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Your Eyes So Bright lyrics

Browse for Your Eyes So Bright song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Your Eyes So Bright lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Your Eyes So Bright.

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My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - The light behind your eyes lyrics

them take the light behind your eyes… One day, I’ll lose ... you will always burn as bright Be strong, and hold my ... say goodbye today, And I'm sorry how it all ends this way…

I Killed The Prom Queen - Bright enough lyrics

I won't give up on you And your eyes are bright enough to see ... I can't take it anymore. So please, won't you sing me to ... I won't give up on you And your eyes are bright enough to see

Brandon Heath - Give me your eyes lyrics

All those people going somewhere Why have I never ... cared Give me your eyes for just one second Give me ... your eyes so I can see Everything that I

Rihards Berzins - Your eyes lyrics

I look at you you’re hiding your beautiful eyes How it’s ... slow Time is running out and soon we’ll have to go Your eyes like a beautiful, beautiful

Ian Kelly - Your eyes lyrics

your eyes There's no secret lies It's ... to see And the stars are bright And they're out tonight It's ... is hiding them from... Your eyes, I haven't seen them today

P.o.d. lyricsP.o.d. - Your eyes lyrics

the princess is coming. Your Eyes, Your Eyes and I can ... see Jah Your Eyes, Your Eyes This blessing in disguise ... and I can see forever Your Eyes, Your Eyes Your so Kind.

The Damned - Your eyes lyrics

s your eyes That confuse me It's your eyes Oh that use me I miss your philly eyes I miss your ... Maybe I can forget Your eyes That confuse me It's your eyes Oh that use me Give me

Eskimo Joe - Your eyes lyrics

I go and look Into your eyes I feel like I could drown I ... look around To find some air But I can't find it ... for that early warning A sound to say That I'm still

David Archuleta - Your eyes dont lie lyrics

but failed At holdin' back your smile right then It's not ... me You were movin' on with someone else But what we had ... was so special People can be

Novaspace - Your eyes lyrics

eyes Opened wide as I looked your way Couldn't hide what they ... in a crowded room It's too soon for a new love When you ... smile your eyes show your heart Lost inside a suit

Officium Triste - Your eyes lyrics

tell me Your eyes Tell it all I'm afraid I ... don't see Anything at all Your eyes So dull they seem ... Living a life Without a soul And it's like Your eyes

Asrai - Your hands so cold lyrics

my past in your game This is just a bruise ... to show the truth Dusty eyes set free to rise, changing ... over soon Dusty eyes to see now the changes in you

Jai Waetford - Your eyes lyrics

with the mirror I can't win your fight Yeah, I hope you know ... the sky They got nothing on your eyes What's it gonna take ... becomes too much I hope this song will be enough Ye eh eh

Amel Larrieux - Your eyes lyrics

greeted mine and whispered Softly, softly A secret only ... for me Your eyes took their sweet time ... me , to me Spoke to me softly Just to me Your eyes

Artension - Behind your eyes lyrics

are you gonna do To save yourself no place on earth to run ... me Desire burns Behind your eyes river of love In tears ... that you cry, why does your heart call out to mine?

House Of Lords - Your eyes lyrics

All I was trying to find was someone to believe in I was ... first time that I saw you Your eyes, they give you away ... And reveal all the pain Your eyes, they're calling my name

Alexz Johnson - Your eyes lyrics

me? If I was dreaming of your kiss Would you look right ... In my heart it's raining Your eyes are holding up the sky ... Your eyes make me weak, I don't know

Keane - Your eyes open lyrics

And it's a long time since your heart was frozen Morning ... me anymore For a moment your eyes open and you know All ... t want to Till the moment your eyes open and you know

Krypteria - I just drowned in your eyes lyrics

here we stand your face is beaming I take your ... am dreaming I will shelter your heart till death do us part ... love you I just drowned in your eyes And I've found a new

Original Broadway Cast - Your eyes lyrics

: * Your Eyes As We Said Our Goodbyes Can't ... Find I Can't Hide { From } * Your Eyes The Ones That Took Me By ... Where There's Moonlight I See Your Eyes * How'd I Let You Slip

