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Your My Music Play You Turn Me lyrics

Browse for Your My Music Play You Turn Me song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Your My Music Play You Turn Me lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Your My Music Play You Turn Me.

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Enrique Iglesias lyricsEnrique Iglesias - You turn me on (baila señorita) lyrics

turn me on You turn me on You turn me on You turn me on You turn me on You turn me on ... that I Feel the need to tell you I love you Sex is in your glance And the way you dance

E-rotic - Turn me on 1 lyrics

me on turn me on Just do it right, you can ... go wrong I'm the radio that plays your favorite song You turn ... me on turn me on You sure know how, so turn me on

E-rotic - Turn me on lyrics

me on turn me on Just do it right - you ... go wrong I'm the radio that plays your favourite song You turn me on turn me on You sure ... know how - so turn me on Baby don't you wait until

Aqualung - You turn me round lyrics

heart was cold so very cold you believe it might never have ... When the sun sets around me my daydreams confound me And ... the long nights surrounds me You turn me around You turn me

Tim Mcgraw - You turn me on lyrics

swore off love I swore off women Devoted my life to huntin' ... It ain't cool I spend all my spare time Fixin' up That ... up pick-up truck In no time at all I'd have it lookin'

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - You turn me on, i´m a radio lyrics

town With a dark cloud above you Dial in the number Who's ... bound to love you Oh honey you turn me on I'm a radio I'm ... a wildwood flower Waving for you Broadcasting tower Waving

Kat Deluna - Turn me up lyrics

louder, louder...) Whip my body boy now, Turn me up (turn me up!), Like I'm your ... favourite song now, Turn me up (turn me up!), You all ... over me, I'm all over you, Boy I want you to (Turn Me

Alabama - You turn on me lyrics

know how to turn me on In a special way all your ... own No one has been where you've gone in so long Oh baby, you turn me on Your world fits ... into mine With perfection, time after time And my world's

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - turn me on lyrics

you wanna be an angel Do you wanna be a star Do you wanna ... play some magic on my guitar Do you wanna be a ... poet Do you wanna be my string You could be anything

Carly Rae Jepsen lyricsCarly Rae Jepsen - Turn me up lyrics

m after (oh oh oh) Now that you're just a friend I can't ... call you and ask you (oh oh oh) And from the ... very first time I saw your face I knew I was satisfied

All Time Low - Holly (would you turn me on?) lyrics

re you gonna give it up? You're giving me such a rush Come on, Holly Would you turn me ... on? You are the taste of something ... I'm tangled in the sheets You left a small track down my

Cheat Codes - Let me hold you (turn me on) ft. dante klein lyrics

the longest time we jamming at the party And you're whipping on me Pushing ... everything on me We got Silentó on repeat ... But if you think you're gonna get away from me

Loverboy - Turn me loose lyrics

to dream The craziest boy you ever seen I gotta do it my ... here to please I'm even on my knees Making love to whoever ... I please I gotta do it my way Or no way at all And

Micachu & The Shapes - Turn me well lyrics

to me and turn me well, I'm a tired soul Get ... to me and turn me well, I'm a tired soul I ... no real change I didn't know you would last this long I didn

Kasane Teto - Turn me on lyrics

Doctor need you back home , my babe Doctor, Doctor where you at, Give me something I need ... your love, I need your love, I need your lovin' You ... got that kind of medacine that keeps me comin’

L.a. Guns - Girl you turn me on lyrics

woulda thought it would pull you under Watching your world ... 'em back again Send him my regards Gonna tear your ... world apart Girl, you turn me on You're like the best

Abs - Turn me up lyrics

I know you heard about girl how I like ... to When I do my thing when I'm in the mood ... And if you want girl we can freak, on ... Girl I think I'm falling for you Yeh, you're giving me

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Babe you turn me on lyrics

by me, stay by me You are the one, my only true ... makes it's noise And asks you to agree With it's brutal ... Now, the nightingale sings to you And raises up the ante I

Kevin Lyttle - Turn me on lyrics

alongside Kevin Lyttle You know how it is, you know how ... we go You know [Verse 1] For the ... we jamming in the Party And you're wining on me Pushing

