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Acey Slade And The Dark Party - Baby the stars shine brightly lyrics

took a deep breath, then i immortalized the sky ... a song for those still suffering This is a song with a ... little light to bring This is a song for the ... powerless being proud This is a song for the voiceless screaming loud

Kim Mitchell - In the stars tonight lyrics

met on a rainy night at the cucumber soap cafe She ... stared in my eyes She just took what I ... said yes I know But let's do the last call fly to Mars do the stars sandwich to go She said there's always the need for more

Lotti Helmut - The stars lyrics

stars are shining in the night If only one of them ... would fall, then I could make a wish I´d ... that you were by my side Then everything would be alright

Modest Mouse - The stars are projectors lyrics

the last second of life, they're gonna show you how How they run this show, sure, run it into the ground In the last ... second of life, they're gonna show you how How they run this show, sure, run it into the ground In the last

Irenne Petrik - In the stars lyrics

all your tattoos I know them all, maybe you are a bit ... because moonlight showed me the truth It's written in the stars that we can be together as

Prince - The most beautiful girl in the world lyrics

Could you be The most beautiful girl in the ... world It's plain to see You're the reason ... that God made a girl When the day turns into the last day

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - The bard's song - in the forest lyrics

You all know The bards and their songs When hours have gone ... by I'll close my eyes In a world far away We may meet ... again But now hear my song About the dawn of the night Let's sing

Javier Colon - The most beautiful girl in the world lyrics

cool summer night - I was hanging with my friends - you were ... hanging with your friends and That ... smile - unbelievable - was inconceivable how I could ever

Pay Money To My Pain - The answer is not in the tv lyrics


Attic - The hidden grave + funeral in the woods lyrics

... + In her Attic room stood a shrine ... ancient relics, evil or divine On Christmas eve she took ... Black magic, alchemy Giving worship to pagan gods is

Sebastian Bach - The most powerful man in the world lyrics

love you all I would be the most powerful man in the ... Where love's concerned There are no rules If I could ... With a match I easily would Then to begin again I would be the most powerful man in the

Lou Bega - The most expensive girl in the world lyrics

for style he rides jet ski in Jamaica he met this ... looked like a star he got the most expensive girl in the ... world the most expensive girl but ... warned him - he thought they must be kiddin' Jimmy felt in love like he never did before

Famous Last Words - The dark you fear in the night lyrics

said darling it'll be okay We'll figure ... me with those condescending words you spew Your point ... your ignorance I'm caving in! I try to speak but I'm feeling weak So I collapse down to

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - The most beautiful girl in the world. lyrics

did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the ... And if you did, was she crying, crying? Hey, if you ... happen to see the most beautiful girl that

Ben Nichols - The last pale light in the west lyrics

my hands, I hold the ashes In my veins, black pitch drums In my chest, if I can catch this ... In my way, the setting sun Dark clouds gather ... 'round me Due northwest, the soul is bound And I will go

Harry Nilsson - The most beautiful world in the world lyrics

come to the end And the light there is dimmer And ... chances are slimmer Of findin' your way You find that you ... and danger 'Cause everything's stranger Than it used to

Omega - The hall of floaters in the sky lyrics

you that place? Everything that you believe to be lost ... long ago Everything that passed, floats over there Here is a song, which ... ended; the coin that rolled away An

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - The gold it´s in the lyrics

my friends, let's make it for the hills They say there's gold ... but I'm looking for thrills You can get ... your hands on what-ever we find 'cause 'm only comin'

The Dubliners - The crack was ninety in the isle of man lyrics

weren't we the rare oul stock Spent the ... evenin' gettin' locked In the Ace O' Hearts where the high ... stools were Engaging Over the Butte Bridge, down by the

I The Mighty - The frame i: betrayal in the watchtower lyrics

d meet with no light in the blanket of night. We'd talk ... of the Keepers, our hatred was high ... I will always remember the way he was acting that night.

