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Die Ärzte lyricsDie Ärzte - Cpt. metal lyrics

Batman, Hulk und Spinne ihr habt ausgedient Eure zeit ist abgelaufen Eine neue ära beginnt Supermann nimmt die grüne laterne mit sagt dem Punisher bescheid, damit...

Axevyper - Revenge of the axe lyrics

quot;Allright you posers... You can Suck my dick you motherf***ers!" From the night of time and space We have risen from the grave Armed and dangerous as f*** Dying hard and living fast Metal avengers are ready to strike They have tried to put

Pink lyricsPink - Revenge lyrics

Leo in "The Revenant," Abel in that Bible bit Revenge is sweet, isn't it? Really, really hope for it I know that it won't fix a thing, a song like this that I could sing For you (mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm) All the feels you make me do

Pink lyricsPink - Revenge (feat. eminem) lyrics

Leo in "The Revenant," Abel in that Bible bit Revenge is sweet, isn't it? Really, really hope for it I know that it won't fix a thing, a song like this that I could sing For you (mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm) All the feels you make me do, a nightmare f***in' comin' tr

Paragon - Revenge lyrics

through the night the alleys Deserted and alone Anger is filling our blakened hearts Finally turned to stone Out of all bounds Out to raise hell again Screaming all around It´s your turn to feel the pain Revenge Revenge Hear the screams and yells Re

Blood On The Dance Floor - Revenge will have its day lyrics

smell revenge, my dear old friend I will not stop till my conscious is cleansed Revenge will have its day I'll eliminate to vindicate All this bullshit that they have made Revenge will have its day I'm cold like ice, I'll kill you twice You f***ed my

Doro Pesch - Revenge lyrics

Revenge! I´m taking revenge With the law in my hand I´m taking revenge The blood is on their hands When I was very young Full of life and pride Yeah, this one came Along I feld I´d rather die Couldn´t tell to anybody no mom no dad no way I was t

Plain White T's - Revenge lyrics

now you should know everything you say Can and will be used against you some day I got the microphone so don't go too far Cause I'm gonna tell the whole world how you really are I don't even care how you're gonna feel Cause I've already tried to give

Jon Foreman - Revenge lyrics

m the failure I'm everyone's fool And I'm losing my cool at the end I'm the loser My number's come up I've been hung up with thoughts of Revenge, Revenge, Revenge I watched you From my terminal view As you struggled to rise to your end I l

Dr. Living Dead! - Revenge on john lyrics

MOSH!!! Lead: It started with a phonecall, a dude named Gruber said: Hello my name is Simon, so do what simon says. His one and only goal, to get revenge on John. The cop who killed his brother. His evil brother Hans. Backup: Revenge!!! Lead: A villain no one knows

Girl On Fire - Revenge lyrics

hey, hey,... Am I gonna sit and watch And let you take control? Will I ever make this stop And let these thoughts unfold? Coming to a place in time Releasing what's inside I've gotta take away All this rage right now I'm gonna get my revenge (Hey, hey, hey) And face thi

Kaledon - Revenge lyrics

many years and many tears The big Fear is gone away the big war is coming near the redemption begins now Free in the land we're not afraid like pure spirit we live they want the end of the ages but they won't hurt us, never more Revenge Reven

3 Inches Of Blood - Revenge is a vulture lyrics

sacred pact signed in blood, two allies strong in war To the death they will defend if an enemy comes forth Corruption rears its ugly head, feed a traitors mind Stab in the back remains, to break the oath This ancient bond of trust shattered b

Patti Smith - Revenge lyrics

feel upset. Let's do some celebrating. Come on honey, don't hesitate now. Needed you, you withdrew, I was so forsaken. Ah, but now the tables have turned, my move. I believe I'll be taking my revenge. Sweet revenge. I thought you were some perfect read

Hunter Valentine - Revenge lyrics

it ain’t a sweet thing, revenge it ain’t a sweet thing. I heard a rumor today, that you were coming my way. I felt the sickness, the shame, then the anger. You saw my faith in you bend, it was a means to your end. And when you said I was blind I belie