Twin Shadow - Turn me up lyrics

ve got my heart straight pulling in the ... wrong direction You got me all alone and with my own ... I'm safe as I try to forget you You got me needing you like you're some religion You told me

Bromheads Jacket - Turn me on lyrics

oh you turn me on oh you turn me on oh you turn me on i ... ll be stuck in your mind you won't be able to turn me off. ... i like to think i've got you in my palm got you in my

Fat Joe - Turn me on lyrics

Joe Crack the Don, ya heard me [Irv Gotti] We back, my ... Blackwell + (Fat Joe)] Boy you keep on turning me.. Love ... the way you turn me on Got me feeling all alone (Love it

The Fray - Turn me on lyrics

s a sentence on my father On my sister, on my brother There ... in the corner That will make your blood run cold And it goes ... back to my blood line When we tried to

Kiss - You make me rock hard lyrics

lover, turn up the heat I want your ... sugar, girl your love tastes so sweet I feel ... a fire burnin' under me I've got a hunger that you ... love's gotta feed You make me sweat, you turn me 'round You get me up, you never let me

Teena Marie - You so heavy lyrics

me and my precious cargo We have short ... time to be wed White knights, ... Have placed thoughts in my head The King and I, In a mystery series Much ado-about

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - You lyrics

beat through the clouds, Let me kiss you on the mouth. All my childhood toys with chew ... marks in your smile. Let me hold your syrup close to mine ... Let me watch you, Hollywood and Vine. And I

Anita Baker - You bring me joy lyrics

Lasley, David; You bring me joy when I'm down oh, so much ... joy When I lose my way your love comes smiling on me I ... saw your face and them I knew we would

Bethel Music - You make me brave lyrics

stand before You now The greatness of Your ... of the majesty and wonder of You King of Heaven, in humility, ... I bow As Your love, in wave after wave ... Crashes over me, crashes over me For You are

Kenny Chesney - You had me from hello lyrics

word, that's all you said, Something in your voice caused me ... to turn my head. Your smile just captured me, you ... were in my future as far as i could see.

Hillsong United - You take me higher lyrics

remember the first time Your love reached deep Into my ... world You read me Like an open book You ... all the pieces And made my life complete In You I

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - You and me lyrics

deep inside I'm sharing all my love with you Oh, I know - I ... can't live without you girl I can't live without you Take me away - make my day ... Everytime I see your face Oh, I know - I can't

Sinéad O'connor lyricsSinéad O'connor - You made me the thief of your heart (with gav.. lyrics

made me the thief of your heart I hope you're happy ... now... ...I could never make you so... you were a hard man... ... no harder in this world you made me cold and you made me

Krypteria - You killed me lyrics

I go, a heart's been shot, you already left the scene Tell me why this had to die, did my ... dreams play tricks on me? Whatever happened to us, ... where did we go wrong? You killed me, you killed me You

Sense Field - You own me lyrics

say it’s nothing personal As you break out and you lay out you’re whole arsenal I fell hard ... for you I count scars from you You play with my life And I

Sammy Hagar - You make me crazy lyrics

me up to the top and take me away To some little hidin' ... place in old Monterey 'Cause you, you make me crazy Can't ... keep my hands off you, can't leave you alone You

Mayer Hawthorne - You called me lyrics

I've spilled hot coffee on my shirt It hurt I ran to ... catch the bus to be on time Yeah But the driver sped ... away And left me running behind Well then my knees dropped to the ground

Mika Nakashima - You knocked me out lyrics

ni kichau no??! atashi no me ga hanasenaku naru janai!! ... wasurete shimatta janai!! You know I'm gonna knock you down ... Down on your knees If you beg me please I'll be

Saving Abel - You make me sick lyrics

comes Mr. Cool, thinks he’s ... yeah in a three room shack You make me sick (sick.. sick…) You make me sick Look at all ... life ain’t what they seem You make me sick (sick.. sick…) You make me sick Do us all a

Cassandra Complex - You make me sick lyrics

see you standing there With your eyes so blue You'll never ... know how much I can hate your guts I'd like to cut you up ... I'd like to cut you up There's nothing in your

