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Your Lie In April lyrics

Browse for Your Lie In April song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Your Lie In April lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Your Lie In April.

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Dave Matthews Band - Lie in our graves lyrics

I step into the light my arms open ... wide when I step into the light my eyes searching wild would you not like to ... be sitting on top of the world with your legs hanging free would you

Ceremony - Your life in america lyrics

from here Tied to the pain of passing the years Passing the touch You know it by ... heart Like not getting enough Wandering around ... Looking up You come to a place You

Explosions In The Sky - Your hand in mine lyrics

Lyric not available (instrumental

Nomy - Your heart in my hands lyrics

hold your hand I tell you lies I give you words Your last ... all the lifes And all the pain We heard them cry And you ... Am I the same You close your eyes In to the night I gave

I Decline - Your name in blood lyrics

after time. Captured in lies. Spit right in my face. ... But now I’m seeing straight. Your name in ... blood… Hide in your disguise. I’m wounded but

Hagalaz' Runedance - Your world in my eyes lyrics

sight freezes my mind once again Nights are long and lonely ... I look at the deeds of mankind, then I say no! No, I ... really am not of your kind. See, your history a

Paradise Lost - Your hand in mine lyrics

Told you soon will die Sin that sails alight Carry ... ungodly crimes Travelling out of reach Taking the ... upon my back You cannot believe the pain that I've seen

Paradise Lost - Your hand in mine (live) lyrics

Told you soon will die Sin that sails alight Carry ... ungodly crimes Travelling out of reach Taking the ... upon my back You cannot believe the pain that I've seen

Jessica Simpson - Your faith in me lyrics

t come close To understanding baby The logic of your ... kind and trust It amazes me ... care enough to just believe Your faith in me it

Pj Harvey - April lyrics

how could I not have seen April, you coming April how could ... I've Worn inappropriate clothing? April, all that careful ... stepping, Rounding of my soul And now your rain April, I feel you leaving

Delain - April rain lyrics

it feel when all you're counting on is scatterbrained Every ... wind that you have sailed upon, a ... you have seen was filled with April rain It doesn't get easy,

Fair To Midland - April fools and eggmen lyrics

assured they're weighing words in sympathetic ink, ... don't waste their time suspending disbelief, They face the ... facts with thinking caps, They map out and

Prince - Sometimes it snows in april lyrics

he was my only friend Those kind of cars don't pass u every ... I wanted to see him again, But sometimes sometimes ... life ain't always the way... ... Sometimes it snows in April Sometimes I feel so bad, so

Perpetual Fire - April's blood lyrics

whisper from the door The wind is crying In my agony I ... know you're searching for I've been through a ... masquerade Just to see your love Before new day will

Kate Rusby - A rose in april lyrics

t make me stay. I was a rose in April And still a rose in ... June I fear that come the winter, I shall no longer bloom ... Oh you cannot go this day. Your father, he forbade you, And

Pianos Become The Teeth - April lyrics

drink my drink from your mug made of tin, but what ... 7/31/76 that made them etch your name and the date? what'd I ... It was a Saturday. You got your wasting, you got away,

Alex Parks - Lie lyrics

you see it? Would you believe it? If there was only ... Would you notice? Would you lie to learn? Your lie was ... you Could only go down You lied to me like someone I didn't

Keri Hilson - Lie to me (ft. timbaland) * deluxe edition lyrics

think I'm better off not knowing And I need my … you'd be going It's hard for you I ain't your only But I am ready to be ... not an ultimatum You lose to your games before I played them

Kix - Lie like a rug lyrics

his but you say that you're mine Instead of making my love ... you're making up lies You lie like a rug You lie lie lie lie lie Lie like a rug (She lies

April Sixth - In memory lyrics

says the rain is over now, and she's ... She said you better stop your crying now, cause its plain ... to see, that you've been crying, alone. And you've been dying, alone. So Mother can

Gabz - Lie there lyrics

take my heart and let go of your hand and bury it right in ... the sand and just lie there just lie there just lie there ijust, get a box and ... memories disappear and just lie there just lie there just lie there been here a couple

Alyssa Milano - Your lips dont lie lyrics

baby can't you see I'm up against a wall I try to give you ... the door But the truth remains You can say it's over But ... ground You wanna clip my wings And all those things Just

Max Milner - Lie a little more lyrics

time I loose the plot in your house, I wish I never opened ... little, And now a days when your saying my name, It’s hurt ... that your not smiling the same, You cry a little,

Kenotia - You've dug your own grave, now lie in it lyrics

if I did, I wouldn't be having this conversation now cuz I ... this. I can't unbreak something that's broken now. This is ... be. I'm so sorry, please believe me its not what I wanted.

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - I can´t see your face in my mind lyrics

can't see your face in my mind I can't see your face in my ... mind Carnival dogs Consume the ... lines Can't see your face in my mind Don't you cry ... And don't look at me With your eyes I can't seem to find

For The Fallen Dreams - Your funeral lyrics

else around me Stop doubting all the things I do Erase ... everything ya know about me Stop trying to get inside me Don't rely ... on the treatment to your disease Go away Dig your

Aaron Neville - Your sweet and smiling eyes lyrics

in your eyes Is like looking through a window seeing ... skies of days gone by Of happiness, imaginning sweet visions ... of your loveliness Oh and your tenderness Makes me want

Neville Aaron - Your sweet and smiling eyes lyrics

in your eyes Is like looking through a window seeing ... skies of days gone by Of happiness, imaginning sweet visions ... of your loveliness Oh and your tenderness Makes me want

Animal Alpha - In the barn lyrics

to take the full control I think they had a deal I look ... now it was for real You know your lie, it will never die Oh ... Lord, I'm giving in You know your lie What's the reason why? Oh