Nostradameus - Revenge is mine lyrics

ll never ever notice what soon will be coming Coming for you I'll never forget 'bout what happened that day Like always, you treated me like I was nothing Nothing at all I'll show you just what has become of me You say you never meant to make me feel that way But I know yo

30 Seconds To Mars lyrics30 Seconds To Mars - Revenge lyrics

day I'll return The chosen one under God The prodigal son Wreaking havoc inside Will get my Revenge Revenge Revenge Revenge One life left to live, to forgive Make amends Wash away my sins Prepare for judgement Only then will I get Revenge Revenge Revenge

Six Feet Under - Revenge of the zombie lyrics

the grave I will escape Maggots crawl from out my skull The worms they feed upon my brain The life I lost I now regain And my skin has molded green Bullet holes through flesh and bone Half my face rotted off I wait to drink your f***ing blood - blood! Hunting - killing M

Generation X - Revenge lyrics

came to London, to have her fortune told. Now she is a mother, she’s feeling kinda old. When she gets the money, she’ll take a knife for two. She’ll slit her throat of the one she trusts, Of the one who stole the right to choose. Revenge! Revenge! Johnny came out looking,

Hellion - Revenge is sweet lyrics

tried to tell you long ago That my feelings weren't A toy to play with You did not listen very well I've had enough! I'm taking you to Hell! This is your last mistake See you in Hell! They tell me that revenge is sweet I k

Iron Mask - Revenge is my name lyrics

my glorious ride, children of sorrow Army of braves, vengeance will be our quest Fighting for honour, die for your sons And the light will always be our pride Demon's eyes will never bright I will find you, I'll spit on your grave Revenge is my name, Reveng

Lil' O - Revenge lyrics

talking] ha-ha, money's good, ha-ha Bitches is crazy, but you know what Ain't nothing sweeter than revenge Feel me (feel me) [Hook] I've been waiting for the day, I can get my revenge Now my money right, nigga I'm a made man To let shit ride, wasn't never in the plan Whoever

Emerald - Revenge lyrics

we were, blood that bounds Until the death of our father The king is dead, long live the king But which one is stronger Twins are evil, not divine Locked me into the dungeon So many years I stopped counting But I won't wait, no longer No longer Because I, I swear Re

Endless Main - Revenge lyrics

few words And put me to hell I saw, what a fool, in his eyes Never ask What I feel Just hit me right from behind Now I can see What a fool I have been Too trust you all the time I have covered your side For so many times Now in the ashes I lie Revenge It's me r

Black Flag - Revenge lyrics

s not my imagination I've got a gun on my back! Promises you made Never become fact We're gonna get revenge You won't know what hit you We're tired of being screwed Don't tell me about tomorrow Don't tell me what I'll get I can't think of p

Blood For Blood - Revenge on society lyrics

crime... birth My motive's clear my final objective is to destroy and conquer all that I fear The fears in me instilled through the years that's causing growing pains I think back I get irritate so full of hate The truth behind the madness I faced as of late

Blood On The Dance Floor - Revenge porn! lyrics

your pants off Welp we just wanna see you naked Blah blah blah with all your bullshit Xxx crossing out the hitlist Hunter Moore on speed dial You'll be famous for a while Bamf mode has been activated Why did our love grow complicated Cheated on me and broke my heart Gonna sho

Celesty - Revenge lyrics

Emperor Maegon] When I'm sitting and writing in my book I sense the shadow behind me, (can't look) I take my knife and I turn around [Delinom] I will rip out the heart from your chest I will cut your throat I will send you to hell Out in the Shadows I've lived al

The Great Kat - Revenge mongrel lyrics

You went too far this time PEON! You picked the WRONG person to FUCK WITH! You will suffer for your actions! I want REVENGE! I'm a VICIOUS SON-OF-A-BITCH! I want to DANCE with your ROTTING CORPSE! I crave REVENGE! Impending DEATH!!!! REVENGE! The plea

