our ... song is playing on the radio Like 20 times a day Man this is so cray-zay Keep seein

Radical Something - Cali get down lyrics

get down like this Come and get down like that ... CALIIIIIII!!! Let's go let's go let's ... go let's go We're crawling up the streets And rollin' ... through your town, its electric Bending every corner but I

Juicy J - Cali high lyrics

I'm geeked up. Love these cali drugs so much smoke you cant ... see in this mother f***er. Mayne hey ... lets get up out this jump. All this smoke gon ... out this car. I'm in luv with the cali drugs, like the cali bud, I got some weed strips

Sabi - Cali love (feat. tyga) lyrics

Hook: Sabi] My top down on my jeep ... Rollin' the cali streets My music turnt up ... My crew mobbin' like Singing La La La La La La La La Cali Love My top down in my hood

The Game - Cali boyz lyrics

The Game] Yeh this is killa Cali, live as a motherf***er man ... Niggaz hoppin of off LAX's Can't wait to ... see the sunshine, the palm trees, the beautiful woman I love it man, nineteen years and runnin', this

The Game - Cali sunshine lyrics

Chorus] California sunshine, in the summer time [4x] Last ... year, Jazze Phe got stuck up inside the grand lux, Most ... recent was 50 in Angola, that’s what’s up,

Issues - Yung & dum (feat. jon langston) lyrics

the dream Living the lifestyle that we want Not a ... damn thing gonna change me I’ll tell em’ where I’m from ... all young and dumb Running wild through the streetlight Like we could fly when

Azealia Banks - Yung rapunxel lyrics

wanna be free I wanna be free I wanna be ... free I wanna be free Who’s cooler ... than this, witch, Maneuver then dip, hip like the ruger - this clip, Bitches Zooted and Sipped, I’m

Xxxtentacion lyricsXxxtentacion - Yung bratz lyrics

s on yo block with that glock, right now Drop ... me like an Opp and indeed, get shot down She ... ~ X wanna You wanna? L-l-lick my dick like a what? Nice! ... Lick my dick like Lil Wayne lollypop, huh! Hi, my

Kid Ink - Cali dreamin' lyrics

dreamin [3x] I'm gonna stay..stay..stay California dreamin [3x] I'm gonna ... stay..stay..stay Since you might see bunch of beaches bunch ... of pretty bitches life dnt get it twisted wrong

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Cali dro lyrics

feat. Daz Dillinger, Kurupt) [Birdman:] ... So Light It Up And Pass The Thang To Me ... Im Fresh Off Patrol I Could Smoke A Whole P Can ... Smell It In My Clothes You Can Smell It In My Seats Thats How A Nigga

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - Cali to new york (feat. de la soul) lyrics

floor) People started hollerin (for more) Beggin us to ... bless 'em with an (encore) You know the ... what the coast we, be on Pacific or Atlantic we, stay

Flo Rida - Dont know how to act (feat. yung joc) lyrics

Yung Joc) Bounce, bounce, bounce, ... bounce (Chorus 1: Yung Joc) I'm in the club Kush ... got it burning up I'm poppin' bottles and I'm f***ing up ... their furniture I'm in the club, DJ gon' turn it up

Bladee - Tokyo drift (yung lean, monyhorse, petz, blad.. lyrics

Lean: Chaki Zulu Lean Shoutouts Tokyo ... Whatever you like, bitch I got it You need coke, pills, ... dro, yea I'm on it Call my boys, bitch hop ... on it, make 'em poppin' Lean Doer, I'm exhausted, I be coughin' in that coffin With my Tokyo boys in that white

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - White tee w/ yung bruh (prod. nedarb) lyrics

Lil Peep] I used to think I love you Now I know it ain't ... true Now I know it's not you 50 on my boxers ... Bitch I know you see me Shining in my white tee Its easy I make it look easy Believe me

Ll Cool J - Going back to cali lyrics

m going back to Cali, Cali, Cali I'm going back to Cali.. hmm ... I don't think I'm going back to Cali, Cali, Cali I ... m going back to Cali.. I don't think so Going back

Bladee - Nitevision (by yung lean) lyrics

Nice, no distance, nights, night vision Life, existence, nice, existence Yung Lean: Night vision in my ... armor, yeah, I took it over Watching Space Jam,

Dj Drama - Throw ya sets up ft. yung joc, willie the kid.. lyrics

the Darkman] Hustler, gettin yo cash, now throw ya sets ... up Gangsta, gettin yo cash, now throw ya sets ... up [Yung Joc:] I got big nuts, they call me big

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - Walk w/ itsoktocry ft. yung goth lyrics

Chorus: LiL PEEP] Walk, walk, walk, ... walk, walk [Verse 1: Lil Peep] I got lots of drug ... dealers I be gettin' in my feelings I got problems ... with the women Tell them hoes I