Chris Isaak - You owe me some kind of love lyrics

things we've done and now, you've decided I'm not the one. ... t go on, run away baby have your fun but, I, I, I, I, don't ... wana hurt you I don't wanna see you cry. I

Jessi Colter - You took me by surprise lyrics

the distance you looked so good As I'm closer ... you look better than you should I wasn't lookin' 'til ... I looked in your eyes Aah, you took me by surprise Rock me, baby Rock me in your arms

Bowling For Soup - You and me lyrics

and she said, “just leave your jacket at the door” and we ... it started here we go if you can help me let me know. ... and she said “just tell me, what do you expect here?”

Elevation Worship - The lord is my rock / god you lifted me out lyrics

the waters rise My hope is sure When my world ... apart I stand secure When my way is dark Your light ... through When I don't feel you near Your word is true

J.k. - You make me feel good lyrics

make me feel good Like I'll never be ... You make me feel good It's allright You ... make me feel good You're my medecine You make me feel good ... It's allright It's up to you, cause I love you so much

Moonlight Agony - You betrayed me lyrics

of my charging minions You should stand by my side You ... ve proven yourself worthy at many occasions ... Holding hard on my line You betrayed me when I needed you

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - You miss me lyrics

comes around again The circus returns to town again Oh, no... oh, ... yeah Now you are at my door again Crawling around my floor again, oh yeah ... 'Cause your love is gone and Your all alone and you miss me

Barlow Girl - You led me lyrics

Feel the sunlight On my face You have brought me ... place Chorus Jesus, Jesus You found me Through the long ... night you led me You set me free Do you see Just what you've done in my life?

Brian Kennedy - You raise me up lyrics

I am down and oh, my soul, so weary When troubles ... come and my heart burdened be Then I am ... here in the silence Until you come and sit a while with me

Brighthaven - You gave me the key lyrics

of me aches to find the way ... Through this grave Into your arms of comfort I have lived ... my life Making the same mistakes You gave me your ... hand in those desperate times You showed me where I

Hezekiah Walker - You kept me lyrics

wanted to live, I kept asking You for blessings, but praises I ... didn?t want to give. But You kept me from dangers, dangers ... seen and unseen; if You were any other god, You would

Logan Johnny - You raise me up lyrics

I am down and, oh my soul, so weary, When ... troubles come and my heart burdened be, Then I am ... here in the silence, Until you come and sit a while with me.

Kutless - You save me lyrics

and time again I've gone running ... after empty plans That steal my heart away and leave me ... broken My only hope is in Your hands You save me, You set

Laswell Greg - My fight (for you) lyrics

me what is mine Take my finger drag it through ... no one else will find Take your time I have got all night, ... take your time In the morning the sun will

Greg Laswell - My fight (for you) lyrics

me what is mine Take my finger drag it through No ... one else will find Take your time I have got all night ... Take your time In the morning the sun will

Sondre Lerche - (you knocked me) off my feet lyrics

by doors that all lead to some other floor And I who ... thought there wasn't more You knocked me off my feet You ... knocked me off my feet Heaven is from where you have come Now I know I

Bette Midler - My eye on you lyrics

hair's so fair, your eye's so dark. I love you ... hard as my life. You pass me by as though I were a stone. You cut me like a knife. Boy, I ... do. I got my eye on you. Got my eye on you. I'm walking down

Leann Rimes - You made me find myself lyrics

you thought my world was over Bet you ... though I'd crash and burn You thought I'd never Pick myself up off the floor But ... baby you were wrong Just like before

Ryan Kirkland - You give me hope lyrics

look at your smiling face You're so weak and yet you have ... such strength You take a glance around this ... place And you make the best of everything ... You give me hope in spite of everything You show me love even with so

Simply Red - You make me believe lyrics

you're my mama Sometimes my little baby girl ... Occasionally you're my puttana But then you're ... sweet love And it makes me believe That I should never

Anthony B - You move me lyrics

overstand hey I yo Let me take this time to let you ... know you're on my mind You move me You said man not ... have been kind but I say you're divine Because you groove

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