Jesus On Extasy - Revenge lyrics

nanny was a TV screen Your mommy wasn't there Daddy worked too hard all day He also never cared Now you've grown up and realised Your childhood wasn't real ....... You wanna start to kill Ref. Now you want revenge You got a plan Now you take control And make them pay

Nightcore - Revenge porn lyrics

your pants off Welp we just wanna see you naked Blah blah blah with all your bullshit Xxx crossing out the hitlist Hunter Moore on speed dial You'll be famous for a while Bamf mode has been activated Why did our love grow complicated Cheated on me and broke m

Root - Revenge of hell lyrics

day they will rise Creatures, no eye has seen Myriads, monsters and monsters The Maw of Hell will open And will pay Those who hesitated Worthless creatures Clad in golden cloaks Crowns and crosses Crushed by hooves Those bizzare buildings

Aviators - Revenge lyrics

could tell me I deserved my sentence But now I'm free I won't pay my penance Your hostility towards me is a score I have to settle I can feel the rage burning in my veins Uncaged I'm going to take the reigns You're dethroned now begins an age of pain I'll make your castle

Chevelle - Revenge lyrics

and torches fill the air Surprise you're chosen, now finish it Yell it louder really sink that point in That sat for so long For so long Behind these civilized eyes Behind these civilized eyes Me, I'd let the panic ride and pin it on the wall Identifying pride is the saddes

Ektomorf - Revenge to all lyrics

when i thought it was over Then it's back again Hits me much more stronger Punch me in my face F*** From those i thought they never could No way for that they never would It's f***ed up hurts more than anything That whom the most i trusted They're my worst enemy

Nazareth - Revenge is sweet lyrics

is sweet and I can't wait Walk down the street, girl don't be late Now I don't want your sympathy So don't go sheddin' no tears For ev'ry wrong that you did to me I'll give you back in fear Now it's too late for apologies You've been thru this trick before A million

Northland - Revenge lyrics

the darkness remains on your way, there's no star to follow in the night. Awake my son; your heart will be your guide. Walk and walk forwards. When the arrows cross your lonely heart, and the bastards scream for victory. Awake my son; their heads soon

The Quakes - Revenge is mine lyrics

double-crossed me and you thought you could get away But I know all about the things you do and all the things you say There's nowhere left to run There's nowhere left to hide The plans are set in stone and revenge is mine tonight A lot of time has passed, but you can bet we w

Metalium - Revenge of tizona lyrics

Burgos, ano one thousand forty three brought up with truth soon to stand for honour and glory ride on, fearless through the rain and storm loyalty and believe in Aragon I am here, revenge of Tizona feel the fear my vengeance will go far betrayed by Fernando no longer pr

Downplay - Revenge lyrics

must have been what? Two years ago? You regret what you did, but I still know And you wish I could just let go Hey, Hey, Hey, No, No NO! Did you think that I would let it go that easily? I don't forgive what you did to me While you've been hiding behind my back, I

Hearts & Hands - Revenge lyrics

is an anthem for revenge The weak and broken will rise again So hold your breath You can make damn sure We're coming for you And when we find you Your time is up Your reign is through We will be the end of you So hide behind your walls We'll

Rebellion - Revenge lyrics

1] Macduff Who are you Once you were loyal Once you were true Run to England To stand against me I will burn your castle I will slay, your family [2] How can I be loyal To a murderer that stole the crown How can I be loyal To a tvrant That takes my country down

Captain Sparklez - Revenge lyrics

Creeper, Oh Man) So we back in the mine, got our pick axe swinging from side to side, This task a grueling one, hope to find some diamonds tonight, Heads up, you hear a sound, turn around and look up, total shock fills your body, Oh no it's you again, I could nev

Minecraft - "revenge" - a minecraft parody of usher's dj .. lyrics

Oh man So we back in the mine, got our pick axe swinging from side to side, This task a grueling one, hope to find some diamonds tonight, Heads up, you hear a sound, turn around and look up, total shock fills your body, Oh no it's you again, I could