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - Your eyes girl lyrics

And I’m American made For your eyes girl Mormon lover on ... That I should know With your eyes girl Freeze on the ... a temple inside Can I open your core So gentle and wide

Rent - Your eyes lyrics

I find I can't hide From your eyes The ones that took me ... there's moonlight I see your eyes How'd I let you slip away ... When I'm longing so to hold you Now I'd die for

Oracle Sun - Your eyes again lyrics

these old and tired eyes I saw a blind man’s wasted ... wings but he can’t plane So now I face my fears I’m ... wasted my faith Now I found your eyes again as an iced breeze

Simply Red - Your eyes (mousse t accoustic) lyrics

wondering how I wanna see your eyes I wanna look into your eyes again I wanna look into ... the windows of your soul...again, again When I ... tumble But when I look into your eyes, I just crumble 'Cos I

Courrier - Your eyes shine in the darkness lyrics

the weary sky I caught your eye Drums sound and banners ... night I march in time Oh your eyes shine in the darkness ... Oh the brightest light that I have met Oh your heart and mine are one when,

Hardline - Your eyes lyrics

Will I ever turn to stone Sometimes words are better left ... Never again (Refrain:) Your eyes I'm looking through it ... all with your eyes Your eyes I'm looking at the world

Kate Ryan - Your eyes lyrics

you to be The one I see In your eyes I don't want to close ... to read between the lines In Your eyes Always want what I ... than what I know is real In Your eyes [Chorus

Simply Red - Your eyes lyrics

wanna look into your eyes again I wanna look into the ... windows of your soul...again, again Who's to ... wondering how I wanna see your eyes All the time we've

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - Your eyes lyrics

Tech I can see the scars on your neck I can see the stars in your eyes Lately i've been ... tech I can see the scars on your neck And i can see the stars

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - Your eyes were open lyrics

Mushrooms grow before my eyes Doctor save me if you can I ... looked into those tired old eyes Heard forty years of ... And this doctor said Your eyes were open But you shut them

Bombay Bicycle Club - Your eyes lyrics

my head so dumb with love there's something else I'm dreaming of ... Shut my eyes pretend it's there keep me ... always will I'm there when your fingers snap it's not where

F.t.island - So today lyrics

more word tari na kute (tada soradake de) Too late doushite ... koware teku no Three hundred sore ijou (nagai toki wo) ... more chance, mou ichido (tada sore dake de) Two hearts eien

Fly Away Hero - Your eyes lyrics

describe And yes I’ve sold my soul But you can’t say ... As to why I wouldn’t Hold your hand It’s cause I couldn’t ... see you past Your eyes I couldn’t see All the

Massari - Eyes like diamonds lyrics

it up shorty tell me what's your name, name, name, name She ... s got eyes like diamonds The way she ... shines, and the light is so blinding She's got eyes like

Nina Nesbitt - Bright blue eyes lyrics

me something real, something to hold on Give me something you’ve got to make us ... saving what we own Look in your eyes for a little while Let ... me read your mind if you read mine ‘Cause

Ashlund Jade - Bright - echosmith lyrics

right 'Cause now I'm shining bright, so bright Bright, so bright ... right 'Cause now I'm shining bright (oooohhh) so bright And I ... get lost (ooohh) in your eyes Did you see that shooting

Echosmith - Bright lyrics

right 'Cause now I'm shining bright, so bright Bright, so bright ... right 'Cause now I'm shining bright (oooohhh) so bright And I ... get lost (ooohh) in your eyes Did you see that shooting

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - The future's so bright lyrics

good grades The future's so bright I gotta wear shades I ... good grades The future's so bright I gotta wear shades I'm ... peeping-tom techy with x-ray eyes Things are going great, and

Mr. Mister - Close your eyes lyrics

let you in Now I watch the bright lights disappear Tonight the ... is our friend Close your eyes, let go I can feel your ... heartbeat And it beats so slow Close your eyes, touch