Yelawolf lyricsYelawolf - The hardest love song in the world lyrics

[Verse 1] You’re like the hardest thing I’ve ever seen ... And I’m from the gutter so believe me I’ve ... seen some hard things You come from where the

Anthem Lights - In the light ft. jamie grace (acoustic) lyrics

keep trying to find a life On my own, apart ... from You I am the king of excuses I've got one for ... every selfish thing I do Tell me, what's going on inside of me? I despise

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - The stars (are out tonight) lyrics

are never sleeping Dead ones and the living ... We live closer to the earth Never to the heavens The stars are never far away The ... stars are out tonight They watch us from behind their

The Parlotones - The stars fall down lyrics

this day Passion killed by the comfort of time I'm sorry if ... cry, but I have to speak my mind Suck the colours from my ... eyes When they lose their sparkle and forget to shine

Ragnarok - The key is turned for the seventh time lyrics

winters, frost nights will freeze ... And make human statues cold The stars shine so clear in a ... that death is near Something malicious and vengeful is ... out there It must be as the wise man told Worse than any

Moby lyricsMoby - The stars lyrics

see the stars I see the stars I see the stars I see the stars I see the

Grave Digger - The house lyrics

m riding through the night, a friend has called me ... I see the moonless sky, the stars shine bright The house ... me, fog hangs over I'm standing there alone in the dark

Human League - The stars are going out lyrics

under bedclothes. fallen to the floor. hot Anticipation. ... to withdraw. are you going Out tonight? will the evening be alright or more? The stars are going out. the stars are

Medieval Art - The stars fall down lyrics

ve been constructing your lives on the stars The stars that gleam above us, ... idols of mankind The stars rule your lives, the stars ... rule your mind Your own lives go down the

Patrick Wolf - The stars lyrics

saw, I saw the stars tonight Mama, I saw the stars tonight Mama, I saw the stars tonight Orion, the plow, are ... burning bright Cannot recall of ... where I drove An empty lane, the lonely road Home I saw, I

Billy Elliot Musical - The stars look down lyrics

Through the dark, and through the hunger, ... through the night and through the fear. ... Through the fight and years of hardship, ... through the storms and through the tears.

Rush - The stars look down lyrics

the fly on the wheel, who says, "What ... a lot of dust we're raising." Are you under the ... world of dreams What is the meaning of this`? And the stars look down What are you trying to do? And the stars look

Bruno Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Dancing with the stars ft. phil lawrence lyrics

Heart Is Racing And The Room Is Heating Up And Her ... Eyes Are Glazing But She Still Can't Get ... Enough The Beat Is Bumping Now Shes Blowing Up Blowing

Clare Maguire lyricsClare Maguire - Hanging in the stars lyrics

m looking up, breathing in Like no one here lies These ... my eyes I've been drinking With my secrets Hanging in ... the stars I grab that half-moon ... Under the lake And taste the glory Of a cloudy day

Bruno  Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Dancing with the stars ft. phil lawrence lyrics

Heart Is Racing And The Room Is Heating Up And Her ... Eyes Are Glazing But She Still Can't Get ... Enough The Beat Is Bumping Now Shes Blowing Up Blowing

Alica Rose - The stars are falling lyrics

moving from Europe to America ... through Amsterdam the Sun is lost in the clouds ... and with the light the stars are falling over Amsterdam. ... R: when you do something you wish to When the fall

Cobra Starship - Living in the sky with diamonds lyrics

heart is racing, And the room is heating up. And her ... eyes are glazing, But she still can't get ... enough. The beat is pumping, now she's blowing up (blowing up) The last thing on her mind is growing up (growing up)

Blackmore's Night - Written in the stars lyrics

written in the stars A pathway set in stone A ... candle in the night To guide your way ... back home Then somewhere in your memory Calling from ... afar It's daring you to see What it is that

Crown The Empire - The one you feed lyrics

the wake of my broken dreams In the dirt and the dust and the ... that felt like weeks. I find the person that I'm meant to be ... Cuz when I felt like giving up When death was closing in I shut my eyes And black

Mayer Hawthorne - The stars are ours lyrics

I was high as a kite We're gathered round the kitchen table ... now And we're coming back to life. Rumor spread ... folks house tonight We're making plans across the cable now In the ultraviolet light.