Mono Inc. - Revenge lyrics

all the little degradations and all the dirty words you said for all the white lies that helped you and everything you don’t regret for being so extremely righteous and feeling outstanding smart for flying now the flags of glory but being dead cold at heart I got heaps of tim

Clawfinger - Revenge lyrics

know I never believed you were for real I don't appreciate you or understand how you feel everytime no matter what I might find you give me a feeling that It ain't mine I don't believe in wasting time and you give me a sign that you're out of your mind It's frustrating not

Eurythmics lyricsEurythmics - Revenge lyrics

said revenge can be so sweet I like to take it when I can I need to play with the ones I hate I like to see them suffer It has to be dangerous It has to be refined It has to be skillfull You need to take your time She said I take care Of my resources

Iron Savior - Revenge of the bride lyrics

used to be a viper An expert of the kill A deadly assassin Of outstanding skills Master of the sword Champion of the fight Beware - here comes the bride Angry and wild Screaming out for vengeance Driven by the fire of revenge Severing heads In the blink of an

King Leoric - Revenge lyrics

grew up in slavery, I knew whip and chain Cruel age of mastery, best friend was the pain I survived my childhood, last of our clan I shoul die in different ways, alive is, what I am! Bridge: So I learned, what hate really meant But also fight and how to defend

London After Midnight - Revenge lyrics

in this blackened void, the space that used to be my soul no ray of light no hope has shown there in the darkened cold. In time memories and pain will fade and disappear they must, but not until this mortal being has turned to scattered dus

Masterpiece - Revenge lyrics

on you Will never heal ‘coz you don’t change your mind to be safe You’re going down But you can’t fail Then you start to think in revenge Fire is burning your brain Anger comes with the hate Somebody is despising you You’re about to losing control Reasons to steal Or e

Xxxtentacion lyricsXxxtentacion - Revenge lyrics

think I, I think I finally found a way to forgive myself From mistakes I made in my past I think that's the first step, right? You agree? I've dug two graves for us, my dear Can't pretend that I was perfect, leaving you in fear Oh man, what a world, the things I hear If I could a

Alastis - Revenge lyrics

........................ Deep inside, the truth ......................... .........................

Gaia Epicus - Revenge is sweet lyrics

thought you could do it again Just change what you want but never ask This time you have gone to far There's no turning back you'll have to pay Revenge is sweet A contract was written in gold But turned out to be nothing more than shit You c

Bleeding Through - Revenge i seek lyrics

your world and f*** your kind. Go f*** yourself, you're f***ing barely alive. I used to think of what you meant to me. I think of you every f***ing day. Why the f*** did I let you into my heart? Now where do I begin? Today is my last f***ing chance. Er

Bleeding Through - Revenge i seek (live) lyrics

your world and f*** your kind Go f*** yourself Youre f***ing barely alive I used to think of what you meant to me I think of you every f***ing day Why the f*** did i let you into my heart Now where do i begin Today is my last f***ing chance Erase it all and kill my past Fu

C Dot Castro - Revenge lyrics

Verse 1] Growing up I see my mama There was so much drama, niggas cheating on her Beating on her Shove her on the ground, they put they feet up on her And I was too small to fight I just sit there in the corner But if I had a gun guaranteed he would b

Kmfdm - Revenge lyrics

empty and searching streets These gutters they warm my feet Since your cold lips blue Give me life anew Your works and your understanding My god is so undemanding and don't miss a day And i'll always pay Give me life anew I got a love for the leader The cross the decieve

Mortician - Revenge lyrics

and naked, raped and beaten In blood she lies, alone to die Nightmares torment the mind Rage building up inside No mercy for her cries Revenge, they now must die Murder burns in her eyes Strung up and left to die Seduced into the tub Castrated, dying in blood Rapists

Sentinel Beast - Revenge lyrics

feeling fear as I walk These streets all alone Their staring eyes upon me I’m a dog without a bone (Chorus) But they’ll never know Just what it’s like on the inside And they’ll never know My hatred thoughts that I hide Revenge Rebellious mind from the past What do

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