Maher Zain - Open your eyes lyrics

around yourselves Can't you see this ... enough for us Or are we so blind To push it all aside.. ... We just have to Open our eyes, our hearts, and minds If we

Joan Armatrading - In your eyes lyrics

your eyes I can see Something Something So sure ... In those eyes As bright as the stars As blue as the ... sky I could die In your eyes In your eyes I can see Something Something So sure

Signum Regis - Bright days of glory lyrics

future seems grasped in your hands everything on you ... you! pride's on the way to your mind sad still true heart ... is what dies behind Bright days of glory may turn to

Dionysus - Eyes of the world lyrics

to be It never got out of my soul To really fullfill what my ... 've always been Though sometimes it feels just too far ... fall... I look through the eyes of the world I see a shining

Jackson Browne - Your bright baby blues lyrics

side Everybody's going somewhere Riding just as fast ... down this highway Far as my eyes can see No matter how fast I ... free me All in the power of your sweet tenderness I can see

George Jones - The love in your eyes lyrics

bloom in the springtime The bright scenes of scarlet and gold ... that unfolds I've seem the bright lights of old New York City ... that shines Like the love in your eyes Like the love in your eyes. There ain't no diamond

Matthew Ryan - Your museum lyrics

you have me Inside your museum? Will you let me ... bang your drum? Smile when you come ... a world A world that's not so hard Where the dark is lit

Sara Bareilles - Bright lights and cityscapes lyrics

Again again again She is bright lights and cityscapes And ... back I'm gonna love you So right I wouldn't need a ... second chance Shield your eyes from the truth at hand Tell

Machinemade God - Melancholy lyrics

clearly as the tears in my eyes The ocean cries into the ... my feelings for you And in your whisper I still hear, ... We watch the stars up high Your eyes so bright Your kiss so soft tonight And even though

Memphis May Fire - Cowbells makin' a comeback lyrics

and watched the storm Our eyes upon the blackened sky As ... my hand and pulled me in So close Our pulses, beating a ... split the sky I gazed into your eyes so bright and gently

C-block - The future is so bright lyrics

future is so bright, everyday & everynight. ... 'cause the future seems so bright. The future is so bright, ... it's a scene that you play in your life. Making people scream

Electric President - Bright mouths lyrics

see you in my head and eye Your eyes are vacant And your ... mouth is bright And all you say are things ... I don't want to hear So I smash my hands against my

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Taste of my love lyrics

you look so hungry woman how come you ... strayed in here with your eyes so bright on this long hot ... a taste of my love Down on your knees with your face to the

Jodie Connor - Bright it ft tinchy stryder lyrics

wants to get to know you Put your middle finger up and let the ... Everybody here to party Do your thing now You're not no ... newbie And now your movie Before the cops come

Nine Black Alps - Behind your eyes lyrics

Part of the machine Burning bright to be The spark ignites the ... light behind your eyes Common dress Tied in ... Part of the machine Burning bright to be The spark ignites the

Parkway Drive - Don´t close your eyes lyrics

warmth of your embrace Has lifted me from ... fade Every scar burning bright tonight I'd give my heart ... to hope Every scar, burning bright I will stay by your side

Trip Lee - Eyes open lyrics

born in 87 His parents was so happy, rejoicing at they new ... His parents gazed in his eyes, adoring him as he hollers ... He got his eyes from his mama, he got his

Novaspace - Close your eyes lyrics

your eyes, close your eyes tonight, close your eyes, ... close your eyes. Love me in the starlight ... Up in the sky, flying so high, for be on the moon,

Minnie Riperton - Close your eyes and remember lyrics

leaves You hear the magic song, that ancient poets sing ... It's sweet as morning dew and sounds a lot like springtime ... When you close your eyes You feel your heat go there

10 Years - Picture perfect (in your eyes) lyrics

s is the picture perfect. In your eye's does the grass look ... I thought I'd turn out. In your eye's I'm picture perfect. ... In your eye's the grass is greener.

Blue Effect - Sun is so bright (i like the world) lyrics

you were my chance Sun is so bright I'm singing Follow ... my way I'm so tired But so happy At least today ... Life could be so wonderful But I felt like

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