Amen - In your suit lyrics

work I pay the bills I suck your cock and I don't care no more ... They call it work I lick your ass Out my way, it's gonna ... stop Cause I'm just a lie in my eyes I just sit + lick

Coasts - Your soul lyrics

feel the same 'Till the morning calls Even roads feel the ... re the shark that's been lurking beneath Fear has gripped me ... flickers as I let you know Your soul will grow to hide your

New Found Glory - Your biggest mistake lyrics

do you think inside your head I want to know Do you ... think this Could end up breaking you You life is a time ... Set to explode You talk out your ass And everyone knows

Deep Voices - Your picture (robert nickson remix) lyrics

Lay down The sky's so blue Your picture in the moon Stardust ... blown in your eyes Love broken glass of lie Go back to what you knew Go ... back you'll find it true Lay down the sky's

Naomi King - Your eternity lyrics

I see a darkness I can't win I see a darkness that is ... creeping over me, no In your eyes I see a fire burning ... life you want for me I see a lie and you wont tell the truth,

Flipper - In life my friends lyrics

You need not grieve when things go wrong Sit down in peace ... and sing a song Till all comes right ... You've heard it said go do your best Though life's suns inks

Dionne Bromfield - In your own world lyrics

So convinced that he's the one And he ... loves you Obsessed with being in his arms No, he's got a ... he's with her to get under your skin Told you once, I told

Emigrate - In my tears lyrics

sickness slips inside you Drowns in my poison ... I can make you better Siphon your pain in me, so I bleed ... Feed your dreams to fishes Lie about your wishes Eat away

Exhumed - In the name of gore lyrics

- Matt Harvey Extrapolating from the abhorrent, we disinter a sordid truth Heinously ... plundering death's depths like a bumbling violent sleuth Tearing

Icarus Witch - In the dark lyrics

and scheming I sit alone in an empty room Struggle to find the mercy but never do My ... I did not choose You made your bed, I'll make you lie in it ... My soul's on fire - My mind's a bitter mess You got one

Lamb Of God - In defense of our good name lyrics

blesses my ears Enveloping like the earth I will one ... day lie in Metropolis is bad to wither ... the soul Roaring concrete and steel washes ... you in blood So let you point and laugh Provincial ain't

Manga Anders - In the open, in the crowd lyrics

another place to watch your final days in peace The rules ... went before will be so dull in your compare Just up ... be enough time Time to linger in the open Time to linger in the crowd Watch me

Okkervil River - In a radio song lyrics

Blue-eyed charmer Head hanging with horns From your father ... Oh In a cold little mirror you were ... grown By a black little wind you were blown Alone, alone

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - Your possible pasts lyrics

flutter behind you your possible pasts Some ... frightened and lost A warning to anyone still in command ... future to take care In derelict sidings the poppies

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - In the night lyrics

day is too hot And you're hoping for relief, 'cuz your head ... is filled with pain, But you get no relief, 'cuz ... the night is the same... In the night, in the night you

Tracy Chapman - In the dark lyrics

forbid the kiss and leave us innocent of the things some do in the dark the things some ... do in the dark the things some do in the dark make ... make me forget make my mind unable to force the body to

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - In da club lyrics

boom boom What are we doing tonight baby? 'Bout to roll ... this club 'Bout to step off in this club 'Bout to get big in this club 'Bout to get wild in this club [2x] [Verse 1 -

Elevation Worship - Your cross lyrics

shame is gone forever The chains have lost their hold on me ... We shout out louder Jesus your cross has saved us Our God ... has risen Your power in us Jesus your cross has

The Cardigans - Your new cuckoo lyrics

and stared the curly girlie smiled You really were too ... people just went by I saw your face and her embrace your ... whisper in her ear I know the score

Vanessa Paradis lyricsVanessa Paradis - Your love has got a handle on my mind lyrics

baby There's something on my mind Got to tell you ... I never thought I'd find Love that is simple and so ... kind Love that is caring so divine Your love has

Extol - Your beauty divine lyrics

I feel Your tenderness Like fresh raindrops fulfilling my needs ... the only One to satisfy my inmost yearning The One who ... I'm transparent before Your eyes The love You give me

Joan Armatrading - Your letter lyrics

read your letter yesterday If fell ... the covers And my bare skin It fell between my crying ... And my longing for you I loved this one ... of myself But most times nothing at all And you've been

Bejelit - Your personal hell lyrics

are known as promiser Terror inspired by that look in your ... eyes, bringer of this war And we ... die forevermore, just for your sake, without rewards And

Kalafina - Ring your bell (in the silence) lyrics

Ilistia tima Vilio son itore Dilia fistia Sonte diore Mifia dileta Astore maridiote sonta ifia Veto adia santia Marito i sonta mia Mifiriote asti kasa Somaria...

Atmosphere - Your name here lyrics

How you doing? Ain't seen you in a long Is ... everything all fine? Doing your best? I'm glad to hear it ... It seems like you kept your self in good shape You

English Dogs - Your country lyrics

you wanna join the army And you wanna be a ... get killed by a bomb Does your family want to See you as a ... you´re wrapped around In your empty thoughts [Chorus:]

Evil Conduct - Your identity lyrics

anybody tell you what you think Your mind belongs to you ... be like them You've got a brain and it's working quite ... [Chorus:] It's all about your choices in life It's all

Saliva - Your disease lyrics

one moment I'm goin all the way. I make my ... And I'm frozen, comin right on time I froze my mind ... rhyme. And I'm open comin up inside you know my mind

Tony Bennett - Wrap your troubles in dreams lyrics

price happiness? What price happiness? ... tears we pay Love is happiness. I’ve had happiness, But ... only gray for a day So wrap your troubles in dreams And dream

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