Notorious B.i.g. - Going back to cali lyrics

phone number being dialed] [phone rings three times ... [Biggie]Yo! [P. Dad]Yo Big wake up wake up baby [Biggie ... Mmm, yo... [P. Dad]Yo Big wake yo' ass up c'mon [Biggie]I'm up! I'm up. *mumbling*

Cali P. - Herbalist lyrics

the Lyrical Faya Cali P Inspired by the ganja tree Eh ey ... Original herbalist, Cali P a real ganjah man Bun it ... up inna the plane, and mek dem ... smell how mi tan From me 13 me sow and

Slash - Back from cali (2011 version) lyrics

up this morning all alone I got a ringing in my head I ... couldn't take it anymore today She left me ... Ohh Woah yeah yeah... And it should come as no surprise I shoulda known it from the

Slash - Backfrom cali (ft. myles kennedy) lyrics

up this morning all alone I got a ringing in my head I ... couldn't take it anymore today She left me ... Ohh Woah yeah yeah... And it should come as no surprise I shoulda known it from the

Asap Rocky lyricsAsap Rocky - R-cali lyrics

pistol popping like it's 1999 I was 9 maybe 10, ... then again never mind Press rewind, back in time ... before rappers dropping dimes Trap or die, choppin' pies with cliche's all in they

Damien Jurado - Rachel & cali lyrics

would it be alright if I stayed here in the car? ... s too many people out there I don't know It's not that I'm ... too shy, I cannot be polite I just don't feel confident in

Kurupt - Kill it (feat. yung jr) lyrics

Intro:] Living proof my nigga Yea Yea Kurupt It's ... Youngin, this real rap Trap, trap, trap ... Look, I remember waitin on the 1st and 15th for some

Pleasure P - I'm a beast (feat. yung joc) lyrics

lemme tell ya how dis gon go See I'm a pick you ... up around eight And baby I'm a take you for a ride you ain't never seen before And you ... can tell ya man that ya stayin out late Baby don't worry If you gotta problem I'll fix

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - Sixteen swishers w/ itsoktocry ft. yung goth lyrics

Verse 1: Lil Peep] Okay, I'm cool I admit it I didn't ... go to school, I was busy Her mama don't like ... me, her daddy be trippin' I'm only 19, I feel like a winner I'm only 19, but I

Martin Garrix lyricsMartin Garrix - Dreamer (ft. mike yung) lyrics

Don't tell me not to dream I got freedom And that's ... everything to me It don't matter What I've got ... or where I go I'll find shelter a million miles

A Skylit Drive - The cali buds lyrics

is friendship This is friendship This is for my friends This one's for my cali ... buds California, waiting for ya (We stand tall... ... ) I said it's time you believe in (...all in all) I said it's time you believe in me

Disneymania - Super cali (boiob mix) by orlando brown lyrics

sing glory to the patient cause my lyrics like emancipation My lyrical genius is ... true to the youth nation Motivation I'm sick of waiting ... supercali fragilistic expialidocious Cause I feel so amazing Thanks to Marco G. the

Kottonmouth Kings - Southern cali weather lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Jason Munday - California dorks (parody of katy perry's cali.. lyrics

know a place Where the pixel count is higher Chill at ... Echobase We're like the Rebels to the Empire Sippin' Mountain Dew We'll get ... some In' N Out for breakfast Gotta

Lil' Flip - Bounce with me lyrics

Hook] Now it don't matter where you from, ... its where you at Everybody come ... and bounce with me, come on and bounce with ... me And if these hoes wanna roll let em

Ruff Ryders - World war iii lyrics

Ryders, Ruff Ryders Ryde or Die Volume 2 (Tugboats) It's ... the second time around motherf***er Volume ... 2 Ryde or Die Biatch Gangsta Nigga and we ... gone rock this motherf***er We the square

Big Bang - We belong together (ft. park bom) kor lyrics

Baby boo, I'm always thinking about you (I'm still here) ... Whatever you do, I'm the one to trust (yeah) ... jwuh yo (LOVE ME) ee dae roh yung wuhn hee hahm kkeh hae yo (WE

Park Bom - We belong together (feat. bigbang) lyrics

Baby boo, I'm always thinking about you (I'm still here) ... Whatever you do, I'm the one to trust (yeah) ... jwuh yo (love me) ee dae roh yung wuhn hee hahm kkeh hae yo (we

Lil' Keke - Ain't i (remix) lyrics

Lil Keke:] That's Right Ain't I? Don Ke, Z-Ro The ... Crooked Yung Redd, Paul Wall, baby Ain't I Thank I Thank I Ain't Nigga ... Don Ke In The Building Check It Out Ain't I,

Bones lyricsBones - Pixelatedtears lyrics

Sadboys The tear drops fallin' I'm cryin' on the beat So ... the (?) say I'm ballin' Rap (???) (???) All the bitches think I'm gorgeous They ... say the flow magic I'm lookin' like a shaman Young white

Ruff Ryders - Stomp lyrics

all done f***ed up now! OH SHIT! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's mine ... now! Who want it, HA? D-S, Ryde or Die nigga ... you heard that? It's Yung Wun with the big gun, what