Pandaemonium - Alone in the dark lyrics

I stand waiting under the moonlight Hidden behind the ... trees and the snow I listen to each noise ... and watch every movement Again and again, again and again

Shaman - In the night lyrics

Wildness creeps, descending All so quiet, all so still ... Prowling silence in the night In the heights, on the peaks Rainy clouds surrounding There are cities made of

Anathema - In the name of the father lyrics

Dream:] In the world of my subconscious, a ... realm of the unknown a vision is carved ... by the almighty hand The agony of a thousand souls ... life itself released unto the lord by his command. My

Capital Sound - In the night lyrics

night Gotta make it right In the night Gotta feel your ... love babe In the night Gotta make it right In the night Gotta feel your ... now babe I'm gonna take you into the night 'Cause I've got

Kingsland Road - The kings are coming (at christmas time) lyrics

to leave Everybody's cuddling up To their one and only ... and trace it He was out in a bar getting wasted Maybe ... only we know Next thing from out of the window

Opera Ix - In the sixth tower lyrics

in darkness the vary eyes of the lord o birds of prey ... announces the passing of time With his piercing ... call The thick dark leaves of the ... forest dance in the wind and in worshipful adoration The heavens tremble and the bright lightning flashes, leaving the heart's

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - In the dark of the sun lyrics

the dark of the sun Will you save me a ... Underneath Orion's sword In your eyes there was a freedom ... before Hey, yeah, yeah, in the dark of the sun We will

Gojira - In the forest lyrics

want to live in the forest Between the roots and ... the branches I lay On the moss I sit, I want to rest by ... the river I want to live in the forest forever The power

Blue Öyster Cult - In the presence of another world lyrics

the presence of another world You guess the things ... unguessed In the fullness of another world There is no emptiness In the ... promise of another world A dreadful knowledge

Atlantean Kodex - A prophet in the forest lyrics

gold fall the leaves in the wind Long years numberless, as the wings of the trees The long ... years have passed into the west Beneath the blue vaults ... wherein the stars tremble In the song of the wind From the forests and the green mountains far to the east To the

Lorna Shore - The astral wake of time lyrics

I drift amongst the stars Lost in the astral wake of ... haunt my dreams Where is the part where close my eyes for ... good I denounce this f***ing life Let me close my eyes

Eugene Mcguinness - The invitation to the voyage lyrics

not the wedding dress It’s the ghost of Valentine past And the moon makes you an exclamation ... We’ll hung upside down On the climbing freeze I handstand

Elderoth - The winds of a withering soul lyrics

the first day the stars fell, light in the sky I ... true, I had it all, deep in the blue, I want to know where ... I tried, but we're alone. In this life that could not be,

Cemetery Of Scream - The secret window lyrics

it grew up Just like divine creepers of vine Once in the rain, then in the sun And in the morning misty clouds ... and still unchanged In the tomb of thoughts

God Dethroned - The poison apple (eve and serpentio in the ga.. lyrics

eve, do you like my snakeskin suit? Oh eve touch my skin ... Oh eve, i've seen you naked in the garden of eden Eve come ... with me to the tree of ancient wisdom Eve

Insomnium - In the groves of death lyrics

the evening of a grey day, a bleak day ... I strayed into the dim silence of the hallowed ... trees Where the fir-trees whisper of those ... been Those gone Where the sacred earth still hides

Crimson Cult - In the eyes lyrics

- stalkin’ in the shadows Zeroman - strivin’ ... through the dark Zeroman - walkin’ all ... tonight Zeroman - waiting for the hour Zeroman - hiding in the bush Zeroman - will

Lord Huron lyricsLord Huron - In the wind lyrics

a long long time You've been in the wind, you've been on my mind You are the purest soul I ... ve ever known in my life Take your time, ... let the rivers guide you in You know where you can find

Ragenheart - The amulet lyrics

I'm whispering this evening The stars are glowing in the ... night The wind blows memories and feelings ... The only way I reach this land.. ... I've seen forgotten worlds in silence I walked the darkest

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