Da Brat - Ain't got time to waste lyrics

so def hey shortie how we do hey shorite im ... know yeah as the clock keep ticking tick, tick gotta keep my ... vision bleary, im in a hurry to get this paper

Hustle Gang - Poppin for some lyrics

Dro] Black kush reefer, smoking on Cali boy I’m a west side nigga like Danny Boy Flip ... a brick, sell a brick, cup a brick house F*** a ... trick, keep my dick in yo bitch mouth Pull up boy, ridin

Brand Nubian - To the right lyrics

we're gonna swing this one to the right Wanna give ... to my man Pos K My man Big Daddy, he's cool Now Rule ... Mob, check it out Well honey here's a Hickie, Puba's not a quickie

Lil Dicky lyricsLil Dicky - Save dat money lyrics

AKA The Independent Variable Trap God, and we servin' ... where the dough at, baby? In the bank, you know I ain't ... Ay, we gon' save that money (I'm so thrifty) Ay, we gon'

Nipsey Hussle - Ceo lyrics

Hook: Nipsey Hussle] Look I'm a all money in CEO, Witch ... means that fly money is the life I chose, And they say I think I'm the shit, But I don't ... think I kno, Cause ain't nobody gave us nuttin we

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - Lax lyrics

feat. Ice Cube) Oh... Cali? No doubt LAX Oh... Cali? ... Dogg] West West y'all, pile it on your plate A little ... somethin' somethin' from the Golden State Nah,

Paul Wall - "hustler stackin' ends" lyrics

Talking - Paul Wall] Aww, that ... hoe gangsta......Live from the GRITIRON It's ... the people's champ..Know what I'm talkin' 'bout? I gotta, ... do what I do cuz I do it so well Stackin' my mail

Repablikan - Luha lyrics

na ako dahil hindi ako gusto ng mahal ko Sinubukang habulin ka akala ko'y ... magagawa Pero bakit ganon pinagpalit ako Sa tropa ko ... Haraprapang niloko ginago mo ang tulad ko Sana malimot na kita Ako ay lumuha dahil, 'di ko kaya na lumutin ka

Kelly Rowland - Still in love with my ex lyrics

(Yeah) Ex (Kelly and Yung Texxus) Ex (Yeah) [Kelly] ... I never thought that we would ... Should've never made the promises to each other So many things I should've said that you

Azealia Banks - Miss armor lyrics

to breeze thru freaks I got a job interview with ... Hebrew G Ump shigga bum parrum pump Pump pa ... rrrrum pum pump Rum diggy dum, the yum young scunt ... on the hunt for the rhythm in London once! Ump shigga

Kamikazee - The yes yes show lyrics

You better get ready for a big surprise You think it's ... almost over but it's only on the rise Mental ... message via visual contact Nutter than men with a se**** soundtrack More

Rice & Curry - Calcutta (taxi, taxi, taxi) lyrics

Cali cutta cuta eyoh eyoh One day ... when I got hungry I sold the wooden house Thad ... to visit uncle Gundij who lives in Calcutta town Uncle ... Gundij is rich he's a taxidriverman And I know that he will help me as much as he can

Gipsy Kings lyricsGipsy Kings - Viento del arena lyrics

lo parti, y mi ir al eterna Dime lo y le lo La tierras mala ... cali La tierras mala cali Mas si mella la cali Va tirando mala cali Va tirando ... mala cali La tierras mala cali La tierras mala cali Mas si

The Prodigy lyricsThe Prodigy - Fire (sunrise version) lyrics

I am the God of Hellfire, and I bring you Fire I ... am the God of Hellfire, and I bring you (Fire) Fire I am ... the God of Hellfire, and I bring you (Fire) Fire [Incomprehensible] When I was

G-eazy lyricsG-eazy - California culture lyrics

Eazy] On some old-school G shit, haha California culture, ... Hook: G-Eazy & DaM-FunK] I like to drink, I like to ... smoke I like to chill and get high In my California state of mind (cal-cal

Kingspade - So cal weather lyrics

t nothin better then southern Cali weather From spring to the ... summer to the middle of December Never need a ... sweater cause it barely gets cold I know you

Kangta - 127 days lyrics

run ga bwah yo mant eun shi gan ee heul ruh do byun ha ji ... ant neun gun geu rul soo it neun gun ddae ro neun oot go ... ool go ddo mant ee ah peu gi do ha ji man noo goon ga it

Lil' Flip - I'm a baller lyrics

talking] Ok (believe that) we broadcasting live ... ya heard me (off top) We still balling, we still doing this shit ya heard me We still in ... it (believe that) it's that flame shit [Yung

Lil' Flip - In my backyard lyrics

Yung Redd] Yeah, take a look into my backyard Where there ain't no way out, and niggas ... wanna act hard Watch your friends, some turn to fakers That ... s why I smoke green acres Get your

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